Drops teething pain for children

The beginning of eruption of first milk teeth in children bring new parents a lot of trouble. Most important thing is not to panic, and try to quickly solve the dental problem and help your newborn baby. To speed up the process of teething does not, so you need to surround baby with love and warmth at such a difficult time. This is a very painful and unpleasant process to crumbs. The appearance of the next new tooth is accompanied by quite heavy for children symptoms, alonenot which depends directly on the immune system of the child.

What can you do to help your child?

Капли при прорезывании зубов от боли для детейThe most common symptoms of teething in children:

  • Excessive drooling (up to zahlebyvayas saliva), redness and swelling the places of teething, may cause the inflammatory process of the oral cavity. The child pulls in a mouth, trying to scratch the area of the cutting tooth, constantly rubbing cheeks and nose;
  • Perhaps the appearance of heat and accordingly the sluggish behavior of the baby. The fever can last a couple of days, it is considered normal. It is better not to shoot down, the body must overcome the inflammatory process of eruption yourself;
  • Runny nose, delivering a lot of inconvenience to both the child and parents. Teething characteristic slimy, watery discharge from the nose, in the presence of purulent content or greenish, you should immediately contact your pediatrician to prevent viral or bacterial infections in children.

All of the above symptoms usually disappear as soon as the tooth cut through.

The drugs

The presence of drugs analgesic substance helps to block pain receptors located on the surface of the gums. Inflammation can help relieve all kinds of plant additives or anti-inflammatory agents.

The pain relief happens almost immediately, but unfortunately, very short period of time, about 30 min.

When prescribed?

The main indication for the use of such resources is severe pain and prolonged high temperature.

Funds for the relief of symptoms

You should not use this kind of drugs without having. Herbal ingredients act on the entire body of the newborn, reducing the symptoms of teething.

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Капли при прорезывании зубов от боли для детейGood effect is given a drop of Dentinal teething in children. Usually used 1-2 times per day and gently rubbed into the gums of the baby. Before using the mandatory consultation of the doctor.

You can do a simple circular massage to the gums using gauze or a special fingertip massage fibers. Also proven themselves teethers containing gel, which when cooled in the fridge and perfectly removes inflammation and fun to use. All types of medications used to relieve the unpleasant symptoms and pain of teething in children, conventionally divided into three groups:

  • Preparations in the form of drops for internal or local effects in dental pain;
  • Homeopathic medicines;
  • Local anesthetics (gel, ointment, cream).

Drops for pain relief

Special drops are used for teething children. Most popular:

  • Капли при прорезывании зубов от боли для детей«Fenistil drops» – well relieve swelling of the gums and mucous membrane of the nose. Much easier to the symptoms of cutting teeth. Used by instillation of up to 3 times per day.
  • «Parlazin» – is a remedy against allergic reactions. Drops are used for teeth with more severe symptoms when progresivnih. Have a rather lasting effect, apply 1 time per day.
  • «Drops of Dantherm Baby» – a homeopathic remedy. The components included in the composition of the drops, quickly remove unpleasant symptoms for the period of the eruption. Proven as the best drops for toothache, used for children. Preferably, course application – 3 days 2-3 times a day. These drops are able to completely remove the symptoms of inflammation in toothache.

Gel for milk teeth

One of the most effective drugs for children:

  • «Kalgel» – local anesthetic with antimicrobial action. Has been widely used to relieve pain, applied to children after the age of 5 months, it is possible to apply 5-6 times a day.
  • «Kamistad-gel» – thanks to a member of the Daisy, hard fights inflammation and wounds on the gingival surface. Do not use for children under 3 months of age. The gel is applied on the gums 3 times a day;
  • «After» – local anesthetic with the content of the lidocaine and chamomile extract, provides noticeable pain relief, and therapeutic effect;

Important! Do not use the drug without a doctor.

  • Капли при прорезывании зубов от боли для детей«Gel Holisal» – the most demanded gel with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Used up to 3 times a day, regardless of the meal.
  • «Gel Baby Doctor» – created on the basis exclusively of natural remedies which can quickly relieve the pain and significantly reduce inflammation. Appointed only by the doctor, children older than 3 months. Removes any signs of cutting teeth.
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The only remedy not having side effects!

The use of ointments to relieve pain

Properly selected ointment can significantly ease the signs of teething in babies.

  • «Kalgel-ointment», reduces swelling, toothache, swelling at the site of the eruption, contain the anesthetic and actively fights germs. In severe cases of teething, you can use even until the age of 5 months;
  • «Ointment Kamistad» – is composed of chamomile, but nevertheless, its composition is not very gentle to the child’s body. Quickly eliminates inflammation and promotes rapid healing of scrapes, obtained through the regular carding the baby’s gums. Considered to be quite good antiseptic preparation is teething, is applied by rubbing the ointment in the swollen gums about 3 times a day. Positive effect occurs within a relatively short time.
  • Traditional methods

    Of course there are a large number of folk methods to reduce symptoms of teething in children. But it is better to discuss these methods with your doctor and not risk the health of toddler.

    • Капли при прорезывании зубов от боли для детейSoothing infusion, not able to harm nor the newborn, nor even a nursing mother. Preparation: a tablespoon of the mixture of lemon balm, chamomile, Catnip and lavender, pour 1 Cup of boiled water for 15-20 min. the Use is possible in any volume;
    • Oil of cloves gives a wonderful effect of anesthesia. Oil definitely needs to be diluted with olive or vegetable oil in a ratio of 1.5:1 and RUB gently massage into inflamed gums. When using undiluted oil can cause the baby serious burns to the gums;
    • Chamomile tea, made strong concentration, and then gently applied to the gums in unlimited quantities;
    • Tincture of Valerian, prepared from 30 g of the powder of the roots of the plants and the glass of whiskey. Infusion will be ready in 3 days. Rubbing the gums with such a tincture, you can easily eliminate itching gums while teething.

    Self-treatment of the child, using folk wisdom, you’d better not. The kid never requires special attention and care during the difficult period, not worth the risk, using the unknown and untested methods of treatment, so as not to deliver the child even more uncomfortable.

    Reminder for young parents

    To prevent the penetration of infections on the oral mucosa of the baby, you need to carefully handle special teether before he can get his handle. It concerns all without an exception of objects that the child can get in his mouth.

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  • Never wipe the surface of the baby’s gums alcohol-containing solutions;
  • To prevent the use of drugs with the content of matamorosa sodium in dental pain in children;
  • You should not use the funds to reduce fever without prescription;
  • When observing complicated signs of cutting teeth, for example, frequent watery stools, cramping and repeated vomiting, an urgent need to call an ambulance and go to hospital for the normalization of the baby!