Dental abscess: how to treat at home, causes, symptoms and consequences

A dental abscess is characterized by inflammatory involvement of the periosteum, occurs suddenly and progresses rapidly. The disease brings a lot of inconvenience and discomfort to the patient, obuslavlivaet specific symptoms. Flux is an infectious disease. Therefore, the lack of adequate treatment can lead to dire consequences, the development of certain diseases and even death. Therefore, it is crucial to visit a medical specialist and start therapy.


Odontogenic periostitis has a different shape and stage of the disease, symptoms of which are slightly different from each other. The main characteristic of flux is that it develops suddenly and quickly progresses. This is primarily due to the fact that the disease is infectious.

Флюс: как лечить в домашних условиях, причины, признаки и последствия

The symptoms of tooth flux depending on the causes of the disease and the severity of the condition can vary. Early in the disease they appear weaker, with the growth stage becomes pronounced and delivered considerable inconvenience. Therefore, for the preservation of teeth and health, should immediately contact the dentist.

Signs of flux everyone should know, they have the following manifestations:

  • Pain is the most common symptom of a pathology. The patients have a strong, aching, prolonged pain in the affected tooth. They can grow to the touch, eating.
  • Education bruising and swelling – often enables a patient’s tooth location and near the cheek, which is influenced by inflammatory processes, greatly swollen, causing difficult swallowing, and talking.
  • The temperature increase mainly under the influence of infections on the body, the temperature can reach up to 38 C and more. It depends on the form of the disease and the severity.
  • Why do I get flux? The development of this pathology is caused by multiplication and spread of pathogenic microbes in the area of tooth and gums, causing inflammation.

    In the early stage the symptoms are almost imperceptible, there may be mild pain from the tooth, especially during a meal. In place of the gums formed a small sack of pus that can later break.

    Dangerous condition is when the formation breaks inside, not outside. Because in that case there is infection of the face, neck, neck and other areas. This is complicated by the appearance of cellulitis, which can lead to death if not promptly resolved was the cause of the flux.

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    Флюс: как лечить в домашних условиях, причины, признаки и последствия

    This disease is considered serious, so the treatment of the tooth flux should be at a medical specialist, especially in the presence of severe and advanced stage. The main methods of traditional treatment of the tooth flux are:

  • Drug therapy.
  • Surgery.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • For elimination of the disease are widely used drugs. They help to remove swelling, swelling, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Among the drugs from flux wide application found the following:

  • Antibiotics – effective tools from various pathogens. Help with the inflammation of the mouth, the gums, swelling of the cheeks. Are prescribed by the attending physician. The most used are:
  • Amoxiclav – has a broad impact, used for the treatment of dental diseases, kills germs, viruses. Available in pill form, acts locally.

    Lincomycin – contributes to the rapid destruction of the nidus of infection. Has side effects and contraindications, therefore, assigned to a medical specialist.

    Tsifran – has a high effect in the treatment of diseases of a dental nature. The feature of the application is in the form of injections. Contra-indications, can not be used for children up to 16 years. Is available on prescription.

  • Creams and gels – anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Contribute to the destruction of pathogenic germs on the surface of the gums. For the treatment widely used:
  • Vishnevsky ointment – good for a variety of dental pathologies. Has a specific smell, but is characterized by high antiseptic properties, copes with purulent formations. It cannot be swallowed, the ointment is characterized by certain side effects and contraindications.

    Флюс: как лечить в домашних условиях, причины, признаки и последствия

    Streptocida is an antimicrobial medicament used to treat dental flux, burns, ulcers. Due to the minimal number of side effects and contraindications.

    Ichthyol is an effective ointment with antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Used in the treatment of the flux and other diseases.

  • Antiseptics are a necessary tool against plaque flux. They help to reduce the allocation of exudate, reduces swelling and inflammation. Used as a mouthwash. Suitable drugs are:
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    Chlorhexidine – is struggling with many microorganisms, ensures healing of the affected areas, does not cause allergies. Can be used in unlimited quantity, better in 2 hours.

    Hydrogen peroxide – disinfects well and kills pathogens, which appear inflammation and dental pathology.

  • Anti – inflammatory drugs- need drugs during various infectious processes. They provide the reduction of pain, edema, swelling, and stabilize body temperature. Among them widely used is the Treatment, Cetanol, Naklofen and others.
  • To accelerate the healing processes of the gums, and to prevent the development of severe consequences will help the physical therapy. The most common methods are the use of ultraviolet irradiation, Gelemenovo laser, electrophoresis, high-frequency waves. It is worth remembering that directly affect the flux by heating so as not to provoke complications.

    Surgical intervention is used when the disease has a significant stage, is characterized by severe and frequent symptoms purulent inflammation. In this case, the patient’s condition becomes much worse, there may be complications. Therefore, carry out the operation, which includes the following steps:

  • Produce a small incision in the gums and periosteum.
  • Done in the lead incision drainage, which will come out pus.
  • Often the diseased tooth must be extracted.
  • After surgery, the patient needs to comply with certain recommendations, to care for the oral cavity and the remote tooth.
  • Treatment at home

    Флюс: как лечить в домашних условиях, причины, признаки и последствия

    How to cure a dental abscess at home? The use of folk therapy may have a temporary effect, but to cure the disease fail. It will have a slight analgesic effect, can help reduce the swelling and swelling of the cheeks.

    Treatment of a flux, traditional medicine represents the use of medicinal plants and other natural components as gargles, infusions and decoctions.

    To treat this disease you can use the following recipes:

  • Calendula tincture on alcohol – anti-inflammatory effect, helps to reduce swelling and swelling. Used as a gargle in small portions.
  • Tincture of lemon balm – has a beneficial effect on the body, helping to improve the immune system and reduce inflammation.
  • A decoction of sage – has many medicinal properties, which increase when combined with other herbs, such as iris. The plant has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Thyme is a good remedy for rinsing the mouth, helps reduce edema, swelling, helps to reduce inflammation and pain.
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    A dental abscess is a serious disease of a dental nature, caused by the unexpected and rapid development. In the absence of or incorrect treatment, the effects of the flux can be disastrous. The formation of cellulitis at break of abscess in the soft tissue, sepsis, abscess. Complications frequently lead to death due to blood poisoning and organs a purulent exudate.

    For the positive outcome you should know and follow some recommendations:

  • Heat flux is strictly prohibited, therefore the use of heating pads and wraps are not allowed. Heat can promote the growth of microbes and growth of the abscess.
  • You cannot sleep on the affected side. It can cause internal rupture of purulent cones, leading to dangerous illnesses and even death.
  • Medications must be taken only as directed by your doctor.
  • It is time to treat dental disease and not to run to these conditions.
  • It is forbidden to make bandages.
  • After the operation you cannot take Aspirin as it increases bleeding.
  • To avoid complications of the disease is possible with timely treatment and preventive measures.Флюс: как лечить в домашних условиях, причины, признаки и последствия
  • Dental abscess is a severe inflammatory process that require proper treatment from a medical professional. In its absence, can rapidly develop complications, leading to death.