Dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity: symptoms and treatment

Dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity, the disease is common. Bacteriosis often provokes the development of many other diseases of the teeth and gums. Is it possible to get rid of it once and for all?

In the mouth of every human being has a lot of bacteria, both harmful and useful. Problems of the gastrointestinal tract, long-term course of antibiotics can all cause the violation of the optimal composition of the microflora. The result – a dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity, leading to a number of other diseases of the teeth and gums. How to identify the disease and what treatment is needed?

What is dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity

Дисбактериоз полости рта: симптомы и лечениеDysbacteriosis of the oral cavity – a serious failure in the balance of beneficial microflora. Its composition is different for each person, evaluate the analysis you need personal testimony. After dysbiotic violations starts abnormally active reproduction of one of the conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, which negatively affect the condition of the soft tissues and teeth. If time does not begin treatment, the consequences can be irreversible.

Symptoms of dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity in the early stages may seem minor and anxiety do not cause.

For the first signs can be attributed to two phenomenon: bad breath and zaedy – small sores in the corners of the mouth.

Gradually begin dental problems: tooth row becomes mobile, and starts the periodontal disease or periodontitis. Actively formed soft plaque on the teeth, as a result, rapidly developing dental caries.

Shares dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity at four levels:

First stage: dysbiotic shift

Species composition of the microflora is kept in the normal range, but starts a minor quantitative changes in some types of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. The stage can be called latent – no symptoms and the person may not even be aware of the problem.

Second stage: subcompencirovanna

Professionals can note the decline of some useful lactobacilli. Begin to dominate certain types of microorganisms related to pathogenic species.

Third stage: monoculture

The number of microorganisms belonging to the normal flora, decreases (or even disappears). Occurs pathogenic monoculture.

Fourth stage: decompensated

There is a serious fluctuation bacteroids compositions, are actively developing yeast-like fungi.

Causes dysbiotic shift

Дисбактериоз полости рта: симптомы и лечениеGoiter provoke effects that affect the state of beneficial bifidobacteria. As a rule, pathogenic bacteria from these factors do not suffer.

The main causes of the disease include the following phenomena:

  • treatment with antibiotics, which are frequently used for getting rid of respiratory diseases;
  • a sharp decline in immunity;
  • violation of the system of nutrition: diet, fasting, drastic change to the usual menu.
  • antiseptic preparations of local action;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • allergic dermatosis;
  • chronic problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a long course of steroids;
  • inflammatory or infectious processes in the intestine.

After having finished the course of taking potentially harmful drugs, should pay attention to all possible consequences and failures in the body. Often the first symptoms appear immediately after the abolition of drugs.

Problems with the natural microflora of the intestine leads to poor absorption of nutrients and vitamins. After the disease starts with a deficiency of vitamins A, D and E, which leads to problems with the lips and mucous membranes of the mouth.

Careful you must be with the chewing pastilles, pastes with active substances and means for rinsing the mouth. Before use of this or that tool is better to consult with a dentist and a mouthwash will need prior dilution with water.

How to treat

Дисбактериоз полости рта: симптомы и лечениеTreatment of dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity of the integrated approach is not required. Special preparations need only at the last stage, when the mouth is almost no normal microorganisms. The main task of the patient and the doctor to identify the cause of dysbiotic shift and treat the disease, which triggered the goiter.

Correctly prescribe the necessary treatment alone will not work, you need to go to the doctor-gastroenterologist and internist. You need to hand over analyses of urine, blood and, if necessary, be examined by infectious disease.

Affect the rapid development of the disease may poor hygiene, excessive consumption of sugary foods and the wrong treatment is the irrational acceptance of local antiseptics or antibiotics.

In addition to the required rehabilitation of the oral cavity will have to apply the following medications:

  • antiseptics to suppress the growth of pathogenic microorganisms («Tantum Verde»);
  • antimicrobial or antibiotic removal extensive inflammatory process involving bacteria («Trykhopol»);
  • eubiotics with the content of the live bacteria necessary for the creation of the normal microflora (the»Birifor», «Probator», «Acipol», «Lactobacterin», «Bifidumbacterin»).
  • vitamins to improve tissue regeneration;
  • immunomodulators to reduce the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and increase the activity of the immune system («Imudon»).
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