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Kids the period of teething usually are going through an extremely restless. To ease the help of special gels, ointments and drops, and all funds must be natural.

The period when the child is teething, difficult for everyone: for the baby and for his parents. The baby is experiencing incredible discomfort: gums turn red, swollen and sore, fever, lost appetite. Parents have to endure the constant whims of the baby and listen to his endless crying.

Here come to the aid of various devices and tools that can save a baby from the pain and help the process of teething: gryzunki, special gels, ointments and drops. We select all funds individually, but what are the most efficient and easy to use?

As teething

Дантинорм бэби капли при прорезывании зубовTo see the first signs of growth of the teeth parents even before the baby starts to act up and anxious. A few weeks before growth stage gums turn red and swell. You cannot tell the exact age of growth: each child process takes place individually.

After the baby begins to refuse food and becomes a whiny, rubs his cheeks and pulls his mouth different items and private Cams. When the crown is trying to break through the gum, starts irritation of the nerve endings, resulting in soft tissue itch, itch and hurt. You can see and increased salivation, which independently control a little child can’t.

On the background of the process of eruption may cause a cold – liquid from the spout will be liquid and transparent, it will last about four days. No treatment in this period is not necessary. The only thing that parents can do – time clean the nose with the help of special mechanical devices.

The pain can give in the ears, because of what the baby will start scratching the area. When feeding he will be fussy and may completely refuse to eat. Force is not necessary to replace meals with abundant drink. It is possible that all the symptoms lead to diarrhea, which will trigger its violation of the usual diet.

Frequent companion of pain in the gums – fever. As standard it does not rise above 38 degrees, if there is a more serious increase – it is better to err and to contact your pediatrician. The temperature can be symptoms of intestinal infection, if the baby was dragged into the mouth dirty.
After the process of teething is complete, all of these negative symptoms disappear by themselves.

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Why you need a drop

Дантинорм бэби капли при прорезывании зубовTeething drops is good «Dantherm baby» is a medicine homeopathic type. Need it in order to maximize ease the child’s condition and to save him from discomfort. Using the drops can quickly relieve the inflammation and pain, remove tearfulness and irritability, to return the child healthy and restful sleep.

The remedy has no side effects, and it can be used children of any age. In the package drops from the «Antinori baby» — a few solutions, each of which is in individual sterile package intended for single reception. Because of this the manufacturer was able to ensure hygienic use and safety of the drug.

The basis of the drops – safe special formula consisting of three homeopathic ingredients that are completely safe for children. The composition of the liquid no lactose, dyes, sugar and alcohol.

Help your child the following components «Dantherm baby»:

  • pharmacy Daisy – remedy for irritability;
  • medicinal rhubarb helps with digestive problems;
  • Indian ivy – relieves inflammation and pain.

In Europe, the tool is used for more than ten years, and during that time there was not a single complaint of side effects or an allergic reaction to any of the active components. The manufacturer claims that the plants, which consists of «Antinori baby» going in ecosystems and natural conditions and pass the quality control.

To use drops is very simple. In the package is a sachet where you store the containers with the healing fluid «of Dantherm baby». For admission you need to separate one of the containers and to rotate the closing head. The capsule is sent down hole, with just a simple tap to the liquid gets into the baby’s mouth.

Дантинорм бэби капли при прорезывании зубовYou need to take one dose, two to three times a day between feedings. Enough only three days to rid the baby of discomfort during teething. If the improvement during this time has not come – it is better to consult a doctor.

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The main advantage of drops «Dantherm baby» in that they affect the General condition of the child in General, to apply them on a specific area of the gums is not necessary. Unlike gels and ointments, which are quickly washed away from the problem areas of the mucous (especially if there is excessive salivation).

Other means

You can also use other tools. Consider those with proven effectiveness.

«Kamistad Baby»

«Kamistad baby» – combination gel for the gums with antibacterial, produces the anasthetic and anti-inflammatory properties. In contrast to all-natural of the «Antinori baby» in the tool anesthetic is the lidocaine. Excipient — pharmacy chamomile, which helps rapid absorption of the drug. Apply the gel directly on the inflamed area of gums.


Gel «After» pain is affected too with fully of lidocaine. From inflammation will help chamomile (as in «Dantherm baby»), and the growth of pathogenic microorganisms will stop polidocanol. The main drawback of the drug is that its duration is extremely short: only fifteen minutes. But the use of gel can be an unlimited number of times.


Дантинорм бэби капли при прорезывании зубов«Kalgel» — a combination of antiseptic (cetilpiridinia) and anesthetic (lidocaine). The effect will come after a couple of minutes after applying, it will last about ten to fifteen minutes. In severe pain it can be used several times, but the maximum number of applications – six times during one day.

«Gel holisal»

The main components of the gel «Holisal» very different from the «Antinori baby». Including cetalkonium chloride and salicylate, which have anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions. Different from other gel «Holisal» special structure: the mucous membrane it is retained longer and is more difficult to rinse. With this achieved a longer effect – up to three hours.

Drops for reception inside

In addition to the «Antinori baby» there are other drops. As a rule, they have an antihistamine effect and their effect is intended to relieve swelling of the mucous membrane, and then allowed to escape unpleasant symptoms.


Дантинорм бэби капли при прорезывании зубовTo use the «Core» can be a maximum of three times a day. It can be used to quickly remove swelling of the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose, which reduces pain, a bonus – baby it becomes easier to breathe.

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The peculiarity of the drug is prolonged action, so use it only once a day. Anti-allergic action relieves swelling in mucous membranes, breathing becomes easier.

Features of the medicines

To pain funds are typically creams and gels – their composition is active anesthetic substance. Most often it is lidocaine, which blocks pain receptors on the mucosal surface. Can additionally contain natural soothing agents (e.g., chamomile) and anti-inflammatory components, which eliminates the inflammatory manifestations.

Дантинорм бэби капли при прорезывании зубовAnalgesic effect occurs almost instantly. But the funds quickly washed out from gums with saliva, the standard duration of gels from 15 to 30 minutes. The only exception is «Holisal» — it works for a few hours.

Experts do not recommend too often use gels, ointments and drops, use them only if absolutely necessary. Often you can use homeopathic remedies – they consist of natural components which act on the entire body. They reduce clinical problems associated with inflammation of the gums during the period of teething.

Additionally to choose for a child can be a special teether for teeth. In the period of teething babies have an incredible itching in the gums, to appease him, dragging in his mouth different items and toys. Soft gel gryzunki easy to hold in little hands, are easy to clean and attract the attention of baby bright. Temperature teethers do not reduce, but to get rid of the discomfort will help.