Gingivitis treatment at home folk remedies

Gingivitis affects the lining of the gums. The disease is accompanied by swelling, redness, bleeding of the gum during any contact with foreign bodies, the stinking odor from the oral cavity and, in some cases, the appearance of ulcers. Sometimes there are relapses that lead to loss of teeth. If you comply with hygienic measures for the care of oral hygiene at home and treat the unpleasant symptoms, the disease will pass man party.


The causes of gingivitis can be very diverse, but the most common of them:

  • Гингивит: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиlack of oral hygiene, so that there are dental plaque;
  • neglect flossing and as a result, leaving food residue in the interdental spaces – this leads to the emergence of dental calculus;
  • malocclusion;
  • breathing through the mouth;
  • seals supplied by doctor without enough skills.

Gingivitis most frequently affects pregnant women and children in adolescence. This is due to various hormonal changes and failures, so the disease affects them more than other people.

Gingivitis can be a precursor to more serious diseases. For example:

  • herpes;
  • leukopenia;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • beriberi.

The inflammatory process may start as a result of the pill, especially if taken for a long time. Also problems can arise due to permanent contact with bismuth and lead, for example, when not proper treatment at home.


Symptoms of gingivitis:

  • Гингивит: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиred mucous membrane of the gums;
  • possible exposure of the neck of the tooth;
  • swelling.

Due to denudation of the neck of the gingival sulcus with gingivitis is subjected to offset. This causes pain and even sensitivity that interferes with normal eat and swallow food, besides leading to bleeding.

Inflammation of the gingivitis is not always possible to discover at home, because it almost does not manifest itself. But still there are some almost imperceptible signs: gums with gingivitis are painted in bright red color, it acquires greater sensitivity, starts to hurt, swell. Folk remedies do not help, when the slightest touch will begin to stand out blood. Most often, the blood stains the brush in the pink color, and detects a disease.

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Folk remedies

Gingivitis treatment at home often takes place with the help of herbal. How can you cure gingivitis at home? You can use folk remedies:

  • tincture on the basis of such herbs: chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort and thyme. Gingivitis and its treatment at home this method helps to stop the blood flowing from the gums. Also this compound has disinfectant action. Treatment required to pour a mixture of boiling water and infuse for about half an hour. Drink up until the gums will not stop bleeding;
  • Гингивит: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиhelps aloe juice. You need to cut the sheet in the direction of the fibers and applying to the gums while you sleep. You can use the juice: you need to dip it in a bandage and apply to the inflammation. The juice has good antiseptic and gets rid of plaque that prevents the formation of Tartar;
  • gingivitis treatment folk remedies often takes place by means of oak bark and celandine. These plants have a binding effect blood and relieve swelling. We must crush the plants are dry, pour boiling water and infuse for about half an hour. To use for rinsing;
  • gingivitis and its treatment of folk remedies can be done by using the herb sage. It has a disinfecting effect and reduces pain, swelling. Fill it with boiling water and boil. To use for rinsing;
  • How to treat gingivitis with mummy at home? You need to mix it with water and gargle, but swallowing a mixture;
  • you can use a plant called the Golden mustache. It is necessary to grind and add water. If the gums bleed very much, that you want to add chamomile. To use for rinsing;
  • with bleeding helps the solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. To treat the ingredients to mix and rinse your mouth several times;
  • Гингивит: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиgingivitis can be cured with the help of silver fir oil. This requires to wrap the bandage on the finger dipped in oil and gently massage the gums. After the procedure is necessary to wash off the oil;
  • for inflammation you can use a solution of water with sea salt. It has anti-inflammatory action, so it kills harmful microorganisms and strengthens the structure of the gums. Folk remedies say that it should be diluted in water and rinse with a solution oral cavity. Sometimes gingivitis helps her rubbing in the mucosa, but to do so required carefully so as not to cause bleeding;
  • the treatment can be carried out, using salt and honey. You just need to mix them in the proportions 4:1, respectively, and lightly massage the mucosa.
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And than still it is possible to treat gingivitis at home? Besides herbs and various solutions, well help traditional recipes with berries. Here are some tips of traditional medicine, able to cope with gingivitis:

  • a decoction of blueberry reduces inflammation. You can use fresh blueberry juice, but the broth is prepared as follows: dried berries pour hot water and infuse for about half a day. Then Гингивит: лечение в домашних условиях народными средствамиblend, strain and use to rinse;
  • pomegranate peel with gingivitis, stop bleeding. Folk remedy requires you to slice the crusts, fill them with cold water and leave for about 8 hours. Then you need to boil to only half, strain, to sue and to rinse the mouth;
  • well at home from gingivitis helps Kombucha. It eliminates bacteria. If you infuse it a month in water, then you can get rid of inflammation for a few days;
  • popular recipe chewy pasta, which can be done at home. Take beeswax, peppermint oil, honey and lemon juice. It all melt in a water bath to get a mass like gum or paste. It is recommended to cool, cut and eat with gingivitis several times a day. This method helps to improve circulation and cleanse the interdental space.

Folk remedy to gingivitis effective and efficient, but before applying are encouraged to visit a doctor he will say what method of treatment of gingivitis is most appropriate in this situation and how long the treatment will take.