Electric toothbrush for kids

Parents want to do for their children something useful, giving an electric toothbrush. But the choice of this device is complicated, because there are children electric toothbrushes for children aged 2, 3, 5 or 7 years.

In this article we look at what the children electric brushes are different with older toothbrushes can a child use a child’s electric brush, as his parents, whether it is useful for the teeth this brushing technique.

Why choose such a device

You may not understand what such a device for cleaning teeth wins out over the other, but its practicality is obvious. The child is much more interesting to clean your mouth with this unit than the usual Электрическая зубная щетка для детей«brush» the teeth, it takes care of oral hygiene. To talk about the importance of this is because through the mouth the body gets the greatest number of bacteria and parasites. Keep your mouth clean so to protect themselves diseases.

Also, children have less strong teeth than adults – as soon as hygiene is disrupted, you may experience numerous diseases, including dental caries, inflammation of gums, and more. Agree that few people want that his child suffered and suffered.

Electric toothbrush marked «children» is a joy on the baby’s face whenever he is on hygiene.

Note that this apparatus has not only the advantage in terms of educational moment. Electro-brush to carefully clean the teeth better and remove plaque and leftover food, preventing diseases is better. Here you have already decided, but it is necessary to know how to choose useful a toothbrush for your child and at what age it can be useful.

What age to start

Theoretically, to apply such a technique can be directly when the kids cut most of his teeth, but it is not so. When it is small, enamel it dental organs poorly developed, as well as other tissues. This applies to the milk dentition. Electric instance, can easily damage the teeth, so please refrain from such acquisition until the time when your baby will not grow up Электрическая зубная щетка для детейto 6-7 years. This is the age when milk teeth are replaced by permanent. They are stronger and better developed, much more important to teach a child to take care of them, because to live with their permanent teeth after that age he will be forever.

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To teach the child clean the mouth better than a simple brush, so it will be better to understand how exactly to clean them, what do the movements during the act, how long do I need to clean them. Use toothbrush electric brushes, if it children’s, can sometimes produce, in order to better clean the teeth, but should not be abused. Do not let children use this appliance. Tooth electric brush, though children may not be only a toy, especially when the child is still young.

Electrical appliances such a plan for adults always offer children’s heads, but they are too hard for children in the dental office, so use them your child will only be able to achieve 12-14 years.

If you accustom the kid to brush, make sure that your chosen technique was childish, had a very soft tips that will not damage tissue teeth on your child.

Choosing a quality children’s, brush the kid’s teeth from a very early age. But remember – you need to teach him how to use the brush alone, no matter how it was.

Teach children to brush teeth

Dentists believe that parents are obliged to take part in the upbringing of a child brushing until, until he gets seven years. After that age is simply to observe Электрическая зубная щетка для детейhow the child is doing, without interfering. Sometimes even worth to pay attention to as a teenager brushing her teeth, because it is possible that he makes some mistakes when doing this

Raising a child with a maid cleaning skill of your mouth, you will not have problems in order to accustom him to the electric option, but if the child did not understand that cleaning of the mouth is mandatory and important, no brush on the battery will not help. She just eventually will become as useless to the child, as usual.

Consider how you can instill in your child a love for this process, and should start with simple brushes, which increasingly will develop manipulative skills of the baby.

What a baby needs

You have made the decision to buy a toothbrush on batteries, but a lot of them, you need to choose the best and suitable one. The first and most important is the range of ages shown on the packaging. If the manufacturer is positioning its product as beneficial for children, it puts a mark «3-6» or «6-12».

The more specified the age, the more rigid brush. Hard bristles are more washable
enamel, so you do not need to buy a brush «for growth», this acquisition will play a trick on you, spoiling your baby teeth.

Look at the handle size when buying. If you expect yourself to brush your teeth, then try it yourself, but if you plan to teach the baby how to do it yourself, it is best to choose the machine under his hand. The bristle tips should be soft and made of Электрическая зубная щетка для детейsynthetic materials because natural can wind up a lot of bacteria.

There are many manufacturers of such equipment, but consider the most popular of them. Oral-b produces electric brushes for children and adults. Their devices for kids is bright, small and functional. In the set there are always many beautiful and useful attachments for children of different ages. Nozzle brush have a round tip designed specifically for baby’s mouth. This brush is not only good for oral hygiene, but also an important attribute to encourage your child to use such a subject, because it is beautiful and bright, like a real toy.

These are the most popular options for children, whatever their years. The company offers quality products for all budgets – you can take the top toothbrush for your children 3-6 or 6-12 years, and can find something easier from the same manufacturer, but same quality, just with less functionality.

Care brush

Электрическая зубная щетка для детейThe care of such a device is simple. Before use wash it under the tap, and then wash in running water after each use. No need to rinse the nozzle with boiling water, this spoils its synthetic bristles. Just change the nozzle every few months that they did not breed too many bacteria.

The brush should stand upright in a glass while she’s supposed to be dry and clean. Travel hide it in a special case, where there is room for the camera and a few tips.

As you can see, no matter how many years had your child, he may be a wonderful gift as electro-brush for the teeth.