Children’s electric toothbrush Oral B (Oral B)

Kids recently faced with the eruption of the first teeth, does not require too biased attitude to the question of the care of the oral cavity. Before reaching one year of age it will be enough for the simplest means. But when the child reaches 1 years old, you should think about occupational hygiene.
This period is the main part of the eruption of the teeth, which should be kept scrupulously clean, to prevent the formation of caries. In such situations, the parents are always before Электрическая детская зубная щетка Oral B (Орал Би)a choice:

  • What toothpaste is best suited to the child;
  • How not to be mistaken with the choice of the toothbrush;
  • How to convey to the child information about daily care of teeth.

For proper formation of permanent teeth of children, requires the presence of milk teeth. This natural feature allows you to teach your baby a thorough and regular care of them. At first the children had to help in the process of cleaning teeth, but by 2 years they are able to perform such an interesting and important procedure without the help of parents.

To regular cleaning the first teeth are not bored baby, the right to interest him, turning ordinary procedure in an interesting entertainment.

Currently brushes for kids pre-created with the unique design for the gameplay at the time of brushing. Moms and dads need to get creative in order to teach your child to regularly perform this procedure.

Choose correctly

You need to thoroughly approach the selection of such device for personal hygiene. The first thing that should be considered when choosing age category, because the selection of options depends on how old the child is. Today the range of models from different manufacturers, is very high. Take for example, Oral b, which occupies the first position in the market for many years. Electric children’s toothbrush brand Oral b has different dimensions and distinctive characteristics. Deciding to purchase an electric model tooth brush to clean your teeth, it is important to keep in mind not only the name, but different parameters.

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Components toothbrush Oral b says

  • Электрическая детская зубная щетка Oral B (Орал Би)Appearance. Because the primary purpose is to maximize the luring of a child, respectively, an electric children’s toothbrush series Oral b needs to have an attractive and bright look. Then the children will surely love the design and colours of such hygiene. And in many range, there is a tremendous opportunity to pick it up for the most capricious child, of any color, shape and any hero from the movie. The company issued several series of brushes Oral b, associated with cartoon characters.
  • Device. Should not be too bulky and big size. Lightness and compactness will improve the ease of use of brushes Oral bi boy. There is a series, developed by Oral b is for children to use. The design of such brushes has significant differences from models for adults.
  • Handle. As you know, children have small hands, therefore, if the handle is too extended, the child will experience difficulties when using it. It is preferable to choose a children’s brush or with the small handle or with the adjustable long. Thanks to the proper length, the child will easily be able to carry out the procedure of cleaning teeth. Children’s toothbrush from Oral B. for sale in a wide range with this parameter.
  • The cleaning head. Must necessarily be small in size with a rounded shape. Most manufacturers make electric brushes with an ordinary slotted head. Unfortunately, this brush is restricted in its movements and its effect is poor. Children’s toothbrush Oral b is made exclusively with round and small cleaning heads. For these reasons experts recommend to use only toothbrushes Oral b.
  • Электрическая детская зубная щетка Oral B (Орал Би)Timer. This item does not require the use of additional hours, which makes cleaning of the teeth. To put the time and heard the announcing signal to finish the procedure. Such a possibility is not at all the peers, but that the company Oral b this option is provided.
  • Company. The market is full of various firms and brands, but the first position always belongs to Oral b brand. Models are gaining popularity every day, and have become more refined and high quality. For these reasons, choosing children’s electric toothbrush series Oral b, the parents and the child will be completely satisfied.
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Of course there are many other brands of toothbrushes. But given the experience in production, huge demand and high-quality data products Oral b, are clearly visible difference from other similar products. Parents should always start from the above mentioned factors, choosing a toothbrush for your child.

Baby toothbrush Oral B.

Especially for young children, the company has allocated a separate range of products. Electric toothbrushes for children older than 2 years was developed under the supervision of the best pediatricians and dentists.

Line Oral b Stages is generated based on the special development of the teeth and promotes gentle care of the fragile baby teeth. The distinctive features of children’s Oral b brushes:

  • Электрическая детская зубная щетка Oral B (Орал Би)In order to avoid mechanical damage to the delicate gums of the child, provided the cleaning head is round shape;
  • Soft bristles are thoroughly effectively clean first teeth;
  • A stable arm makes the piece resistant;
  • On the handle electric brushes features a special ribbed coating, contributing to proper retention in a child’s hand;
  • Brushing your teeth becomes an interesting game due to the bright design, attracting kids ‘ attention.
  • Each model toothbrush oral bi are designed for use in different situations, this fact must be taken into account when buying the device. In addition to a toothbrush company Oral b offers a wide selection of funds for the active care of implants, dental braces, as well as different gels and toothpastes used in the treatment and prevention of diseases in the oral cavity.

    Of course dentists strongly disagree with the fact that high-priced toothpastes clean the teeth better than others. Caring for the enamel layer of the teeth and gums, important to exert maximum efforts and to take seriously the selection of a toothbrush for cleaning. Chose the wrong model may cause only damage the teeth. The wrong choice of toothbrush inevitably leads to serious damage to the enamel, injury gums, possible manifestations of stomatitis, especially for children’s immature teeth.

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    The pros and cons of Oral bi

    Main advantages:

    • Электрическая детская зубная щетка Oral B (Орал Би)Quality cleaning – helps with cleansing of the mouth from dental plaque, plaque and perfectly bleaches the tooth enamel;
    • Easy to use – convenient to use toothbrush Oral b maybe even for the youngest children;
    • Ultra comfortable grip is pleasant to the hand, and the availability of timer to remind you of the cessation of brushing your teeth;
    • Long-term operation without recharging and long service life of the head;
    • Modern design for adults and colorful for kids;
    • Clinically proven and unique technology of the product.

    Minor cons:

    • High price category, in comparison with an ordinary toothbrush;
    • There are contraindications to use: abrasion of enamel and the presence of inflammatory processes on the gingival surface.

    It turns out that toothbrush dentifrice Oral b – the best choice in the medium price line.
    Caring for electrobrush

    Brush of this type does not require special and complex care. The main condition is the observance of the rules of use. Directly before first use be sure to rinse cleaning head in hot water. To expose its boiling categorically not allowed, because the materials from which brushes are made can not cope with the influence of a too elevated temperature. Storage electric toothbrush for kids Oral b, preferably in a vertical position. Replacement nozzles must be carried out once in 60-90 days, it is the envy of the frequency of use of the device. Also it is not necessary about timely charging or replacement of batteries.