Cancer of the oral cavity mucosa, palate and the bottom

Cancer of the mucous membrane of the mouth, as virtually any kind of tumor may retreat, if you start treatment on time, but the more time passes, the faster it begins to invade nearby tissues. For this reason, you need to observe your body and be regularly screened, because only in this case, the chances of avoiding this serious disease will be quite large.

In addition, each person should know the symptoms of cancer, to learn about the presence of the disease.

Features of the tumor in the oral cavity

Oral cancer is divided because as it looks, namely:

  • Рак полости рта, слизистой оболочки, неба и днаKnotty appearance. In this form of the malignancy, well you can see the seal and during this process the mucous membrane can be stained a light shade. As for growth, this tumor rapidly increases in size;
  • Ulcerative form. It can take months to disturb the patient and not heal and are more common than others. The tumor manifests itself in the form of ulcers and extremely fast growing;
  • Papillary look. This type is similar to a dangling seal, and the mucosa does not change its color.

These types it is best to remember that the appearance immediately consult a doctor.

In addition, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the tumor and their symptoms.

The location of the formations in the mouth

Each type of cancer has its own characteristics, depending on the location, such as:

  • Cancer on the cheeks. Is this tumor most often on the corner of his mouth and initially resembles small sores. When education begins to develop, then there is a discomfort with speaking and chewing;
  • Cancer of the floor of the mouth. Education is localized in the muscles, which are at the bottom in the oral cavity. May eventually go to neighboring tissues, namely the tongue and the glands that produce saliva. When the patient cancer of the floor of the mouth, the discomfort caused due to pain and strong salivation;
  • Рак полости рта, слизистой оболочки, неба и днаMalignancy in the area of language. People who experience discomfort when talking or while eating, the problem may be cancer. Basically cancer is on the lateral parts of the tongue, but in rare instances deployed on other surfaces;
  • Cancer in areas of the alveolar processes. Inherent in this problem both the lower and upper jaw and there is bleeding and pain;
  • Cancer of the sky. This kind of cancer is divided by what was hurt the fabric. The tumor in this part of the mouth can be as squamous, if it hit it soft and the hard part, and cylindroma, adenocarcinoma, when the distribution only on the dense plot. Cancer of the palate has the same symptoms as in the other cases, namely pain and discomfort while eating.
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Malignancy can easily grow into adjacent layers and organs and how fast this occurs depends on the location of disease, namely:

  • Sky cancer is often secondary to the tumor of the nose or nasopharynx and spreads its metastases in the lymph nodes on the neck, under the jaw and chin;
  • The swelling of the cheeks and alveolar processes of the lower jaw admits its metastasis to the submandibular lymph nodes, and in case it is located on the distal portion, the propagation occurs in a node, located near the jugular vein;
  • Malignancy in the area of language usually grows in the direction of the cervical and submandibular lymph nodes.

Formation of metastasis in distant parts of the possible only in the later stages, when the disease penetrates their processes in internal organs.

The causes of the disease

A disease such as cancer has many causes, but often doctors can’t exactly say why and what was responsible for his appearance, but there are both General and risk groups, which would be useful to any person.

Factors influencing the emergence of this malignancy, as cancer of the oral cavity:

  • Рак полости рта, слизистой оболочки, неба и днаPeople who use tobacco products are considered to be one of the main representatives of risk groups;
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, the scientists also associated with cancer and especially increases the chances, if you combine the first and second paragraph;
  • According to statistics, oral cancer in males occurs much more often than in women;
  • The permanent mutilation of the soft tissues in the mouth, e.g. from poorly processed dental designs or massive prosthesis is not suitable in size, capable of causing pathology;
  • Papilloma, type 16 formed in the cavity can lead to cancer formation;
  • Of pathologies of the mucosa may be noted oral lichen planus, which in rare cases can develop into cancers;
  • Weak immune system in the use of drugs based on chemical elements, could be the start of tumor formation;
  • Poor nutrition and lack of antioxidants, which includes ascorbic acid and vitamins A and C, can cause the onset of the disease;
  • Constant contact with the fine-fibered minerals of the silicate group (asbestos) is also considered to be one of the culprits of the problem.
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Symptoms characteristic of the disease

Despite the fact that the symptoms can be identical with other diseases, but, if manifest in the oral cavity at least one of the following paragraphs, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Oral cancer can have these symptoms:

  • Рак полости рта, слизистой оболочки, неба и днаVisible seal of the structure of language that creates discomfort or numbness;
  • Loss of healthy bone formation without a special reason;
  • Total or partial numbness of the gums;
  • Noticeable swelling of the jaw;
  • Constant pain in the mouth;
  • A strong increase in the lymph nodes on the neck;
  • The feeling that was a different voice (not at the time of puberty);
  • Much lose weight.

You also need to know how to look for the possible formation in the mouth and on the lips, which after a time begins to grow rapidly:

  • Spots of white or red color;
  • Ulcers;
  • The strong seal that initially might not appear;
  • Growths.

Such phenomena may at first not be a tumor, but can it be converted, so you need always to pay attention to and treated immediately after the occurrence.

Stage of development

Each type of tumor, there are such phases as:

  • Рак полости рта, слизистой оболочки, неба и днаThe initial level at which you have not seen any symptoms of the disease, but, perhaps, the formation of seals, small sores and a strange pain;
  • Stage of development of the pathology manifests itself in the exacerbation of underlying symptoms, for example, the ulcer may be similar to gap and possible severe pain, but not always;
  • Launched the degree in which the disease is actively promoted in the neighboring tissues and organs.
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In addition, the doctors there are such stages of the disease:

  • Zero. The disease is localized only in the mucosa and remains small in size;
  • First. The malignant tumor began to grow, but does not exceed 1-3 cm and does not go beyond the mucosa;
  • Second. The tumor is about 4 cm, but it has not started to spread to the lymph nodes;
  • Third. Tumor size more than 5 cm, and she began to spread to the lymph nodes;
  • Fourth. The cancer began to spread into internal organs, including the lungs. Only in rare cases, at this stage it can stay in the bones of the face.

Identify each of these stages, doctors can easily depending on the degree and extent of education.

Diagnosis and treatment

For diagnosis, in addition to palpation and visual method use x-rays, and take blood and affected tissues in order to understand the malignant an education or not.

As for treatment, then, in addition to minor, there are 3 main methods, namely:

  • Surgery;
  • Treatment by irradiation;
  • The chemistry course.

Finally, it should be noted that any form of cancer can be cured if you start to deal with it in the beginning. For this you need to monitor their health, to always be alert.