Cyst in mouth on cheek

Surgeons and dentists are often faced with the cyst in the mouth. They can occur in different areas of the mouth. It is required to treat as soon as possible, for it may lead to complications. Usually the cyst is removed promptly.

Description and reasons

Education is a soft, round tissue not manifesting itself in any way. It has a transparent or bluish tint. Size in the range of 0.3 – 5 cm, If not cured in a timely manner such education, then over time it will become denser and acquire white shade. Externally, the cyst resembles a fibroma.

Киста во рту на щекеCommon causes of cysts are:

  • the biting of the mucosa;
  • shocks or burns.

Trauma salivary gland channel impossible to break: because of this, the saliva gets stuck in a duct and forms a growth, in which is stored liquid (saliva). This growth gradually increases in size. Cystic membrane in such cases is not, as is developing education outside the connective tissue.

Inflammation caused by trauma, can also cause formation of cysts. It is formed usually on the lip. Thus, the cyst may appear in people of any age. Besides, education may be a congenital defect.

If there is atrophy of the excretory ducts, it is the stagnation of saliva. This is accompanied by the formation of a tumor or scar. In both cases, the saliva is not moving normally and stretches the wall of the duct.

At home to open or squeeze a cyst you should not. This will only cause pain, the cyst will increase in size and develop the inflammatory process due to the listed harmful bacteria.


Usually a cyst is formed in the mouth on the lips or on the cheek. In the language, or the sky they are formed less frequently. Symptoms of the appearance of the cyst the following:

  • Киста во рту на щекеsize at the initial stage covers an area of 1 cm;
  • the growth of education takes place very slowly;
  • the cyst is a round, usually spherical shape;
  • the absence of pain and discomfort, in addition to feeling the presence of a foreign body in the mouth.
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The large size of education is stopping to talk or eat. A cyst on the sky or in the cheek may cause even discomfort, if the time to go to the doctor. If you accidentally open education or to injure in any other way, you can get an infection.

At the autopsy the cyst go blank, but soon again be filled with liquid and increase in size.


The cyst is removed surgically. The treatment takes place under local anesthesia and after the surgery sutured. After this procedure, the area that was held manipulation can swell and swell.

Киста во рту на щекеBleeding is reduced if tightly pressed to the affected area something disinfectant. Usually the cyst, the surgeon makes 2 small incisions through which fluid flows, and then pulls her remains out of the mucosa. The incisions are made so that when the stitching was neat seam.

To remove growth with caution. If you ignore the leaking of fluid, to remove it completely will not work. In this case, relapse may occur. If the wound is present in the salivary glands, they are also removed to avoid new recurrences. In addition, it will facilitate the process of suturing.

Modern medicine now often use laser technology. This method became popular due to heavy bleeding and damage to mucous from the salivary glands. These factors complicate the process and increase the duration of manipulation, moreover, is quite powerful anesthetics. Therefore, the laser method is gentle: it requires anesthetics less force, which reduces the likelihood of complications.

After removal of the cyst with complete scrubbing liquid leaves a seam with thin threads, and on it the doctor applied a pressure bandage. Within weeks the stitches dissolve. The operation itself lasts about half an hour.

Киста во рту на щекеAfter the removal of the person heals the wound at home. It is recommended to rinse, for example, Chlorhexidine several times a day. You should observe temperature of food: it must not be too cold or hot. In addition, the wound should be smeared with ointment called Fukortsin, to speed up healing. Fully wound can heal in about six months, in other circumstances – even more (it depends on the size of the removed cyst). You also need to observe oral hygiene and try to avoid injuries: especially in the area where removal was conducted.

Traditional methods

Some patients are trying to get rid of the cyst at home. Folk remedies against cysts dentists treat more as preventive measures rather than curative measures.

Traditional medicine still requires a popular ingredients are very affordable, don’t need to spend money on expensive medications. For the treatment of growth use the following recipes;

  • Киста во рту на щекеthe soda solution. To prepare this mixture, mix a little soda with warm water in a glass. For greater efficiency it is recommended to add a drop of iodine. This solution to rinse your mouth several times a day. This mixture disinfects and reduces inflammation, preventing further tumor development;
  • solution of salt. For this you need to mix some salt and hot water in a glass. The solution is to add a drop of iodine – this is done to enhance effectiveness against inflammation;
  • alcoholate on the basis of horseradish. Prepare horseradish crushed, immersed in alcohol and infused for 3 days in the dark. It helps to kill all foreign bacteria and acts as an antiseptic for inflammation of already damaged tissue;
  • various concoctions. They are prepared usually on the basis of such herbs as chamomile, calendula, sage, oak bark, eucalyptus leaves, yarrow. All the herbs can be how to combine and to cook separately: their medicinal qualities will not change. Decoctions prepared with the aim of reducing the inflammation and disinfection of the oral cavity.

Preparation of decoctions of herbs all the same: a few spoons of dry grass to insist about half an hour in hot water, cool, strain and apply as a balm for rinsing several times a day. It is worth noting that the more rinsing the mouth, the better;

  • Киста во рту на щекеgarlic. Since ancient times, garlic is considered a local antiseptic and well killing harmful bacteria. Can be used as thinly sliced garlic, and finely grated pulp. Both methods should keep the object on the affected area to remove the inflammation. Garlic should eventually disappear or you can swallow it. Wounds and fractures heal very quickly under the action of garlic. This method strengthens the gums, they become very resistant to various influences from the outside. This method may not be the most pleasant in terms of breath, but is effective;
  • juice of Kalanchoe. Need to chew the leaf of a plant and hold it in your mouth the resulting slurry was about cysts. The same method applies to aloe. Both juice has a healing effect and fight inflammation;
  • tincture of ficus. For its preparation should be crushed ficus, soak it in ethyl alcohol and infuse for about 3 days. Next, you need to dilute it with water, to moisten in this solution with a cotton swab and apply to the affected area.

Traditional methods best used as a secondary method of treatment is to help the professional ways. Herbs will not cure education, but support the status of the cyst in not developing state. These methods are used as prevention. For all forms of development of the cyst should turn to the doctor: he will advise how you can help traditional methods and appropriate treatment.