Gel for gums teething: what is better for babies

Time of eruption of the first tooth is the most difficult for the crumbs and for parents. To get rid of pain and discomfort by using special gels. How to choose them?

Not every kid is quietly experiencing the time of appearance of first milk teeth. Usually even the most relaxed babies change their behaviour, they become irritable and cranky because of the pain, lose sleep and appetite, suffer from indigestion and high temperature. Dental discomfort is usually particularly acute when cut first teeth, gel good helps.

Parents in the period when the teeth erupt, too easy: the anxiety of the child will be transferred to mommy, but just to rock newborn babies or to calm the baby’s chest will not work. Long time to alleviate the suffering of children from toothache tried using honey or herbs, and now if teething is possible to buy gel for gums when teething, which will help the baby get rid of discomfort and to obtain an anesthetic effect.

How are your teeth

Гель для десен при прорезывании зубов: какой лучше для грудничковSymptoms of cutting first teeth appear a month before the tooth: the gums swell and redden, increased salivation. In this period the child begins to become anxious, sleep poorly and refuses to eat, starts to pull in the mouth a variety of items. Later on the gums a little white dash, and if you care to hold it with a finger, you can feel the seal is the tooth.

Among the most common symptoms – fever which can reach 39 C. Such a high temperature usually lasts no longer than two days but if the fever is delayed – it is better to consult a doctor. Baby gel teething the first teeth in infants and older children are used to all of these symptoms could to block.

Excessive salivation can cause the failure of the intestine and diarrhea. An increase in the level of mucous secretions in the cavity of the nose: a runny nose can last for several days. Allocation should be liquid and transparent, yellow may indicate a viral disease.

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How do the gels

All gels for the gums teething contain local anaesthetics, which reduce inflammation and remove pain. Be divided into the gels can be divided into three kinds depending on the active components: Dental gel for young children and analgesic effect, as well, concepts are not Гель для десен при прорезывании зубов: какой лучше для грудничковinseparable.

  • anti-inflammatory with analgesic and antimicrobial effects;
  • homeopathic natural ingredients;
  • cooling with lidocaine that blocks painful gums when teething.

Gels for babies when first teeth reduces itching and removes the redness, heal minor tissue damage, disinfect the mucous membranes of the mouth and strengthen the gums. Cooling children’s tooth gel for gums when first teeth effect on discomfort.

Using them is very easy – just follow the instructions. Usually the gel used for teething infants, clean the gums with a cotton swab.

To apply them you need to (about an hour) or after feeding.

How to choose?

When choosing a gel for the gums of infants, adults need to remember that universal remedy prorezalsya fangs, which will help to get rid of all problems immediately, do not exist. Each child experiences teething differently. One kid is quite simple remedies herbal and other necessary means of enhanced action.

There is no definite answer on what’s best teething in children. Most likely to act parents have through trial and error, trying different gels until you find «the one». Of course, a certain tool can recommend a pediatrician, but there is no guarantee that it will operate more efficiently. You can try different gels teething, gel what is better – to solve to parents.


Гель для десен при прорезывании зубов: какой лучше для грудничковOne of the most effective gels for children teething, if he wants to erupt the canine. It effectively relieves pain and has antimicrobial effects. Among contraindications – hypersensitivity to the components included in the gel, renal and cardiac failure, hypotension.

Use baby tooth gel for teething «Kalgel» only older kids: it can be applied not earlier than 5 months. Applied to the gums means there is no more than six times a day, and between each application the desired period of 20-30 minutes.

Kamistad Baby

In the composition of the lidocaine and decoction of chamomile, it possesses analgesic, anti-inflammatory and protomyctophum effects. Daisy will quickly reduce inflammation and heal minor wounds, lidocaine blocks the pain. This tooth gel for teething used from 3 months but under 12 years of age treatment is best done under the supervision of a pediatrician.

Due to the high content of lidocaine «Kamistad» is used as anesthetic gel to the teeth, even for adults – they are often used when installing dentures or braces. It is important to know that more than three times a day to use it.


Feature «Helical» in that its active ingredients act primarily on the source of pain. Its main goal is not just to relieve pain, but to eliminate its causes: swelling and inflammation of the gums. Active ingredients – Catalonia chloride and choline salicylate, and auxiliary glycerol and oil of anise seeds.

Toothache for children suitable gel is perfect: after only three minutes after application decreases swelling and is pain. One application is enough for 7-8 hours of peace. Contraindications – hypersensitivity to salicylates.

The dentinox

Гель для десен при прорезывании зубов: какой лучше для грудничковIn the «After» — lidocaine, polidocanol, hydrochloride and natural ingredients: decoction of mint and chamomile tincture. Usually it is used in support and reduces irritation of the gums and removes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Because of the content of sorbitol cannot be used «After» children who suffer from hypersensitivity to fructose. Possible side effects, including itching and rash on the skin. The manifestation of these effects need to abandon the gel and contact your pediatrician.


Not every teething gel is used with 3 months, but «scars» is one of them. Among the active ingredients – all natural herbal remedies that quickly relieve pain and additionally have a regenerating and anti-inflammatory actions.

To use for teething gel Traumeel should be two to three times a day, but for acute pain and high anxiety, the number of rubbing increase to five. For getting rid of tooth pain for children this tool fits perfectly.

Before you decide which tooth gel teething in infants it is better to choose, you need to ensure that the child’s anxiety associated with teeth. If that’s the problem, the symptoms will be lifted, otherwise it is better to call a doctor, who will tell you how to help erupt the problematic teeth.