Gummy smile before and after correction

A beautiful smile means a lot to most people, especially if they perform or are a person company, but even for simple Housewives and office workers dental defects unpleasant, and they seek to fix them. Treating them is quite difficult and requires a lot of time and investment and often brings in a lot of discomfort that pushes thoughts about fixing the issue. To such pathologies, and gingival smile (gummy smile), which many call horse because of their similarities.

Десневая улыбка: до и после коррекцииWhen the oral cavity no abnormalities and no defects of the lips, when you smile, you can see only the edges of the gums, but if she shows up more than 3-4 mm, it is called gummy smile. This distinctive feature is essentially not a deviation, because it does no harm and creates discomfort only from an aesthetic point of view. For this reason, the gummy smile is a cosmetic defect and can develop in humans except that the complexes about their appearance. In rare cases, when the cause of it lies in the abnormal occlusion, the treatment it becomes mandatory, because it can cause functional disorders.

A gummy smile becomes noticeable at an early age, so if the baby was discovered such a disadvantage, it is necessary to take him to the doctor so he can give a reason for the rejection and at the same time to explain how to fix it. After that, he will recommend procedures aimed at the correction of the defect, but if he does not threaten health, treatment is not possible to implement.

The reason for the rejection

A gummy smile occurs as a consequence of many reasons, but among them the most common are:

  • Improper closing of the jaws;
  • Abnormal skull shape;
  • Underdeveloped upper lip, which does not cause violations of or failures in the body, and is the hallmark of a person;
  • Overly developed muscles of the upper lip. Because of this while smiling she rises too high and therefore exposed gums. Such a disadvantage is not a violation, but you can if you want to make a correction;
  • Small front incisors on the upper jaw. Normally, they should be at least 9 mm, but due to various pathologies of the teeth are erased and formed a gummy smile;
  • Abnormal structure of the upper jaw. If it is too high, this may be one reason of the defect.

It should be noted that such a defect can be detected in childhood and the moment to implement it correction much easier than doing the surgery for an adult, especially when it comes to malocclusion.

In addition, usually after treatment do not require a long recovery period, and the problem will not return.


To make a correction only in the hospital and the method of correction will depend on the reasons why there was a gummy smile. In many cases, will require treatment from an orthodontist, but for others it is necessary to perform a surgical intervention. In addition, may need the services of cosmetologists.

Correction of the gummy smile performed by using the following methods:

  • Десневая улыбка: до и после коррекцииThe use of Botox as an injection. The substance is able to immobilize the upper lip, blocking nerve impulses sent to the muscles and due to this the gums will not be visible. Of the advantages of this method, you can select quick and painless, because the procedure itself is over 1 time and does not require painkillers. It should be noted and cons, for example, high cost and temporary effect. After the procedure, the effect lasts approximately six months, after which it is necessary to repeat that the defect is not returned;
  • To methods that do not require surgical intervention includes the injection of gels in the upper lip. After the injection of it to increase in size and become less mobile. The effectiveness of this procedure is quite high, but there is a certain risk, but that may slightly change the appearance, so not a risk to use this type of correction;
  • The situation can be corrected surgically with correction of frenum under the lip. It should be noted that after this operation required a long period for recovery and this is a great advantage to solve the problem in a short time and forever;
  • Десневая улыбка: до и после коррекцииIf the gummy smile appeared as the result of hyperplasia, the correction can be performed using laser. The doctor will send it to too much SAG on the teeth gums and remove the excess. This procedure leaves no traces, and the process is performed in 1 session;
  • To treat overly active circular muscle is required to perform an operation in time which for a little is taken in. Be this correction under local anesthesia in 1 visit. Under the lip, along the upper dental arch, the doctor makes an incision through it, and sutured the muscle and the mucosa part. Such actions will lead to the fact that muscles will be more relaxed and gums will not be naked;
  • If the defect was caused by the abnormal closing of the jaws, you will need treatment from an orthodontist. Correction will be performed using a variety of designs, aimed at marketers, but the result will have to wait quite a long time from 1 to 2 years. Despite a lengthy course of therapy, the effect of it is excellent and will last a lifetime;
  • In the most severe cases, where severe deformation of the facial skeleton doctors use a more complex type of correction. To do this, the surgeon will perform the surgery on the upper and optionally the lower jaw and it is called osteotomy. To fix this disease, only the bones giving the desired shape, but this method is not used so often and only if no other choice. In addition, after it will take months for a full recovery.

After these kinds of correction of the gingival smile is normal and significantly different from what it was before the procedure.

You can give an example of a properly cured the defect:

Десневая улыбка: до и после коррекции

The cost of treatment

The price of treating gummy smile will depend on such factors as:

  • The chosen method of treatment;
  • The severity of the defect;
  • Prices in the hospital for such services;
  • The doctor who will perform the procedure.

For example, in Moscow, Botox injections will cost 15-20 thousand rubles, but this procedure must be repeated 2 times per year throughout life.

Before going to the hospital for treatment of the defect need to understand that if he doesn’t harm you, then you can fix it only for aesthetic purposes and it is better to pay attention to it at an early age when it can be done much easier.

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