Dental gel Holisal for gums when teething

The gel is used in various situations, often to treat and restore the enamel, or to relieve pain. But the gel is used not only for recovery and treatment of dental coverage, but for the entire oral cavity, including the gums. Latest just need to use this gel if you notice inflammation of the gums, bleeding. It is also used to help babies when they are experiencing teething.

To make it clearer, can be considered Holisal — dental gel, which is considered the most effective in many cases.


Стоматологический гель Холисал для десен при прорезывании зубовHolisal is one of the dental gels, which are universal and indispensable in the first-aid kit. This product combines essential nutrients that support the fight against microbes, inflammation, in General, all necessary for treatment of the substance. It also accelerates wound healing herpes and other types of inflammation.

How to distinguish a fake

To avoid becoming a victim of defective drugs, you need to know how looks the original gel Holisal.

Festive of the vial is a colorless gel that is transparent, without any inhomogeneous bodies. he also is describing the smell of anise oil which is difficult to confuse.


It is necessary to tell about the active ingredient of the drug, as it is possible to pick up analogs:

  • choline salicylate;
  • cetalkonium chloride.

We have indicated two main components of the gel, but must be made and additional, as they play a lesser role during the treatment of dental diseases. Additional substances are:

  • heterose;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • parahydroxybenzoate;
  • glycerol
  • anise seed oil;
  • ethanol 96%;
  • water.

Outwardly, the gel is ten g aluminum tube and in a cardboard box.


Стоматологический гель Холисал для десен при прорезывании зубовThe preparation has a combined effect on the source of the disease, this is its charm and advantage over others. It has anti-inflammatory action on any wounds, so it has wide application in dentistry.

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If you use the gel as intended, it on the affected areas of the gums, but it will provide the necessary analgesic and anti-inflammatory action that is necessary in the event of any diseases and lesions in the oral cavity. For some time the pain dulled, as the gel is rapidly absorbed into the oral mucosa. Also, the gel can help in any manifestation of the infections and fungus of the oral cavity. Any damage to the teeth, namely enamel can easily cure the gel, it quickly restores tissue at a variety of levels.

To any effect, you must apply the gel on the affected area and wait until it will be absorbed, otherwise it will not have any effect.

The drug begins to be active finally after penetration into the mucosa, in a few minutes. The action of this drug lasts from two to eight hours.


To treatment happened Holisal use two or even three times a day after meals and brushing teeth. In children and adults different dosage to the gel effect on the body, adults need to squeeze a long strip of one centimeter, and the child two times shorter.

Стоматологический гель Холисал для десен при прорезывании зубовThe drug is applied to the damaged area of the gums, smooth movements, and wait a few minutes until it is absorbed.
If the gums are inflamed in connection with the eruption of the teeth (eight in adults), the drug lay in the gingival pockets. In this case, the gel is used once or twice per day. Also there is a second method of application — use as a compress.

Sometimes doctors prescribe Holisal for use in combination with other drugs.

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Contraindications to the use of the drug

Like all drugs, there are also Harisalo contraindications, there are a limited number of persons can not use this drug in any case.

  • If a person may or may not be present for portability or allergic reaction to components of the gel.
  • Holisal as gel for gums contains no sugar, therefore there are no contraindications to use even for diabetics.
  • On the health of pregnant women and children gel does not have any irreparable consequences. But the manual says some caveats namely do not get involved in treatment with this drug during pregnancy and children under years.
  • Drivers of vehicles also need not worry, as there is no impact on the functioning of the nervous system of the brain, is not lost coordination.
  • It is not harmful to the athletes because physical activity of the body is not reduced.

If a person has first side effects that are not typical consequences of receiving other drugs, it is recommended to consult a doctor prior to the visit and to refuse dental gel.

Horizal teething

Стоматологический гель Холисал для десен при прорезывании зубовTeething recommend the use of holisal, he will be able to remove the inflammation and characteristic pain. Before using Holisal when teething, you should read the manual.

It should be noted that this period is the most important in the life of the child and his parents, as all children experience it differently. We all have different symptoms, as children are quiet and are violent. Someone will be a difficult night, and someone will be difficult to reschedule day period. Therefore, all parents are advised to have patience, and buy dental gel for the treatment of gum Horizal. He will be able to eliminate the pain and to lower the temperature, which may occur in connection with inflammation of the gums and teething.

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The symptoms of teething

The first most important symptom — the gums swell, the child starts crying, or starts a fever. This symptom shows up for a couple of months before cutting teeth. Then there is poor appetite, worsening sleep and start to itch the gums.

This dental gel solves virtually all the problems of their parents at one time. especially helps Holisal teething, learn more about the impact of tell manual. It spelled out some points related to the use of gel during the teething in infants. If adults need a few times to smear the damaged surface of the mucosa, the children under one year is recommended to smear only in cases of extreme necessity.

This tooth gel, as Holisal should be in every medicine Cabinet, because it may need at any time. I should say that if you begin tooth pain, there are suspicions of caries, and no desire to go to the doctor, it is possible to undergo treatment gel, and to avoid the development of disease. The manual contains lots of useful information, therefore it should be read, in some cases, use of the gel may slightly deviate to the destination.