Does milk teeth have nerves and as a treatment of the roots?

It is considered that the milk teeth have no roots and nerves, which is why they are rapidly destroyed, and to remove them is very simple. Whether so it actually?

Still with baby teeth is associated with many myths. For example, it is believed that curing them is not necessary, but tooth decay isn’t a serious threat. To remove them at the dentist, too, do not all the parents: in their memory fresh classic design – just to tie a loose tooth to a string, which is attached to the door handle…

Another question – do the usual nerves in milk teeth? Usually it is not considered, and therefore the treatment is absolutely painless and the wonder child complains of discomfort after the doctor’s visit. But is it true?

Nerves: Yes or no?

Есть ли в молочных зубах нервы и как проводят лечение корней?The fact remains: on the structure of the teeth completely identical indigenous. They have pulp and nerve, and under the dentin and enamel hiding the capillaries. That is why the child is experiencing pain in the treatment or destruction of the enamel. But if pulpitis or caries – a painful phenomenon, then the natural loss of baby special pain not experiencing.

Without regular replenishment of minerals and nutrients, the growth of dentin can not happen, and they go through the capillaries and blood vessels. If you have children there is a shortage of one of the necessary substances, immediately begins to suffer the enamel. When the shift begins, the power is lost in itself, and then the teeth fall out.

With proper nutrition and sufficient oral hygiene in children treatment may not be necessary. Some of the disease can and does go unnoticed. Pain arises if the crown is sufficiently damaged, and sometimes teeth just don’t have time to get to the «right» stage of destruction.

Formation of primary teeth begins long before the their eruption. The beginnings of future roots and crowns is still in the womb. At the same time begins the formation of nerves and mineralization of the enamel. The process continues after the baby is born.

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Are there roots?

Do milk teeth the usual roots? Yes. After the eruption of the children of the crown continue to accumulate minerals, and the root grows deep into the gums. Stop the growth process typically to two years. At the age of five roots reduce in size due to the gradual natural dispersal.

Есть ли в молочных зубах нервы и как проводят лечение корней?The closer to milk the root of the permanent tooth germ, the faster will be the process of resorption. It begins with the inner surface. Resorption and eruption of permanent roots usually occurs simultaneously, but exceptions are possible.

Accelerated destruction of dairy roots usually have sore teeth with dead pulp. Perhaps slowing the process – in that case, if for some reason the beginnings of the permanent teeth have not yet formed. During any treatment (pulpitis, periodontitis, or orthodontic intervention) dentists take into account system dairy resorption of the roots.

The enamel of milk teeth is very fragile, and the love of children for sweets leads to the fact that it collapses very quickly. Caries develops with a higher rate than adults. It is fraught with premature loss of baby root, which will inevitably affect the formation of permanent rudiments. To predict all problems which may face in the future kids, impossible.

If you have any serious problems tooth pain in children can be as strong as adults. She is accompanied by swelling of the soft tissue, fever, inability to eat. Suffering can last as long as the tooth is not completely destroyed, and it may continue long enough. Treatment in such cases is necessary.

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If tooth decay is left unchecked and untreated, will suffer all the oral cavity. Through a hole in the enamel in soft tissue can penetrate the infection will affect not only the baby’s immunity, but on the state of the future teeth. Permanent crown, which will appear on this site, most likely it will be loose and twisted, to treat it will have immediately after the eruption.

How does the removal of the nerve

Есть ли в молочных зубах нервы и как проводят лечение корней?During treatment may require removal of the nerve in baby teeth in children. If the pulp becomes inflamed and sore, discontent children will show: the child can refuse food and drink cold or too hot, hard, sweet – all this will cause a sharp pain. The older children can directly complain about the problem, but the kids have to follow.

Appropriate treatment can only pediatric dentist. Make the decision about the necessity of removing the nerve is possible only after inspection. The procedure is performed under local or General anesthesia. Treatment as a rule, painful, and easier to persuade a child to endure an injection, or to disinfect the tooth will not work.

The cleaning should be performed with extreme caution. The main danger of this action is that during the procedure there is a risk to damage or hurt the beginnings of a molar tooth, and this can seriously affect its development. Is special cleaning tools that are much thinner than that used during the «adult» treatment.

After the usual filling is set. A special solution can be applied only on the top of the channels and into the cavity of the upper crown. To push it too deep is very risky – you can injure molar.

In pediatric dentistry are usually used special mummifying solutions. They are characterized by elevated antiseptic properties, so that the tooth can be protected from bacteria and infections. The disadvantage is that you stand for this seal long – action it is designed just for that period, which should be enough for the change of milk teeth to permanent.

To premature removal of milk teeth, the doctors resort a last resort. The cause may be deep caries, inflammatory process affecting the roots or Kolokolnaya tissue, pulpitis, severe mechanical trauma.

After such operations the risk of complications when a permanent tooth is increased. Bone tissue does not have time to prepare for the growth of the permanent tooth, the eruption can be extremely painful. Impact that may change the occlusion – sudden void immediately try to fill the adjacent teeth.

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Removal of root is happening with the help of a special forceps – they are designed for fragile milk crowns. To carry out the operation needs pediatric dentist, the most important is not to disrupt the beginnings of the permanent teeth. Extraction is usually performed with anesthesia, except if the tooth is loose enough as it is. After the removal will have a few days to rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions, but the healing happens quickly.