Candles Viburkol teething pain in children: a manual

Viburkol teething – remedy homeopathic action. Usually candles Viburkol give teething small children and in a number of diseases.

How does the drug?

Свечи Вибуркол при прорезывании зубов от боли у детей: инструкцияSubstances included in the composition of candles affect multiple organ systems and render the following assistance:

  • reduce inflammation in any organ or tissue;
  • numb as reduce inflammation;
  • act as a sedative, acting on the Central nervous system;
  • act as antispasmodics – reduce the action of the muscles of the digestive system;
  • derive all the harmful substances from the body;
  • reduce the temperature by reducing inflammation and removing toxins.

The drug is administered rectally by a quarter of an hour already absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the rectum. Candles in the eruption of children’s teeth greatly reduce all the unpleasant symptoms.


Candles Viburkol during the eruption of children’s teeth instruction: the product can be used with children from six months. All components are harmless for children, as include a set of herbs which positively affects the General condition of the body. From the teeth in candles Viburkol includes the following herbs:

  • Daisy, part of, relieves pain and reduces inflammation;
  • belladonna cures inflamed tonsils, skin and meninges;
  • nightshade relieves fever and any inflammation;
  • psyllium allows you to keep a normal gastrointestinal tract;
  • Свечи Вибуркол при прорезывании зубов от боли у детей: инструкцияlumbago relieves inflammation and headache.

The manual includes more detailed explanations, but candles for children toothache have homeopathic effect and good relieve inflammation. The drug is harmless, as it is entirely made on the basis of herbs.

Indications for use

Candles Viburkol during the eruption of children’s teeth for children have a wide range of actions. Due to the variety of herbs the drug affects all organ systems and supports the immune system in good shape. Baby candles during the eruption of deciduous teeth and pain are assigned in the following cases:

  • fever with colds and teething;
  • severe pain during teething;
  • constant crying, anxiety, insomnia, mild cramps;
  • in combination with other drugs candles are prescribed in catarrhal infections;
  • ENT-diseases that cause inflammation;
  • when measles, smallpox, rubella in complex other drugs;
  • Свечи Вибуркол при прорезывании зубов от боли у детей: инструкцияif you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in combination with other drugs;
  • in inflammatory processes in the urogenital system;
  • before vaccination.
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Candles Viburkol from the teeth can often be seen in combination with other drugs as they noticeably enhance immunity and prevent spread of inflammatory processes in various organs.

Method of application

Viburkol teething is introduced rectally. How to do it:

  • First of all you need to do an enema to a chair for half an hour, otherwise the procedure must be repeated.
  • You should put the baby on the left side. The procedure can be carried out even if the baby is sleeping.
  • It is necessary to bend the baby’s legs and press against her stomach.
  • Gently push the buttocks and to lubricate the anus cream for kids, or oil-based petroleum jelly.
  • The candle will need to unzip and moisten in warm water.
  • The drug is administered sharp side forward.
  • The baby should lie on his side about a quarter of an hour to avoid going out of the candles out.
  • Dosage

    The children candle in the eruption of children’s teeth should be taken very carefully. Before use it is necessary to consult a doctor so he can prescribed the right dosage. Excess doses can severely hurt a child in a small age the immune system is still very weak. Viburkol when the leg is applied in the following doses, as stated in the manual:

    • newborns up to 2 months with a toothache should use ¼ the proportion of the candle about 5 times a day;
    • kids from 2 to six months take ½ of the candle 2 times per day;
    • children older than six months with a severe toothache to get 1 candle every half hour 4 times (total procedure duration 2 hours). If the inflammation diminished and the pain went away a little bit, the candle is taken about 3 times per day.

    Candles for children’s teeth should be taken on doctor’s advice and treatment period may be from 3 days to 2 weeks. Use the drug with caution, as this may cause negative effects.

    Side effects

    Свечи Вибуркол при прорезывании зубов от боли у детей: инструкцияSide effects there are, but they occur very rarely. That’s what can occur:

    • allergic reaction on the skin such as rashes and itching;
    • urticaria (rashes in the skin as in burns nettle);
    • angioneurotic angioedema (skin on the face and genitals swollen);
    • anaphylactic shock (Allergy, lowering blood pressure).

    Special instructions

    There are some instructions which you should read before using the product:

    • in the very first hours possible deterioration. Most often in children is manifested by an acute inflammation. If it persists for several days, you should seek help from a doctor;
    • it is not recommended to use any tools in the kit with candles without the knowledge of the doctor, as the reaction may be negative;
    • pregnant and lactating women have no contraindications when taking candles;
    • candles do not affect the psychomotor functions of the body and do not interfere with concentration.


    If there is intolerance to the drug in General, or to any of its components, no reason to use it.

    Viburkol dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription, therefore accessible to all at any time. If you have questions about the use, reactions, and other, you should take the medical advice and he will answer all your questions and help you with the dosage.