Gum recession: causes and treatment

Healthy smile is one of the main advantages of a confident person. If there are noticeable flaws, it creates discomfort, especially when we see the exposed roots of the teeth and this problem is called gum recession. Treatment should begin immediately after detection of the first symptoms and then the defects will not. If the course of therapy began in the late stages of pathology, it is possible to lose healthy teeth and to return the original appearance of the smile will be difficult and quite expensive.

Рецессия десны: причины и лечениеGum recession is of particular external symptoms and in the later stages of the disease, begins to be evident that the gum starts to become lower, and thus the roots become bare and become Prime targets for tooth decay. Often, this pathology refers to the people after age 55-65 years, and at an earlier age is rare.

As for the course of treatment, to eliminate receding gums has passed without complications and the problem never came back again, it is necessary to remove the cause of the disease, and then solve the problem with the effects caused by the disease.

Cause of the defect

The symptoms that characterize this ailment do not occur immediately and follow each other, following such steps as:

  • First, the recession of the gum covers a tooth and its neighbors;
  • Over time, the defect covers the entire jaw and impact will require serious treatment.

Localized generalized stage of the disease, often in the upper jaw. It should be noted that when the pathological process is started and the symptoms become apparent, then the teeth are loose as if it were milk arc and soon you can lose it. In older people this process is a sign of old age and advanced stages treatment special fruit will bring and it is better to detect it immediately, because then it is possible to prevent undesirable consequences.

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To assign the correct and effective course of treatment, it is necessary to find out the factors which caused a defect.

Gum recession reason has the following:

  • Tartar. Considered one of the most common causes, in which the gums because of the accumulated sediments exfoliate and collapses the bone tissue of the alveolar processes. The culprit could be as an abnormal structure of the teeth and poor hygiene, therefore, teeth and in periodontal pockets accumulate plaque, which can be clean if done immediately, otherwise it hardens and becomes stone. Take it off is not so easy and it will have to go to the dentist to use special tools or ultrasound have removed all of the sediments;
  • Рецессия десны: причины и лечениеPoor hygiene. Gum recession can occur because of the constant mutilation of the soft tissues that surround the tooth. This can happen if too heavy use floss or because of accidental damage with a toothpick, and the reason may be hiding in an old toothbrush;
  • Soft tissue damage nails. This problem occurs in kids, their constant gnawing and some adults because of nerves. Children need to unlearn this habit, and for the older categories may need psychiatric help;
  • Injury. Due to mechanical damage caused by collision or impact could shift the teeth. In this situation, you need to go to the dentist for the treatment of injuries;
  • A congenital anomaly. There are cases, when the lip from birth shifted slightly to the side, which bridle also rejected sideways and there is a slight recession of the gums. To treat such a defect can be surgically;
  • Arsenic. Careless imposition, to kill the nerve, the composition can get to the soft tissue and cause their damage and deformation.
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In addition, unprofessional doctor may injure the dental equipment, such as a drill or sanding pad, so choose a dentist carefully and not to skimp on your health.

Of the reasons why there is gum recession quite a lot, but most of them can be avoided or prevented.


Рецессия десны: причины и лечениеAfter elimination of factors that caused the pathology, you can proceed to the next step of treatment and it is the closure of receding gums. This procedure is performed with the purpose to hide defects and it is done mostly by surgical methods.

Among the methods that are designed to return the aesthetic appearance of the smile of the patient are such:

  • Plastic with lateral laskut;
  • The use of a membrane;
  • Self-regeneration.

Plastic is made using the lateral flap is limited because of the use of this method you need to shift a little bit of healthy soft tissues on the exposed portions, which makes this method difcult, if affected the whole of the jaw. Of the benefits it should be noted that the result of this technique is instantaneous and dental roots are covered with 2-3 mm immediately after the surgery. If the reason was completely removed and the mouth will be kept clean, the gum recession will not be disturbed.

The diaphragm is inserted between the bone tissue and the gums and stimulates the process of regeneration. Despite the fact that it recovered about 75-80% of the damaged tissue, but the remaining portions will remain not cured. In addition, when the membrane do its job will need to perform a second operation to remove it.

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Рецессия десны: причины и лечениеMany people who are afraid of surgery are seeking medication to solve the problem and they approach the third way. Its essence is to entrust the restoration of tissues for the organism itself and it will have to inject drugs based on enzymes that will stimulate growth and protein amelogenin. They serve for the growth of connective tissue and regeneration of roots. After which the prepared fiber is treated with an enamel matrix whose function is to slow down the pathology. This therapy is quite costly and time-consuming, but brings good results, and gum recession will not bother you again, if you follow the rules of prevention.


The results of the treatment were long lasting, and gum recession no longer bother you must follow these rules of prevention:

  • To treat dental pathology at the time;
  • At least 2 times a year undergo a preventive examination at the dentist;
  • To try to protect the oral cavity from mechanical damage, but if this happens, immediately consult a doctor;
  • At the first signs of disease, you should immediately start treatment;
  • Hygiene of the oral cavity.

To treat gum recession you need at any age and it is better to do in the early stages and then you can not bring the situation to surgical intervention.