Cyst on the gums: symptoms, treatment at home

Cyst on the gums is a specific visible entity that can be filled with pus, fluid or any other tissue and body fluids. Of course, to explain from the point of view of dental education on the gums sack called a cyst, is easy. We will reveal the essence of the issue for those people who are not associated with medicine and want to learn more about how to make removal of the cyst on the tooth or in the gum of the tooth, if necessary, whether at home treatment formed a cyst on the gum of Your tooth.


To eliminate any disease and its symptoms, it is necessary to understand its nature and try to understand its causes. Treatment of cysts, if it was formed on the gums is a serious matter, which always begins with determining what caused the development of pathology. Well, let’s deal with where you receive a person has a cyst on the gums. Might look like Your cyst on the gums is one thing, but quite another as it appeared and what to do at home if you need treatment of cysts of the tooth.

  • Undertreated or ignored pulpitis
  • Киста на десне: симптомы, лечение в домашних условияхMany of the disease, regarding not only the mouth but the entire body, there there is untreated or ignored disease and its symptoms. As you know, a refresher of something serious once, or not paying attention to the disease, we doom ourselves to a relapse. A cyst on Your upper or lower gums may be the result of negligence You or Your doctor to question the treatment of caries, or pulpitis. In these diseases at the apex of the masticatory organ may occur with an infection. Of course, the accumulation of pus seeks out and gathers here in this unremarkable cyst or «bump» the gums of the tooth.

    To determine which disease You caught earlier, refer to sources that cover issues of periodontitis and pulpitis, because it is important even at an early stage to distinguish the two

    The main difference is that pulpitis inflammation covers only soft tissue polyarnoi cavity and also the periodontal tissue of the dental ligament.

  • Improper filling of canals
  • Seal channels efficiently can not every dentist, so it may happen that this procedure will «come out sideways». If the doctor did not fill the entire channel to the top, this top will develop an infection, which in the future will push the pus to the side of the gums. So in the gum to form a cyst of the tooth, which may require removal or treatment.Киста на десне: симптомы, лечение в домашних условиях

  • Perforation of the tooth
  • Another mistake of the attending physician is inept or careless use of the instrument, which, besides the channel accidentally hurt tissue of the tooth surrounding it. In such cavities, the appearance which the accident may also develop an infection.

  • Cyst in gums due to periodontitis
  • In this case, there is a periodontal abscess. Recall that the periodontium is the tissues supporting the tooth. When inflammation need to pay attention to the treatment, because the drainage of pus can often be broken, and hence, the patient’s expectations clash with what appears on the gums cyst, which does not look so attractive that you just want to cure in house conditions or remove the doctor.


    Киста на десне: симптомы, лечение в домашних условияхIn terms of treatment, it is important to remember that successful treatment of the inflammation, whatever it was – is the removal of the source. So even if You would like to just get rid of unpleasant excrescence on the gums, we hurry to disappoint You – it’s impossible. It is always necessary to remove the cause of the disease and then disappear of the investigation. Also remember that on the gums symptoms «cysts» hard with something mixed up.

    Patients who have waited for that moment when because of the excess of pus a cyst has ruptured herself, unable to believe that you can now breathe a sigh of relief, but it is not, for the simple reason that the inflammation in the tooth root has not disappeared, the wound will rot constantly as long as the inflammation will not cure.

    What will the physician do in this situation

  • Will cut the cyst and allow the pus to finally leave the gum. You can almost immediately feel the symptoms of the cyst in Your gums disappear.
  • Киста на десне: симптомы, лечение в домашних условияхPrescribe treatment, if you are sure that the reason was the lack of treatment of any pathology of the teeth. If the cause of the development of the cyst was the pulpit, it should be clear polyarnoy cavity and to seal it. In case of incorrect filling the canals should redo all the work again.
  • Cure tooth two ways:

    • therapeutically, when in the treatment the doctor removes his crown, removes seals and remodels all over again;
    • surgically, making the resection of the tooth root. So, you can delete bad sealed the tip of the tooth, and also clear the base of the masticatory organ there from the accumulated exudate, bacteria and remnants of their life. This allows you to quickly remove the symptoms of the cyst in the damaged gums.

    Popular recipes

    Despite the fact that there are certain ailments that do not heal on their own, people always try to find a way to evade the scrutiny of doctors. In this case, each guided by their own principles.

    We would not advise in the case of cyst to self-medicate, because it can lead to disastrous consequences, but some tips of traditional medicine can help You reduce symptoms of disease and to alleviate their condition before going to the doctor. What would you advise us scholars who are engaged in the treatment of diseases in house conditions?

    The first thing you need to pay attention to is the oral hygiene. It is necessary to clearly observe, especially if the gum You have a cyst. Brush teeth, trying not to hurt her. But it is better Киста на десне: симптомы, лечение в домашних условияхto use besides special teas. As a preventive tool you can use oil of sesame, cloves. They will not only help to protect yourself from the formation of the cyst but also the pain, if it is already there. You can make not only washing, but also tampons with medicinal oils.

    Also you can help the funds in the home, as water is to dilute it with lemon juice, the juice from the fruit of the cranberry, essential oils (bergamot, mint, almond), tea tree oil. These funds not only reduced the cyst itself, but the number of pathogenic bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity and infected.

    But still, we advise You to consult a doctor upon discovery of the cyst, it is better to cure the disease early, than to suffer for a long time and fight to do it later. When a cyst on Your gum delivers the first symptoms – it is better to be armed with professional assistance than questionable prescriptions.

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