Gums moving away from teeth: how to treat what to do

Gum disease cause many uncomfortable feelings. Patients swollen, bleeding and sore mucous membranes, mouth smells bad, the gums recede from the teeth, what causes this disease, how should it be treated?

This is a characteristic sign of periodontitis, an inflammatory disease of the tissues of the alveolar bone surrounding the teeth. According to statistics every third person suffers from this disease of varying severity. Periodontitis inflammation of the periodontal ligaments that hold the crown in the hole and bone tissue of the alveolar process. The inflammatory process may affect a small group of dentition or hit large areas of the gums.

The causes of periodontitis

Why is there periodontal disease? The disease develops on the background:

  • Десна отходят от зубов: как лечить, что нужно делатьbad oral hygiene;
  • running gingivitis;
  • the formation of dental calculus;
  • chewing food on one side of the jaw;
  • malocclusion;
  • mechanical injuries of the mucous membranes;
  • associated chronic pathologies of internal organs;
  • disorders of mineral metabolism;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • improperly performed prosthesis.

Why the gums are too far from wisdom teeth what causes? The last molars are in remote places, so hygienic procedures are not performed accurately. The constant accumulation of bacterial plaque causes the formation of hard stone under the mucous membrane, which leads to inflammation and the formation of pockets.

Important factors in the development of periodontal disease are bad habits, genetic predisposition and unfavorable ecological environment.

Clinical signs of the disease

Main symptoms:

  • redness, swelling of the mucous membranes;
  • the gum recedes from the teeth;
  • palpation of the gums causes pain and bleeding;
  • stale breath;
  • pathological mobility of teeth;
  • the formation of periodontal pockets followed by exposure necks and roots of teeth;
  • at advanced stages there is a deep suppuration of the gingival pockets.
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Periodontitis is acute or chronic. In the period of exacerbation of all the symptoms are most pronounced, chronic stage is less painful and is characterized by periodic relapses, long-term treatment.

Treatment of mild stages of periodontitis

What to do if the gums away from the tooth, bleeding and sore? You must visit the dentist to set the correct diagnosis and medical procedures.

Десна отходят от зубов: как лечить, что нужно делатьTherapy is prescribed depending on the stage of the disease. In the initial stages the crown departs from inflamed gums 3 mm, mucous membrane bleeding during hygiene procedures. The treatment starts with a professional cleaning of Tartar, which is the main source of pathogenic microorganisms. If the stage light of such measures is sufficient, and the disease passes quickly. At home you need to rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions: Hlorgeksidinom, Furacilinum, baking soda.

What to do if the periodontitis has developed in the area of wisdom teeth? If the gums are inflamed and departed from the wisdom tooth, it is removed. The last molars are in close proximity to blood and lymphatic vessels, launched periodontitis can lead to serious complications. In contact of purulent secretions in the blood develops General intoxication, sepsis. These diseases are deadly.

Treatment of parodontitis of middle stage

If the treatment was not carried out on time, periodontal disease enters the stage of moderate severity. This period is characterized by increased bleeding, the occurrence of slight mobility of crowns, Baring of their necks. Periodontal pockets increase to 5 mm, there are gaps between the teeth. The formation of suppurative abscesses in the recesses of the mucous membranes.

What to do if the gums are too far off the tooth? After removal of stone and plaque prescribe special ointments and gels that reduce inflammation, accelerate tissue regeneration. To do this, use drugs: Metrogyl Denta, gel Holisal, Asepta.

Antiseptic procedure, you must perform at least 5 to 6 times a day to normalize the microflora in the mouth and remove food residue.

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If formed abscess, the doctor performs surgical opening the abscess, washes it antibacterial agents, lays in the pockets of special medicine. Also the treatment with antibiotics, the drugs, the dosage and duration of therapy appoint a dentist.

To strengthen the gums it is useful to massage the alveolar process. This procedure helps to normalize blood circulation and mineral metabolism in tissues.

Treatment of severe stages of periodontitis

Десна отходят от зубов: как лечить, что нужно делатьIf the gums away from the tooth more than 6 mm, periodontal pockets of purulent masses stand out, the crown became mobile and moved to the side so periodontitis has passed in the heavy form. Patients complain of General weakness, malaise, fever.

For treatment of closed or open curettage of gingival pockets. This procedure to remove deep hard stone. To relieve inflammation prescribe a course of antibiotics, patients often take Lincomycin, Doxycycline. Eliminate tooth mobility with splinting group crowns.

In severe stage there is a strong atrophy of the bone tissue and sagging of the gums, expose the roots. To restore the defect is possible only with the grafting sites of the mucous membranes, taken from the sky.