Gel Kamistad baby for children up to years, ointment teething

Ointment Kamistad is a medicament, sold in any drugstore. Usually it is available as gel or liquid for rinsing the oral cavity. Is it possible to give Kamistad kids for teething? . Baby Kamistad gel helps children at a very young age to ease the pain of teething.


This gel can be used not only for children but also for adults during the eruption of wisdom teeth, for example. With the exception of women during pregnancy and children up to 12 years. Version Kamistad baby gel is recommended for use for children’s teething. The drug is created in Germany. Components emerging in the gel very effectively relieve pain and protect against inflammation.


Cream has analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The ointment Kamistad includes several components:

  • Гель Камистад беби для детей до года, мазь при прорезывании зубовlidocaine;
  • chamomile;
  • korisnik camphor (oil);
  • formic acid;
  • ethanol;
  • water;
  • some supplements.

Is it possible teething to apply Kamistad? Definitely, Yes. This becomes possible because of the favorable effect of components. Lidocaine is a powerful pain, chamomile reduces swelling, does not develop inflammation and helps tissues to regenerate. The rest of the components just add to the General picture. Formic acid disinfects and the olive oil gives the gel a pleasant flavour and taste. All the other components keep the drug in due and proper form: determine the duration of storage and consistency.

When should I apply?

Kamistad usually used for teething babies to reduce the pain. Because the composition includes lidocaine, drug is pain medication, and chamomile helps to heal wounds and does not allow tissue to become inflamed. But the Kamistad gel can be used not just for babies. There are plenty of other indications:

  • Гель Камистад беби для детей до года, мазь при прорезывании зубовteething not only in infants but also in adults (except for women during pregnancy);
  • stomatitis and gingivitis are also treated Kamistad;
  • Kamistad you can use when herpes on the lips or in the mouth;
  • when you visit a dentist if the braces or prostheses (pregnancy is better to use other gel or ointment).
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This gel has become very popular due to the fact that it has a fast and lasting effect. This is the drug that you should keep at home, as the need for it always occurs suddenly. He gathered many positive reviews from real buyers. During pregnancy, the drug is not worth taking because of the side effects.

What to replace while I’m pregnant?

  • Holisal. It is analogous to Kamistad as painkiller and reduces inflammation. Holisal safe, but it must appoint a dentist and an obstetrician-gynecologist needs to know if a pregnant woman began taking the drug.
  • Metrogyl Denta. No pain medication, but well relieves inflammation. Restricts the use of the second and third trimesters – the first dangerous. While breastfeeding does have to abandon the drug, but if its use is necessary, you will need to temporarily stop feeding milk.

During the eruption

Kamistad gel For babies can be purchased in any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription, but to consult about its use. No need to put kid’s experiments, not knowing how to react to his body – health is still too fragile.

Kamistad usually administered to babies when teething, as it is very effective and occupies a rather high position among other drugs on the market. If you spread it over your baby’s gums at night, the pain soon subsides, and the child will stop crying, can’t sleep.

What age can I apply baby Kamistad? The first tooth in children is cut about 6 months, then gradually begin to grow and rest. If you are already in the eruption of the first baby starts crying, it is possible Гель Камистад беби для детей до года, мазь при прорезывании зубовto start the application. To use gel does not threaten any consequences, because it does not contain harmful substances for a small body.

Correct dentition is very important and for this you need to do. First pair of teeth erupt: at the bottom, then top. If you need to determine whether to start the process, you just need to gently probe whether there are hills on the gums.

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Children often feel the pain of teething, their gums swell, the health is visibly deteriorated. They may even suffer from insomnia, give up eating, so it is important to relieve the pain. Kamistad for children easy to use not only because of its analgesic and disinfectant qualities, but also due to the fact that it does not apply to this mouth, staying exactly in the place where it struck. Moreover, the gel has a cooling effect – soothes inflammation of mucosal tissues and consequently alleviate the pain.

How to apply gel?

Is it possible Kamistad babies? Yes, you can, but first you should explore the pros and cons of this tool. If parents want to spare their child pain, it is best to start to read the instructions, which explain in detail how, when and why you need to apply the gel. Kamistad for children should be applied, observing the following rules:

  • it is recommended to apply with massage movements;
  • children up to two years this product can be used no more than 3 times a day;
  • apply a little gel, because excess can only harm;
  • Гель Камистад беби для детей до года, мазь при прорезывании зубовchildren under 3 months unable to use the gel;
  • Kamistad during pregnancy is completely contraindicated;
  • when applying you need to study the manual and watch the reaction on the gums and oral cavity in General.

If you follow this rule, then the baby and the mother will feel good because the pain will go away, and the child will stop crying.

If the baby is less than a year, before applying you need to consult a doctor, because crying is not always a cause of teething. A professional technician is always to determine exactly when the teeth of the baby, and which drug suits you the most. A tool is assigned based on sensitivity of the organism and the state of its immunity. A doctor’s prescription when buying is not required, but the dosage is better not to experiment. If you’re not sure consult your doctor.

Teething is inevitable, so the best medicine for the relief of pain – Kamistad. It is available in price and very effective in action.

How much is Kamistad gel? Depending on online pharmacies the price varies in the approximate range from 150 to 300 rubles.

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Other ways

There are several alternative ways if it is not possible to buy gel:

  • you can provide a home with a peaceful setting, take a walk with baby outside, to play or to think of any game with falling asleep. This will help the child to calm down and forget about the pain at least for a time;
  • it is recommended to do light massage movements on the gums in those places where it needs to erupt teeth. This will relax the child and ease pain;
  • you can use the teether teeth, pre-cooled it for a few minutes in the fridge. In this case, the effect would be strong. To freeze the teethers not worth it, because then they will damage the gums and will bring even greater pain;
  • you can use painkillers with the advice of a doctor. Own they should not be assigned.

There are many drugs and methods for pain relief while teething. When choosing the tools you need to be careful and monitor the reaction at a particular facility. Before any action you should consult a doctor, he will advise you on how to make it better for the baby.