Diarrhea when teething baby: how long is the treatment

Teething in children takes place at high temperatures and sometimes with complications such as diarrhea and constipation, in addition, the child becomes cranky due to the fact that constantly experiencing discomfort in the mouth.

Despite the abundance of symptoms, you should first find the causes of diseases at the child and this can help the examination by a doctor. However, you need to pay special attention to the teething loose stools, because this may not be a simple upset stomach, and serious infection.

Characteristics and features of pathology

Parents often wonder, how much can keep diarrhea while teething but Понос при прорезывании зубов у ребенка: сколько длится, лечениеdoctors say that if there is no reason, then on average no more than 3-7 days. However, many people who are faced with this problem say that the term comes to 10 days, but if the stool is not normal and during this time, you should immediately go to the hospital, because the child may have an infection.

It is necessary to make an inspection of the child’s chair, because it is normal when teething, he only bit watery and without blood evidence.

To know what your child has diarrhea, you should be familiar with the signs that are typical of teething:

  • There is swelling of the gums;
  • Saliva is produced above the norm;
  • The baby does not sleep;
  • The child may be cranky;
  • Bad eating
  • Appears diarrhea;
  • The body temperature becomes higher than normal, up to 39°;
  • Often there is nasal congestion;
  • The baby nausea.

Despite the fact that the symptoms correspond to the teething, but it also applies to other pathologies and therefore to know whether in this process to be diarrhea need medical advice. In addition, during this period the immune system is just starting to grow and so the infection as other diseases can easily get in a young body.

Also note that if teething was listed on the infection, how long will the diarrhea depends on how quickly it was resolved.

Possible culprits loose stool

Понос при прорезывании зубов у ребенка: сколько длится, лечениеWhen cut new bone formation in children weakens the immune system, and in this period of time due to the fact that the gums there is a strong itch, the kids are constantly trying to shove in my mouth, and once ingested microbes may cause stomach upset.

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The second most common reason is the excessive salivation during the growth of teeth. Babies constantly swallow a lot of saliva, thus the gastrointestinal tract is washed and appears loose stools.

Treatment loose stools

For the treatment of infants whose teething diarrhea appeared, you should follow these instructions:

  • Often to drink liquids. In infants often appear diarrhea dehydration, to avoid this mother as often as necessary to attach the baby to your breast or give him something to drink. In the case when there is a temperature, the fluid intake should be even more;
  • Strict diet. It is also important for the treatment of diarrhea while teething. To exclude from a child’s diet is milk and dairy products, food with high content of fat, juices, meat products and fruit (bananas can be left) and berries;
  • Food strengthens the chair. In the diet of the child must be present cooked rice and broth, mashed potatoes, compote made from dried pears, jelly, crackers (preferably homemade), bananas, tea (strong), oven-baked apples.

It should also be noted that in the diet of infants should be mostly low-fat soups, and porridge.


Понос при прорезывании зубов у ребенка: сколько длится, лечениеWhen babies have diarrhea, they lose moisture from the body in 2 times more than adults. In addition, washed out electrolytes and acid-base balance becomes fully roslagen.

In this situation, doctors often prescribe drugs for rehydration, for example, trihedron or regidron. They are absolutely harmless and they can be used regardless of how many the child years.

National ways to treat diarrhea

Pediatricians in the treatment of diarrhea often use traditional medicine, because it, when used properly, can’t hurt.

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Can be used for the treatment of tea made from chamomile and mint or viburnum berries. In addition, a suitable infusion of herbs such as cherries, blueberries, sage, or St. John’s wort.

Thus, to treat diarrhea when teething is quite simple, but the important thing is to start by ruling out third-party causes, and to consult a doctor and the sooner the better.

Constipation with the appearance of new teeth

In addition, parents are often faced with a problem like constipation teething and the question arises, could this be the reason that doctors answer in the affirmative, but strongly encourage you to go to the hospital, not to self-medicate.

Понос при прорезывании зубов у ребенка: сколько длится, лечениеPediatricians, at the time of constipation, the child suggest to use such methods:

  • For a child who is nursed artificial mixtures, it is sometimes necessary to give dairy products and constipation not to pursue;
  • Light carbohydrates, and high protein concentration is often the cause of constipation. Need to try to reduce the content in the diet of foods such as meat, pasta, bread;
  • The baby should always be good to drink, and especially the moment when he began to cut teeth.

With constipation, the diet of the baby have to be:

  • Mashed vegetables and fruits, but not to use bananas and pears;
  • The juice of beet, carrot, Apple;
  • Dairy products;
  • Compotes and decoctions, especially of prunes and dried apricots;
  • Light soups.

Adhering to these tips you can avoid constipation and maintain the health of your baby.

Summing up, it should be noted that constipation and diarrhea during teething is normal and it is easy to fix, but importantly, no third-party causes.

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