Glossitis symptoms and treatment inflammation of the tongue, the drugs

Glossitis symptoms and treatment of which are interrelated, is the medical term for inflammation of the tongue. This inflammatory process usually involves swollen, red and often painful tongue. Glossitis may be the primary, if it is associated with a disease or condition affecting the tongue or secondary, when it is a symptom or complication of other disorders.

The term «glossitis» may also be used to denote a red tongue, even without swelling that can be seen in atrophic changes associated with a deficiency of vitamins in the body. When glossitis typical rough kind of language with coarse dense papillae varies due to swelling. Inflammation of the tongue enlarged and looks smooth.

In atrophic glossitis inflammation of the tongue may be absent, but the mucous membrane of the body becomes excessively thin. Papillae on the tongue are also compressed. The major blood vessels that supply the language in nutrients, revealed that leads to the typical symptom of redness associated with inflammatory glossitis.

Data atrophic changes can be a long time not to go. For this reason, the language is at risk of developing serious diseases that can lead to additional symptoms, such as swelling and open sores.

Глоссит: симптомы и лечение воспаления языка, препараты

Candidal glossitis is an acute lesion of tongue yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. This kind of disease can be characterized by the appearance on the mucous membrane of the tongue, and erosive defects, accompanied by itching and pain.

Folded glossitis is mostly a congenital anomaly that can occur in the form of longitudinal and transverse folds, having a different depth. Changes of the mucous membrane are irreversible, and therefore folded glossitis is not treated.

The symptoms of glossitis

Swelling and discoloration of the tongue are the first significant signs that can be observed during the glossitis. In addition, the language also tends to be smoother than before. In most cases, the disease is painless, however it causes some discomfort in the mouth and on the tongue. In severe cases, inflammation of the tongue may block the Airways due to severe swelling.

Symptoms and signs of glossitis may include:

  • Pain in the oral cavity.
  • A burning sensation felt in the mouth.
  • Ulcers and white spots on the tongue.
  • Pain or tingling on the tongue.
  • Redness and swelling of the tongue.
  • Change or loss of taste.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Pain in the throat.
  • The sense of thirst.
  • The symptoms of glossitis are various, and every person they can manifest themselves in different ways. In particular, some people have pain in the area of language can occur on a daily basis, others may occur only once in a week. In some cases, the pain may Wake the person during sleep. Whatever type of symptoms, this condition usually lasts for many years until an accurate diagnosis.

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    The signs of glossitis more or less the same for all types of this disease. The exception is diamond-shaped glossitis, symptoms of which can vary depending on the nature of the state, which in many cases is characterized by inflammation of the tongue.

    Глоссит: симптомы и лечение воспаления языка, препараты

    Symptoms typical of all types of glossitis include swelling or inflammation, smoothing the surface of the tongue and change its hue. In the case of malignant anemia glossitis when tongue becomes pale, in other cases, the tongue becomes a bright red color which can be dark or fiery red with a deficit of vitamin B 12.

    In almost all cases, the language becomes sensitive and painful, which can be explained by the penetration of infection or the development of ulcers. Also the patient can detect the white patches along with cracks on the surface of the tongue. All these symptoms individually or in combination with other difficulties while talking, chewing and even swallowing food. Of complications, inflammation of the tongue may also contribute to airway.

    Treatment of glossitis

    Take a closer look.

    Glossitis language

    Glossitis language is a complicated disease, which treatment must first be aimed at reducing the degree of inflammation. Additional measures require proper oral hygiene, including regular teeth cleaning.

    So how to treat the glossitis? The disease is caused by infection must be treated with antibiotics or antifungal drugs. If the condition is accompanied by anemia caused by a deficiency of certain substances, it must also be treated with a healthy diet, rich in nutrients. Also the patient will need to take vitamin and mineral supplements.

    You should avoid getting on the tongue and oral mucosa any irritants (chemicals, sour, salty, spicy foods, etc.) to alleviate the symptoms of pain and to get rid of the discomfort that accompanies illness.

    Than to treat the glossitis? In the case of benign migratory atrophic glossitis or diamond, the medication group of corticosteroids (e.g., Prednisone) can be prescribed to reduce inflammation. Burning sensation can also be treated with local anaesthetics or modern topical anesthetics. Also burning can be prevented by drinking sufficient amount of water to produce the required amount of saliva that prevent the active multiplication of bacteria in the mouth.

    Глоссит: симптомы и лечение воспаления языка, препараты

    Naturally, the therapy for any disease should include, first of all, combating the causes of the problem. However, in the case of glossitis symptoms are treated to reduce infection or inflammation. Treatment of glossitis language will also depend on whether the condition is acute or chronic. In addition, it is very important to perform preventive measures to prevent this disease.

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    You can avoid the discomfort caused by such disease, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and eating foods and drinks that can lead to disease. When observing the above mentioned symptoms for a long period, you must pay a visit to a medical facility to the doctor before the condition becomes severe and complications arise.

    Glossitis Candida

    Glossitis Candida caused by yeast fungi of the genus Candida, can be treated in early stages by eating plain yogurt and holding it in your mouth for about a minute. The label must be specified «active culture».

    You can add to this product fruit, honey, mixing all the ingredients in a blender, it will give the yogurt a more full-bodied taste. Yogurt helps to fight the fungal infection, supplying the body with beneficial bacteria that prevent the growth of fungi. In addition to eating yogurt to cure Candida glossitis may be taking OTC drugs in the form of capsules of acidophilus with lactobacilli.

    Rinsing your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution several times a day also helps to ease the condition. It is recommended that the patient be tested to determine the level of sugar in the blood to determine whether diabetes is the cause of yeast infection in the mouth.

    Patients with HIV / AIDS or who are immunocompromised because of chemotherapy, may require systemic treatment with oral or intravenous appointed antifungals.

    If the infection has spread throughout the body, assign the systemic antifungal drugs such as fluconazole. When the fluconazole is ineffective, it is possible to use Itraconazole because it has more broad spectrum activity against fungal infection. In some cases prophylactic treatment with antifungal drugs reduces and controls the incidence of candidal glossitis.

    Глоссит: симптомы и лечение воспаления языка, препараты

    Probably the most effective method of treatment of the above mentioned type of glossitis is to increase body resistance (immunity). Thus, it is possible not only to get rid of this disease, but also reduce the risk of possible complications to a minimum.

    With this purpose, it is recommended to use medications that can improve the immune system. Immunomodulators activate your body’s natural processes (in particular, the mucous membrane of the oral cavity).

    Higher immunity means a higher concentration of special anti-bacterial enzyme in the saliva. Thus, the phagocytic activity of body (ability to eliminate the bacteria the immune system) increases, it stimulates the growth of immune system cells responsible for the formation of new antibodies.

    Treatment at home

    In the presence of glossitis diagnosis is highly desirable. In most cases, patients are referred for a blood test or saliva to diagnose the condition. If the glossitis is detected at the initial stage, the condition can also be treated using home remedies. Treatment of inflammation of the language at home implies maintaining oral health.

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    With proper care of teeth and cleaning the mouth for at least two times daily to avoid the appearance of glossitis. Avoidance of the influence of irritating factors that cause glossitis, can also help in the treatment of disease. If this problem arose as an Allergy to certain foods, eliminating them from the diet can also be helpful.

    It is recommended to avoid spicy foods and hot foods or drinks when discovered inflammation. Avoidance of ingestion of lemon juice and alcoholic drinks can be useful in the treatment of glossitis.

    It is not recommended to add in food spices, eat salted and smoked foods. In this period it is advisable to drink plenty of water. You can also take any herbal tea. From drinks it is preferable to choose warm non-carbonated drinks without sugar. Alcohol is forbidden to drink. To improve the digestive tract and normalize the microflora, doctors recommend every day to drink kefir, yogurt, other fermented milk drinks.

    You need to rinse your mouth twice a day with warm salt water, it can also help to cure the disease. You can also make a so-called honey water or one teaspoon of honey to put in my mouth and sucked it. This product helps to restore damaged sites, as well as fights infections and strengthens the immune system.

    Глоссит: симптомы и лечение воспаления языка, препараты

    In addition, the oral cavity is recommended to lubricate tools such as propolis. This product has healing properties, increases body resistance, promotes the normalization of the microflora of the oral cavity. Similar effects can have rosehip oil, potato juice, and carrot juice.

    Strong antibacterial effect has tea tree oil, it is recommended to mix with sunflower oil (ratio 1:1) and to smear him every affected area or just keep it in your mouth for a short period of time.

    If a person has inflammation of the tongue and home remedies do not help relieve inflammation, it is necessary to urgently consult a professional doctor who will prescribe a medical treatment.