Gum disease treatment medications

Periodontal disease is a common disorder in which affects the tissues surrounding the teeth, extensive gum disease. May worsen due to internal diseases of the human body, accompanied by atrophy of dental cells, inflammation of the gums. If you ignore the disease, without treatment, medication of periodontal disease in particular, antibiotics — this will lead to loosening and the complete loss of teeth.

Diagnosis and symptoms

Occur this problem may due to the following factors:

  • Лечение пародонтоза лекарственными препаратамиImmunosuppression;
  • Chronic diseases of the digestive organs, the endocrine system, the liver;
  • Lack of vitamins;
  • Malocclusion;
  • Dental plaque, stone;
  • The presence of oral pathogenic bacteria;
  • Bad habits.

It provokes the appearance of what is happening circulatory disorders of the soft tissues of the oral cavity and in the body’s metabolic processes. To detect, treat it difficult, as symptoms are scarce, the condition of the dentition deteriorates a slow, stealthy manner. Symptoms: sophistication, shrinkage, bleeding gums, the exposure of the neck of the teeth, increasing their sensibility.

Before treatment, the medication from periodontal disease it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, the degree of damage to bone tissue. This is done using x-ray sensing.

On the basis of what treatment

This disease is almost always be chronic in nature, so depending on its stage of development and progressiveness, the doctor selects to treat gum suitable drugs. Take into account the degree of its prevalence. It can be:

  • Localized, that is, affected only a certain part of the teeth and gums;
  • Generalized. When the entire dentition, upper, lower jaw undergo destructive changes.
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Treatment methods, medications are chosen by the physician for each patient individually, taking into account the characteristics of its body, the condition of the oral cavity.

Possible ways of treatment

This problem is serious, common, so many question how to treat periodontal disease, medication, or are there other methods of dealing with it. Eliminate this disease by using these methods:

  • Лечение пародонтоза лекарственными препаратамиPhysiotherapy. This includes a massage using a special apparatus, self-massage, electrophoresis. The purpose of these procedures is to enhance blood flow, saturate with oxygen periodontal tissues, restore metabolic processes;
  • Drugs for the treatment of periodontal disease of the gums. It can be tablets, ointments, gels, capsules, solutions for rinsing;
  • Surgery. During surgery recovering resolved the gums, the bone to strengthen the movable segments of the dentition.


Treatment of periodontal disease with antibiotics and other drugs is the most effective and successful means. Patient is prescribed antibiotics for periodontal disease ( e.g., ointments, and pills in the complex) having a wide action aimed at the destruction of the maximum number of bacteria. They relieve inflammation of the gums, strengthen them, have analgesic and antiseptic action.

They are available in this form:

  • Gels;
  • Solutions;
  • Лечение пародонтоза лекарственными препаратамиTablets;
  • Capsules.
  • They act differently. One drug may have a local influence, the actions of another spread to the entire organism, thereby achieving the best results. What is better to take drugs against periodontal disease should be decided by the doctor after a complete examination and establish the sensitivity of the human organism to the antibiotics, except for the manifestations of allergic reactions.

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    Antibiotics in the form of tablets or capsules prescribed for periodontitis in adults for its elimination. It can be such drugs:

    • Лечение пародонтоза лекарственными препаратамиMetronidazole;
    • Trigonal;
    • Doxycycline;
    • Lincomycin;
    • Azithromycin.

    Antibiotics can effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but it is important not to disturb the medication, follow the doctor’s instructions, combine with periodontitis antibiotics tablets which strengthen the immune system drugs. It is believed that the most effective are the antibiotics, including propolis. One such effective means when periodontal disease is Metronidazole.

    What to take antibiotics with periodontitis decides specialist

    Gels and ointments

    Successfully treat it by using gels and ointments. Use them to reduce inflammation of the gums, improve blood circulation, kill bacteria, heal wounds and as an anesthetic.

    For the gums, and rubbing it directly to them, your doctor may prescribe these ointments:

    • Лечение пародонтоза лекарственными препаратамиTraumeel-S;
    • Heparin;
    • Cryogel;
    • Alugel;
    • Levosin;
    • Levomekol.

    To achieve maximum effect using ointment in combination with tablets from periodontal disease.

    That will help in the fight against periodontal disease

    To get rid of it you need to be patient, because it is not a quick process, requiring a responsible approach. It is necessary not only to take the medication with periodontal disease, it is important to carefully monitor the hygiene of the mouth. For this you need to rinse your mouth after meals to clean the teeth is to use floss, special content pastes, strengthen the immune system with vitamin complexes, proper nutrition and moderate physical activity. It is necessary not to be lazy, a regular massage of the gums, rubbing them medicinal, or folk remedies capable of easily healing process.

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    Due to the complexity of its treatment, it is important to take care of your body, to prevent its occurrence. You need to follow the mouth hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle. It is important to regularly visit the dentist to detect it early, treat fast relief.