Cancer of the gums and teeth: the symptoms

Cancer of the gums is a serious cancer. Despite the fact that mortality is much lower than from other types of tumors, but this does not diminish the scale of the problem. In addition, only 1 in 10 people knows how to properly care for the oral cavity and even less visit the doctor for prevention, why there is such a disease may actually everyone.

The causes of the disease

Cancer of the gums appears in men, often by 25-35% and they suffer mostly people after age 50 years.

Causes of illness can be:

  • Рак десны и зуба: симптомыNeglected diseases in the oral cavity;
  • Smoking, alcohol and narcotic drugs;
  • Mechanical damage resulting from impact, piercing, etc.;
  • The herpes virus, or papillomavirus;
  • The consequences of diseases, for example, after systemic lupus erythematosus or diseases of the Bowman;
  • Adentia (lack of teeth);
  • Ill-fitting dental structures;
  • Correctly composed diet, in which there is the body needs vitamins and minerals;
  • Bad oral hygiene.

It is impossible to say for what reasons can start cancer of the gums, but it should be noted that if a person has close relatives suffered from this disease, and he has a predisposition to this disease.

Symptoms of pathology

In 90% of cases of cancer of the gums is with pronounced symptoms and only 10% to be detected only in the later stages. The first sign is considered to be bleeding of the soft tissues, which most people ignore, because it is reminiscent of gingivitis, while others caress the mouth in the hope that the problem would heal on its own. Next, the gums swell and spread to the surrounding tissue and this process is accompanied by severe pain. Over time, the discomfort of moving to the face and creates discomfort when trying to move jaw. In addition, the pain is not going even at rest for the reason that the affected nerve endings. Symptoms characteristic of the disease you can also select a higher temperature around 37-38,º 5, and sometimes it can appear even before the first signs.

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To know cancer of the gums is possible and altered pigmentation. The structure of the tissue where the tumor changes significantly. It becomes more dense and on the surface Рак десны и зуба: симптомыof the mucosa in the area where the pathology is localized, there are areas of red with white accents. In addition, under the jaw and near the ears begin to grow in size and sore lymph nodes.

After cancer of the gums has taken its metastasis to other organs, new symptoms such as persistent cough and clenching pain in the throat.

A tumor of the tooth

Cancer of the tooth is not as common, but it is necessary to know to be able to distinguish it from other diseases. Tumor dental tissues is of these types:

  • Odontoma;
  • Adamantinoma;
  • Odontogenic fibroma;
  • Cementoma.

As to the form of cancer called odontoma, this education emerged from the totality of the tissues of the tooth germ and can be of 2 types:

  • Soft ameloblastoma. It is composed of cells of the enamel tooth development and periodontal tissue;
  • Solid ameloblastoma. It can develop in both upper and lower jaw and is composed of mutated elements formed teeth.

Adamantinoma is a tumor of enamel tissue, which appears quite rare and characteristic for the age category from 18 to 27 years. There are 2 types of formations such forms of cancer:

  • Dense ameloblastoma. Elastic formation which includes several types of tissues;
  • Cystic ameloblastoma. The tumor from the inside is hollow, but filled with brown liquid, which contained cholesterol crystals.

Рак десны и зуба: симптомыOdontogenic fibroma is a malignant tumor, which is located inside bone and is frequently found in the age category of 35-50 years. In the oral cavity of the fibrous form of cancer is localized in the lateral part of the mandible and its unique characteristic slow growth and the absence of pain. To know of her presence by using x-rays or if the tumor has grown so that it is visible outside.

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Cementoma is a tumor that is localized in the mandible in the root of posterior teeth. Basically the tumor is limited to the capsule, but during the development of the disease surrounding tissues become inflamed and there is severe pain.


In the early stages of the swelling of the tooth has no obvious symptoms, and in fact does not manifest its development, due to slow growth, but over time, the first signs such as:

  • Due to the deformation of the jaw, the tumor becomes visible (in the form of convexity);
  • Dental arch becomes movable and the teeth can start to fall out;
  • Due to the tumors of the patient becomes painful to swallow and move your jaw;
  • Formed fistula;
  • At advanced stages in the area where localized cancer, bones become more fragile and easy to fracture. In addition, there are severe pain;
  • If you press on the swelling, you can hear a sound like the crunch. In medicine it is called crepitus.

In the event of such symptoms should immediately consult a doctor and then the chances to cope with this disease will be much higher.

To avoid the appearance of malignancy is quite possible to do this, you always need to treat dental disease with the appearance of the first signs and to observe hygiene in the oral cavity. In addition, it is necessary 2 times a year to come to the dentist for preventive examination.