Gingivitis: symptoms and treatment in adults

Gingivitis is quite common among all groups of the population. It is manifested by inflammation of the gums, swelling, redness and bleeding. Disease, especially in the early stages of their seem completely harmless, so it is often ignored. Running process leads to periodontitis, in which inflammation is not only the gums but also the tissues located deeper.

Gingivitis treatment leads to complete elimination of the pathological process. This is the only gum disease, which is cured, not simply translated into remission. Should be increased attention to the first symptoms, to avoid possible irreversible problems with the gums.

Causes and symptoms of gingivitis

Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхBefore how to treat gingivitis, you need to determine its causes. This inflammation of the gums is independent of concomitant disease or other pathologies: acute and chronic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and blood vessels, blood-forming organs. Can be triggered by infections and changes in hormone production. Then the gingivitis is considered a symptom of an underlying pathology that should be treated by a specialist of the corresponding profile.

The causes of gingivitis are internal (reduced immunity, metabolic disorders, allergies, diabetes, neuropsychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, teething, abnormal structure of the gums, etc.). and external (various injuries of the gums, infection of the oral cavity, Smoking, mouth breathing, lack of hygiene, etc.).

Gingivitis often develop because of plaque that is formed under the action of toxins secreted by microorganisms.

The appearance of the inflammatory process is the result of irregular or improper brushing.

Gingivitis is of several forms that define the symptoms and treatment of the disease in both adults and children:

  • Catarrhal. Symptoms: marked pain there may be bleeding during hygiene procedures.
  • Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхUlcerative-necrotic. As the name implies, this form is accompanied with ulceration and foci of leaf tissue becoming necrotic. Characteristic symptoms: the gums are itchy, there is pain, there is increased salivation, increased body temperature, inflammation of the lymph nodes.
  • Hypertrophic. Symptoms: severe pain, constant bleeding, increase in size of the gums. The hypertrophied tissue sometimes covers the coronal part of the tooth from the outside and under it actively reproduce bacteria, the formation of hard mineral deposits. May change the position of the teeth.
  • Atrophic. Is the latest stage of the disease, often turning into periodontitis. Symptoms: increased sensitivity, enhanced sensations of pain and the presence of blood. Atrophy of the gingival tissue leads to exposure of the necks of the teeth, and sometimes their roots.
  • Desquamative. Symptoms: the gums are formed of bright scarlet spots, the top layer of epithelial tissue are shed, the vesicles appear ulcers and erosive lesions.
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    In the diagnosis the main feature distinguishing gingivitis from periodontitis and periodontal disease is that the disease is accompanied by inflammation of just the gum tissue. The pathological process is not concerned with muscular ligaments, bone tissue, and no formation of periodontal pockets, on x-ray images exhibits no signs of bone resorption.

    Compulsory medical measures

    Gingivitis treatment involves a series of events:

  • Professional cleaning of teeth and gums. This stage includes the treatment of gingivitis in the study of dentistry: the doctor removes dental deposits using ultrasonic equipment, polishes the surface of the dentition, with special focus on the cervical region, as there is formed a most of the plaque.
  • Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхCorrection of errors in daily home hygiene of the patient. Individually, the dentist selects a toothbrush, paste and other means to care for the oral cavity, teaches proper technique of purification. Discusses with the patient the factors that lead to dental plaque, explains the importance of proper nutrition for healthy teeth.
  • Sanitation of the oral cavity, the causes, damaging the gums. The doctor sanitizes the oral cavity, eliminating the foci of infection. During the inspection reveals the presence of poorly posed fillings and crowns malocclusion.
  • The purpose of the medication. Gingivitis – a disease in which treatment prescribers local action with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It may be the solutions for mouthwashes, gels, ointments, etc.
  • Physiotherapy. To enhance the effect of drugs is often carried out physiotherapeutic treatment: an application of electrophoresis, darsonvalization, laser therapy, ultraviolet irradiation.
  • The elimination of the underlying disease. Gingivitis treatment, especially in adults, include consultation and diagnosis by other specialists, as gingivitis can be caused by disorders in the organs and systems of the body. At this stage, the assigned antimicrobial, decongestant, immunostimulant and desensibiliziruyuschee drugs.
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    Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхThe above-listed activities is sufficient catarrhal gingivitis. When revealed hypertrophic form, treatment, in addition to the General measures, requires the excision of growing tissues traditional surgical method or by using laser equipment.

    Ulcerative-necrotic form, it may be impossible immediately to carry out cleaning by means of ultrasound, so at first the doctor injects an anesthetic and remove dead gum tissue using enzymatic preparations. Then held local and systemic antimicrobial therapy. When the acute phase of the disease subsides, you can carry out professional cleaning of teeth and gums, rinsing with antiseptic solutions.

    Advanced cases of atrophic forms of gingivitis may require gingivoplasty – transplants gum tissue from a healthy site.

    Medication and folk remedies

    What can effectively treat gingivitis in adults? Combination of pharmacy and folk remedies. For rinsing of the mouth can be applied:

    • Chlorhexidine;
    • Decamethoxin;
    • Chlorophyllin (for baths);
    • Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхSanguinity;
    • potassium permanganate;
    • decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, etc.);
    • propolis tincture.

    Make application and rubbing the following means:

    • Alugel;
    • Corsodyl;
    • Meridol;
    • Butadiona ointment;
    • Indomethacin;
    • Metrogyl-Denta;
    • Kalgel;
    • sea buckthorn and peach oil.

    When hypertrophic gingivitis additionally appointed the use of ointments Dioximes, Dimexidum or Dioksidina, rinse Aguila, injecting the mixture of glucose and calcium chloride in each of the gingival papilla.

    Ulcerative-necrotic gingivitis – an application of the enzymatic mixture (lidaza, trypsin, himopsin etc.), pain relievers (Kamistad, Benzocaine).

    Funds for the children’s age

    Gingivitis in children is not uncommon, its treatment begins with the use of painkillers: Kalela, Dentinox-gel, drops Evident. As the children’s version of this Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхdisease often occurs on the background of the first tooth, acute viral or fungal infection in the gums, and other therapeutic interventions based on the intake of antiviral, antifungal, antibiotics.

    Viral infections are treated or Boyforboy Oxolinic ointment Vinylinum, Zovirax. When joining a bacterial infection requires the use of anti-inflammatory ointments, and gargle with antiseptic solutions (Miramistina, decoctions of herbs), the use of local antiseptic tablets (I have).

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    In adolescence, when changes in hormone production often appears bleeding gums. In this case, you need to focus on thorough cleansing of the teeth and to report the problem to the dentist on a routine inspection.

    Remedies for pregnant

    During pregnancy reception of many banned drugs, how to cure in this case, the gingivitis? If the disease is not running, you can be rid of, strictly fulfilling all rules of hygiene of an oral cavity and using the following medications:

    • Гингивит: симптомы и лечение у взрослыхMiramistin in the form of a spray;
    • Vinilin;
    • I have in the form of tablets;
    • Sea buckthorn and dog rose oil;
    • Herbal teas (chamomile, sage, Calendulae).

    Gingivitis in pregnant women and during menopause caused by change in hormonal production. As in other cases, the disease makes its debut catarrhal form. Redness of the gums and occasional bleeding often go unnoticed, but identifying problems at early stages – the main condition of successful treatment.

    Preventing the development of gingivitis

    The main measures to prevent the development of gingivitis is regular hygiene procedures. Also you should avoid exposure to corrosive substances and conditions in the gum: stop Smoking, follow correct breathing through the nose, do not eat too hot, sour or spicy food and drinks etc During pregnancy, menopause and adolescence to very carefully monitor the color change of the gums, their condition. It is important not to skip routine checkups because it can detect the problem at a very early stage, when treatment is still possible at home.