Glossalgia: symptoms and treatment

Glossalgia affects the mucous membrane of the tongue. With the development of this disease on the tongue feel the tingling, burning sensation. The mouth seems very dry: it does not depend on the diet. Glossalgia is not a separate disease but as a symptom, for example, neurosis, diseases of the digestive tract or liver, and also manifests in the teeth. If you find and correct the cause of the disease, it will disappear and symptoms.


Глоссалгия: симптомы и лечениеUsually the language is injured by the action on it of external factors. Language is injured in the use of, for example, nuts, crackers and chips. Such foods scratch the mucous membrane of the tongue. In addition to injuries to the tongue can get burned from too hot food or spirits.

Patients notice the appearance of glossalgia in stressful situations that arise at home or at work. Of these cases, the researchers deduced that sometimes the disease has a psychological Foundation. In addition, the disease occurs in people with dystonia.

There are also several diseases in which develops glossalgia in the chronic form.

Such diseases are:

  • Глоссалгия: симптомы и лечениеproblems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • endocrine disorders type diabetes or hypothyroidism;
  • strongly developed syphilis;
  • types of encephalitis;
  • ischemic damage of SSS.

In addition to these diseases, glossalgia occurs in people with weakened immune systems. Also, if there are problems with braces, fillings or dentures, the injury will be more and much more painful.


The most common symptoms include:

  • pain, tingling or burning sensation on the mucosa of the tongue. These unpleasant sensations can roll as waves;
  • often the patient is difficult to maintain a conversation, as for the pronunciation of sounds you want to use language that leads to the inevitable pain;
  • can occur dry mouth. This symptom appears only in the psychological causes of the disease;
  • there is a possibility of occurrence of edema of the tongue;
  • Глоссалгия: симптомы и лечениеexcess plaque;
  • the increase in lingual papillae..
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Symptoms of the disease manifests in the fears, that is a result of psychological attack. You should know that glossalgia in the use of food either diminish or disappear. But it usually ends with bulimia or obesity.

Glossalgia most noticeable in the area of the tip and sides of tongue. Tingling and burning sensations arise in the area of the root and backless. Need to remember that when the permanent location of the lesion, the pain can occur in different places. Without timely treatment, they can disappear, but after some time to appear in another area.

Elderly patients may notice yourself in the language of the dilated veins. In such areas the sensitivity becomes lower, salivary gland destroyred and produce less secret.


Glossalgia and how to treat it? The first step is to find the cause and guide all measures to eliminate it. If the disease has arisen as a result of injury, you should contact the dentist. He not only fixed the problem, but will also have a professional cleaning, which will eliminate the plaque and also disinfects the mouth. Besides, cleaning is a good measure of prevention against various diseases, including glossalgia.

Глоссалгия: симптомы и лечениеGlossalgia and its treatment is under the supervision of a neurologist if the disease has arisen due to damage to the nervous system. If the disease arose as a result of vascular dystonia, then you should start to take a sedative, for example, afobazole. Powerful tranquilizers is not recommended to take immediately, we must start with the light drugs, and if they don’t help, go to a potent.

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Treatment of glossalgia in endocrine diseases includes local methods. For example, a frequently used antiseptic, to stop the inflammatory process, vitamin a and peach oil. They prevent the flow of glossalgia in the early stages.

Often need the assistance of a psychologist, because the disease is caused due to stressful situations.

Treatment of glossalgia psychotherapy are recommended for high anxiety, suspiciousness, various phobias, but as a method of treatment – hypnosis.

Traditional methods

Medicines replaced traditional methods of treatment, but under the strict supervision of a physician. In the course of treatment often used decoctions. They have a sedative and relaxing effect. Usually prepared as decoctions:

  • you can prepare decoction of the following herbs: rose hips, lemon balm, ginseng, Chinese Magnolia vine, aralia;
  • helps in the treatment of cubistic. It’s brewed in cold water in a bowl with enamel. After that, the mixture should boil, leave for about a quarter of an hour and strain. Use to rinse, to clean the inflammation;
  • Глоссалгия: симптомы и лечениеagainst inflammation and pain fighting a mixture of boiled oak bark and honey. This mixture to rinse your mouth several times a day;
  • prepare fresh juice of fruit and vegetable crops with fish oil. Should drink half an hour before meals several times a day;
  • against inflammation helps to blend the following herbs: St. John’s wort, chamomile, mint. They need to mix and pour hot water, then infuse for about half an hour and rinse the mouth several times;
  • to a mixture of sage and celandine. You need to mix them and pour hot water. Leave for half an hour.
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Usually treatment takes around 2 months if glossalgia is at an early stage. In any case, it is recommended to consult a doctor to find the cause and treat it from the right specialist.