Gingivitis during pregnancy gingivitis treatment

Gingivitis in pregnant women is a normal phenomenon, because in this period the girls there are constant hormonal surges, which weakens the immune system and malfunctions in the circulatory system. For this reason, the gums, increased sensitivity, and they are easily damaged from a simple toothbrush.

It should be noted that gum disease during pregnancy should be treated first if you experience symptoms such as blood while brushing your teeth or unpleasant mouth feel, and the course of therapy the doctor will prescribe depending on the shape and causes gingivitis.

The causes of pathology

In the oral cavity of each person is full of beneficial bacteria e.g. lactic acid bacilli, or harmful according to the type of agrobacteria, during pregnancy the balance between them is disturbed, and disease-causing microbes penetrate even small cracks and Воспаление десен при беременности - лечение гингивитаmeedeniya pockets, thereby causing inflammation and pathology. The girls who are in a position rarely limit themselves in the taste preferences and eating foods rich in carbohydrates and a variety of sweets that might eventually become a beacon for pathogens.

In addition, inflammation of the gums during pregnancy can cause increased salivation due to which the mouth increases the acidity and increases the feeling of hunger. As a consequence, the microflora in the mouth is deteriorating, and start to multiply in a large number of harmful microorganisms.

Pregnancy gingivitis usually of two types, namely, the catarrhal and hypertrophic, but sometimes the disease is aggravated in the ulcerative type of inflammation. Manifest pathology begins with 2-3 months of pregnancy and in this situation, you should immediately consult a doctor so as not to aggravate the problem.

In the catarrhal type of inflammation on the teeth formed a thick layer of yellow plaque color, and the gums begin to swell, bleed and cause pain. In the most severe cases, the pathology may develop throughout the oral cavity.

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If you do not take any measures for treatment of the disease, it develops into next stage called hypertrophic. This form of the inflammatory process observed in pregnant women Воспаление десен при беременности - лечение гингивитаat 4-5 month. It primarily affects the mandible and during the development of the disease, the gums begin to swell badly and a foul odor. Further, due to the increase in the soft tissue of the tooth becomes loose and eventually fall out.

Somewhere in the area of 7-8 months, when immunity weakens and the body is exposed to constant attacks of infections can occur ulcerative form of gingivitis. For swollen and bleeding gums are starting to appear little sores, which a girl feels burning and pain. These symptoms cause severe discomfort and for the treatment of inflammation of the gums ulcerative forms doctors use as medicines and professional cleaning of the decoctions and infusions of herbs. In any case it is not necessary to run the problem to late stages

During pregnancy, women need to monitor the condition of the oral cavity in order to identify gingivitis or any other pathology, and then assign a course of treatment.

Treatment of pathology in pregnancy

Women in this position should be observed not only by a gynecologist, and other Воспаление десен при беременности - лечение гингивитаspecialists, including the dentist, to avoid such problems. The doctor can detect inflammation of the gums and start the course of treatment, and in fact it needed extremely careful, because women during pregnancy very weakened immune system and increased sensitivity to many medications.

In addition, some medications cannot be taken so as not to harm the unborn baby. For this reason, hypoallergenic selected drugs in the course of therapy includes only those methods which will not be able to harm. Selected dentist treatment methods are required to safely remove the inflammation of the gums in pregnant women, by professional cleaning of Tartar and plaque. Thus, the entire course of therapy focused on how to eliminate the causes of the disease in its early stages of development.

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Primarily for the treatment of such pathologies as gingivitis, the dentist will make a professional cleaning of the enamel and meedeniya pockets with the help of ultrasound which will not harm pregnant women. The waves emitted by the device called scaler, safe for humans and are valid only for certain materials, including and plaque.

In addition to ultrasound, to help with this issue and be able to other methods like drugs. You need to pick them up so as not to harm the unborn baby and mother, so the self in such a situation is unacceptable and needs professional advice.

If the expectant mother refuses medical treatment and ultrasound, the doctors remains to recommend treatment.

These include rinsing the mouth with decoction of chamomile, calendula and lemon balm. In addition, you can use the solutions of soda and salt and add 2-3 drops of iodine.

In addition, doctors advise to carry out prevention and then such problems will not be disturbed.


To the gums are not inflamed during pregnancy, you need to do what the doctor advises and follow the rules of prevention and then the chance of disease in the oral cavity will be significantly lower.

Preventive measures:

  • Воспаление десен при беременности - лечение гингивитаThe first rule is that it is necessary to observe oral hygiene, and you need to make brushing your teeth 2 times a day. Pregnant women need to pay attention to the choice brushes, it must be with soft bristles to avoid damage to sensitive gums and after eating it is advisable to rinse your mouth with a decoction of herbs or pharmaceutical rinse;
  • The second rule says that you need to limit sweets in your daily diet. Make it worthwhile, because neither the mother nor her baby will not bring any benefit this product such as toffee can accumulate in Mizuno space, which bacteria begin to multiply, and the gums become inflamed;
  • The third rule about a properly composed diet. Girls during pregnancy is every day to eat vegetables and fruits with a high content of calcium, fluorine and vitamin C So the body will be more resistant to infection, and the gums will be faster healing process.
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Expectant mothers need to take care of themselves, it depends on the health of their baby, so need to regularly come to visit a doctor and carry out all preventive measures.

With regard to such problems as gingivitis, you should immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms to treat the disease, otherwise the infection in the later stages of development, can enter the bloodstream and infect the baby.