Can you cut teeth at 3 months and what are the symptoms?

The first stage of life babies for parents, perhaps, become the most exciting. This period is full of experiences and happy discoveries – when the baby first time flipped over on your tummy, begins to hold his head and sit down. But a real delight to bring to the parents of the first baby teeth, however, this period also associated with the greatest worries – the child sleeps badly, eats and cries all the time.

Young parents, this sets a large number of questions, one of them is «if in 3 months to cut teeth?» The teething process is individual and some kids they start to cut during the initial months of life. And if you noticed from three child and loss of appetite and capricious mood – Yes, it may cut lower incisors.

Symptoms of teeth

That baby 3 months teething may indicate the following factors:

  • Могут ли резаться зубы в 3 месяца и каковы симптомы?The increase of salivation and swelling of the gums, appearing long before the first teeth;
  • An increase in the excitability and restlessness of the child, escalating whims;
  • The reluctance of the child to eat during breast feeding, rejection of the breast;
  • Constant desire to chew on toys or fingers;
  • The appearance on the gums the white stripes, after which appears the first cutter.

Baby teeth always appear in pairs at intervals of one to two months, and three months in children can already experience the first symptoms of the appearance of the incisors.

Girls have their growth is slightly faster than boys, and the process is less painful.

When a child is teething at 3 months, the symptoms do not differ from the standard.

The order of emergence of teeth

Infants the schedule that is teething, is always individual. However, experts identified the common norms on which they are teething. It should be noted that any deviation from the existing norms in a more or less completely normal, and appeared in the 3 months the first tooth is not a reason to panic.

To have a minimal idea of a succession of infants climbing teeth, here is a tentative list of in what period they grow from a baby:

  • In the period from 5 to 7 months the child gets a pair of lower front incisors;
  • 8-10 months – the period when the cut upper teeth;
  • In the period from 10 months to a year begins to hatch a pair of upper lateral incisors;
  • From 11 am to 14 months for the appearance of the lower lateral incisors, which are formed also with a pair;
  • Year to 15 months begin to cut first the upper first molars, followed by lower first molars;
  • From 16 to 23 months – the period of the appearance of fangs: first top, then bottom;
  • From two years to 30 months the child appear the remaining upper and lower second molars.

Могут ли резаться зубы в 3 месяца и каковы симптомы?Thus, a child of three should already be equipped with a full set of 20 milk teeth. You can often face a situation when the first teeth of babies already begin to appear, bringing with them uncomfortable symptoms. As a rule, lower incisors, and in this case, the timing of the appearance of the remaining teeth shift for a few months. Appeared teeth at 3 months do not pose a risk, the only abnormality is the situation when the teeth begin to appear not in pairs. If one tooth emerged and are already beginning to appear next, and the other pair is still there – you need to go to the dentist.

What do not worry

The baby first teething at 3 months or later, but always in a period of up to one year, and each baby can carry this process on its own. Some parents are accidentally in the mouth the first tooth, and the other symptoms begin to occur long before its occurrence. 3 months teeth can climb painful, accompanied by fever and loss of appetite. In addition, one child in the growth of each new tooth may be different symptoms or even the lack of it.

Могут ли резаться зубы в 3 месяца и каковы симптомы?As a rule, the eruption of the baby is accompanied by fever, runny nose, and sometimes vomiting. The child is often cranky, not sleeping and refusing food. These symptoms happen quite often, young parents should not be frightened of their appearance. Can vary the degree of intensity of ailments. Can climb the teeth in 3 months? Pediatric dentists are convinced that this process is completely normal, and in infants the appearance of teeth can begin in the period from 3 to 10 months.

In many cases, changes in the child’s body are directly related to genetics. Therefore, if the teeth are cut in 3 months, or one year old baby still no hint of their appearance, it should ask the grandparents, isn’t the child my parents had. From generation to generation can be repeated not only the age at which the child’s first tooth appears, but the sequence of their growth and symptoms.

Painful symptoms

Teething is often accompanied by unpleasant and even painful for the child’s feelings, especially painful they perceived the baby in three months. Some experts believe that symptoms such as increasing temperature, diarrhea and vomiting, runny nose is not always associated exclusively with the fact that infants at 3 months of climbing teeth. It is easy to explain the factor – baby body is weakened, immunity is generated, and each minimal infection in three months, can cause a similar reaction.

Могут ли резаться зубы в 3 месяца и каковы симптомы?The rise in body temperature to 38-39 if you climb the teeth due to the appearance of the future site of the cutter of inflammation associated with rupture of the gingival tissue. The fever can last a couple of days, especially if the age at which occurs teething – 3 months. If it lasts longer than three days, and it is growing – you need to see a specialist. An accurate diagnosis can only be experienced pediatrician is able to relate the existing symptoms in each case.

Accompany teething can also watery diarrhea. It appears due to increased salivation and can last up to three days. Due to the active work of the nasal glands of the baby can receive an allocation of transparent mucus, lasting no more than 4 days. If diarrhea or a runny nose last longer than the allotted time, you must consult with your pediatrician.

Help with painful symptoms

To help the child safely move first appear in three months the teeth, it is necessary to surround him with attention and care. Often take the child on hands if he / she refuses the bottle with water, be sure dopivaya with a spoon. Apply to baby’s chest as soon as he asks – it eases the pain. Additional measures may be massage of the gums with a rubber soft toys or a clean finger

If appearing in 3 months of symptoms, in which the teeth are cut, are too painful, you can resort to using drugs:

  • Local anesthesia. For this purpose, use cooling gels with a content of lidocaine or benzocaine, which are applied directly on the gums thrice a day. They provide only short-term analgesic effect. When using such gels is necessary Могут ли резаться зубы в 3 месяца и каковы симптомы?to consult the pediatrician as some varieties have contraindications;
  • An antipyretic. To reduce fever in infants using preparations with a basis of paracetamol or ibuprofen. They can be given 2-3 times per day to reduce body temperature and pain relief;
  • Folk remedies. Very effective inflammations are infusions of herbs – chamomile, sage, mint, lavender. Brewed infusion should be impregnated gauze or a cotton pad and lubricate the baby’s gums. Relief also brings soda solution – 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water.

So, to summarize: in infants at three months start to cut teeth, could it be pathology? Pediatricians are mentioning – it is quite a normal process, and the abnormalities are not a cause for concern. The main thing – to support their kids in this period, and to help him in all possible ways.

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