Diagnosis: determination of disease by color

When diagnosing diseases the doctors have resorted to a different method, Central to which is the oral examination. The condition of the teeth, mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue may indicate the presence of serious systemic diseases, even if the patient still does not know about it. It argued that diagnosis of diseases by color, shape and Диагноз по языку: определение болезней по цветуchanges of the language is not a serious approach, but long-standing practice shows that it is not. Diagnosis by appearance of on is popular in folk and traditional medicine.

For the first time this technique was applied in the East, where the development of medicine was quite high, and people paid attention to his condition. Language is multifunctional, therefore, not only by its color and shape, but also by how it operates, you can understand that in the organism something is wrong.

Chinese medicine says that the language has zones, each of which is responsible for a certain area of the body or organ. The front part of the tongue is responsible for the upper part of the human body, side sections for the various organs, and the root of different interpretations is responsible for the vertebral column, or condition of the excretory system of the body.

We dedicate this article questions about whether the diagnosis of the disease by the color of the language as the language to determine the presence of disease and whether there are generally accepted methods of determining the diseases of the body, not just oral, language.

The structure of language

Before turning to the question of the definition of diseases should in General terms be familiar with the structure of the body. This is a specific organ located in the oral cavity, consisting of several layers of muscle and lined with mucous membrane. The upper part of the tongue in connection with its function is covered by cornified epithelium, and the lower neorogovevayuschy. On top Диагноз по языку: определение болезней по цветуof the language there are specific outgrowths of the – papillae, which have multiple functions, the most important of which is the touch, thanks to them we feel the taste and partly they will contribute to the definition of odors in the environment.

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Language consists of several parts. The shortest of them is the root and the tip, and the longest is the back. Language functions are not only to digestion, but also to the immune system, speech. Language forms a food ball, moves his mouth, pushing the last in the throat. Also thanks to him, the man pronounces most sounds. On muscular mucous body are lingual tonsils, which help protect our body from germs and bacteria, viruses.

How to diagnose illness?

To help can as a professional doctor, therapist and yourself. For this we need to understand what part of this body is responsible for what and prepare a mirror. Study their own language should be in the morning before eating, because at this time he will appear before you in its original form. Change shape and color, the appearance of neoplasms can tell a lot about the state of the human body, study it carefully and analyze the signals of your own body.


Diagnosis of disease of the human body language is extremely diverse, we will try to cover the basics of this practice.

  • Zoning authorities in the language. To understand what area of the body is responsible for what use such a simple scheme, which can be found online:
  • Диагноз по языку: определение болезней по цвету

  • Color. Look closely and evaluate how your mucosa and muscular body painted with a particular color:
    • pale is a symptom of anemia, your body is exhausted and needs the vitamins, nutrients that will fill the missing pieces;
    • if pale became the lower surface, then it is a sure sign of diseases of the liver and biliary organs;
      • in infectious diseases there is a crimson or bright red tongue. This can make parents, if they inspect on your child sick with scarlet fever or other acute infectious disease;
    • Burgundy color indicates that you have kidney failure, which is very strongly expressed. Most likely, you are already experiencing some of the symptoms of this ailment;
    • cyanosis indicates a problem with circulation, light;
    • yellow tongue, it is easy to guess, like any other yellow on our body shows the development of jaundice.
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  • Plaque
  • The RAID could signal problems with the digestive system, but also on fungal diseases. Recall that when Candida glossitis on the body accumulates twaronite white discharge resembling plaque. So it is possible to know of human disease by referring to language.

    • Диагноз по языку: определение болезней по цветуthe absence of any of the RAID evidence of the fall of the internal energy of the digestive system;
    • if a large number of plaque tongue started to swell, then it is an alarming sign: the plague, measles, poor kidney function and many other things can cause;
    • white patches may indicate gastric diseases or fungal infestations;
    • yellow indicates that the biliary system is experiencing failures in their work;
    • fat, frozen on the tongue indicates stagnant processes in the digestive system;
    • purple spots indicate that the body has stagnation of the blood;
    • black plaque is a dangerous sign, promising huge problems with the pancreas and the entire digestive system;
    • white coating indicates the disease diphtheria;

    If the plaque becomes more pronounced, it says about the progression of the disease, and if the number decreases, the fact that the disease is retreating.

  • Spotting
  • If there are spots of red and white color, it is necessary to suspect scarlet fever, although the disease is and of itself is able to state quite bright and pronounced symptoms. Blue color, like blue spots, indicates that there are problems with the circulatory system. Darkening of the tongue occurs when the patient’s kidney failure.

  • Change the shape
    • Диагноз по языку: определение болезней по цветуin the case where the imprint of the teeth on the edges of the body or its lateral parts, it is possible to speak about the pathologies of the nervous system, including overwork, stress, nevrose condition. If teeth marks are seen very clearly, should be suspected of serious violation of the Central nervous system;
    • syndrome dry mouth. Earlier articles, we noted that the dry mouth occurs when the glossitis, but in the context of this opus, mention should be made of intestinal obstruction, inflammation of the peritoneum, other diseases that cause dehydration;
    • chronic colitis or even cancer of the stomach, is often found in those who are characterized by a smooth surface of the tongue, these symptoms occur because the body lacks the coenzymes of vitamin b and nicotinic acid;
    • inflammation of the papillae should be analyzed based on their location on the map, which we presented above;
    • the curved line of the tongue. In different sources, you can see different testimonies about what it means Central line, adhering to the interpretation that it is the character of the ridge, concludes that the problem lies in the distortion and inflammation of the spine;
    • deviation of the tongue to the side is one of the signs of a stroke, mental diseases and lesions of cranio-facial nerves;
    • trembling language is found in those who are mentally ill;
    • ulcers on the tongue indicate system diseases of the digestive system.