Children’s pain reliever for toothache: pills and remedies for children

To choose the right analgesic for a child is much more difficult than adult. What means will not cause any harm to children?

Детское обезболивающее от зубной боли: таблетки и средства для детейThe worst period for many parents, the time of eruption of first milk teeth. In this case the problem is completely understandable, and to choose the right tool to alleviate the suffering of the baby easier. But what to do if sick teeth at the older child?

The reasons for a child’s toothache can be a lot of deep caries to inflammation, threatening to escalate into flux. In addition, the pain can be a symptom of the disease, no teeth non. The diagnosis can only specialist, and the baby as soon as possible to take to the doctor.

What to do if you to quickly get to the doctor does not work, and tooth pain is unbearable? To ease the baby help pain pills, gels and mouthwash. Find the right vehicle for children is not very easy: adult medications can be dangerous.

What are the remedies for toothache are suitable for children?

Take a closer look.

Analgesic creams and gels

The action of ointments and gels based on the active anesthetic included in the composition. Anesthetic (usually lidocaine) blocks pain receptors in the soft tissues that are applied to the tool. Additionally baby pain gels for toothache commonly contain anti-inflammatory features that help to relieve swelling of the gums.

As a rule, ointments are applied specifically to the problem area in the mouth of the baby, they act almost immediately – within ten minutes. The main drawback is that the action is not very long, and use them constantly – the number of receptions indicated in the instructions. Used gels just, and if the kid is too young to take pills, you can just anoint the gums.

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Doctors recommend to use the following tools:

  • Детское обезболивающее от зубной боли: таблетки и средства для детей«Holisal gel» gel analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Due to the dense structure is kept on the gums for a long time, the effect will continue for about three hours.
  • «Kamistad gel baby» — a tool with aloe and lidocaine. Acts within a few minutes, swelling and pain disappear almost instantly.
  • «After» — acts primarily on inflammation, relieving swelling thanks to the infusion of chamomile.
  • «Kalgel» — a means of instant action with the antiseptic (cetylpyridinium) and lidocaine.

Drugs against inflammation

Anti-inflammatory remedies are effective under visible edema, and in the period of first teeth. The effect lasts up to 12 hours, to use drugs better in that case, if the child has fever.

The required active substance «Ibuprofen» and «Paracetamol». With their help it is possible not only to remove pain, but remove redness, swelling and itching. The easiest way to find the right pill, but there are other options – syrups and suppositories.

You can use:

  • Детское обезболивающее от зубной боли: таблетки и средства для детейSyrup «Panadol»;
  • Candles or pills «Paracetamol»;
  • «Ibufen»;
  • «Nurofen»;
  • «Bopen»;
  • «Ibuprofen».

Before applying best to consult a pediatrician. The main thing – carefully observe the dosage indicated in the instructions. For example, paracetomolom not to give babies under 2 months, and the maximum length of treatment is 3 days. If the temperature of a child no, from such funds should be abandoned.

«Ibuprofen» is available in three forms. Very small children (from three months) suspension, tablets for kids used for a toothache after six years. Another option is candles, to apply after three months.

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As painkillers for children from dental pain often use homeopathic medicines. They mainly consist of natural components, making them virtually harmless. Especially effective are they at the period of teething.

Older children can be given tablets for a toothache, but for kids better fit gels, ointments and special drops.

Experts recommend the following tools:

  • Детское обезболивающее от зубной боли: таблетки и средства для детей«Scars» — this ointment is composed only of herbal ingredients and successfully removes not only pain but also itching from eruption and swelling of the gums. You can use it up to three times a day.
  • «Denting Baby» — drops are systemically. Good validity: creams and gels are gradually disappearing from the gums and bring short-term relief, whereas drop impact on a kid’s body for a long time.
  • «Viburkol» — candles, which well help not only during the eruption of the first tooth, but also in other diseases. Actions – analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and sedative.

Other options

To pick a folk remedy for the treatment of a child is a dangerous business, the best option is to do it together with the doctor-pediatrician. Tools that are used by the parents, children are suitable not always. Some herbs, for example, can cause an allergic reaction, and alcohol infusions are strictly forbidden regardless of the age of the child. In addition, the broth should be much weaker than used by adults.

Детское обезболивающее от зубной боли: таблетки и средства для детейRinse the mouth soda or salt solutions give a good antiseptic effect and swelling. Herbal rinse is better suited Melissa, sage and chamomile. Also relieve toothache decoction of oak bark and tincture of propolis.

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The gums, can be used antihistamines. Times per day apply a drop of «Parlysis» up to three times a day you can use «Core». Additional advantage is that they quickly relieve the edema of the nasopharynx and to facilitate breathing, if baby has a runny nose.

When the child complained of a toothache, it is worth to explore the problem. Pain can cause solid pieces of food stuck between the teeth and damaging the gums. If the problematic tooth appeared dark spot is a cavity, and curing it needs a specialist. Pills, creams and herbs can only bring temporary relief until the problem will remain in place, the pain will return.

Before you pick up the pills, it is better to consult with doctors – a pediatrician or dentist. In some cases, toothache can be caused by severe inflammation or abnormal growth of the tooth, and the boy’s parents the diagnosis can not.