Geographic tongue: causes and treatment

Geographic tongue is a degenerative changes in the epithelial tissue of the tongue. Other names of the disease desquamative glossitis, erythema migrans or benign vagus glossitis.

The disease is characterized by desquamation of epithelial cells from the surface of the body. The lesions are usually areas on the sides or on the back of the tongue. Visually, it looks like a haphazardly arranged red-pink or white-gray color. Geographic tongue, begins with the appearance of white spots of rounded shape, about 1-2mm in diameter. Further, in the center Географический язык: причины возникновения и лечениеof the spot formed an oval area of bright pink color due to necrosis of the epithelial layer. After the first hearth formed, and, sometimes resembling the form of a double ring.

The speed of the centers is very high, every day you can observe changes in the affected areas. Desquamative glossitis in children and adults continue for a very long time, without disturbing the patient, then disappear for at least a long period. Glossitis is not accompanied by any feelings, so geographic tongue in children, often found only on the dental examination. The reason for this to be a violation of the cloth supply language. Glossitis is much more common in children than in adults, the first signs may occur with childbirth.

The causes of the disease

Geographic tongue in adults and children causes of the disease, to date, have not been identified. But there are several indirect causes affecting the development of the disease:

  • Disorders of the pancreas;
  • Liver disease;
  • Worms;
  • Renal failure
  • Prolonged stress and nervous disorders;
  • Problems with the spleen.
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    Географический язык: причины возникновения и лечениеIn children the cause, can also serve the process of teething. And the girls, I started my menstrual cycle, is often accompanied by symptoms of geographic tongue.

    The patient may not be aware of the presence of this disease as glossitis, as apart from external manifestations, or any others simply do not exist. Only in the most exceptional cases, when complications of the disease may become painful, burning sensation or itching, sometimes a change in the sensitivity.

    Such complications can include, disturbance of metabolism and in particular the lack of microelements and vitamins.

    • Lack of B1 — disturbances in the nervous, digestive and immune system.
    • The lack of a 2 – causes inflammation of the mucous membrane, accompanied by bleeding and pain.
    • Deficiency In 6 – is accompanied by cracks in the skin.
    • The lack of 12 – lack of red blood cells.

    Serious infections caused by viruses and affects the lymphatic system of the body or respiratory tract, can also cause disease geographic tongue. Treatment in this case is carried out in a hospital.


    Географический язык: причины возникновения и лечениеIn the case of disease geographic tongue causes and treatment will directly depend on his symptoms. That is, removing the cause of its occurrence. So the first thing should bother, is prevention of disease. Regular sanitation of the oral cavity in a specialist and timely treatment will significantly reduce the likelihood of disease. As the dental problems of oral cavity have an enormous impact on the development and course of this illness, such as glossitis.

    • The cure lies not only in the medical course, but also observance of rules of healthy lifestyle. Eating only natural foods: whole bread, natural fruit drinks and juices, dairy products, greens, fish. The complete exclusion from the diet of spicy, salty, sour, and hot and cold dishes.
    • The rejection of bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, chewing gum, coffee, sugar-containing foods.
    • In the early stages of glossitis requires the rinsing of the mouth alkaline solutions. As well as dealing with applications and processing of language antiseptics, to reduce discomfort.
    • Treatment of deficiency of microelements in the organism occurs through the full course of fortification.
    • Treatment of antihistamine and hormonal drugs to relieve allergic symptoms. Such therapy may be administered only by a physician, after a full examination of the patient.
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    A complication of the disease

    Географический язык: причины возникновения и лечениеGeographic tongue is a disease that needs a comprehensive approach, which is often a consequence of serious disorders in different body systems. Therefore, it should not be ignored, and when it detects the first signs immediately contact a specialist. Because a small ignorance of how to treat disease geographic tongue in the adult, patients exhibiting him can mistake it for cancer. Consequently, they develop a nervous disorder – kantserofobiey. In some such cases, the patient requires a rehabilitation course at the psychologist.

    Geographic tongue the child is a benign disease with no tendency to degeneration into malignancy. Therefore, any qualified expert, after a visual inspection can diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment. Upon detection of geographical language you should contact the dentist and the gastroenterologist.