Helicos (Halitosis): treatment at home

Bad breath – a problem familiar to almost everyone. Not always to get rid of it helps compliance with all rules of hygiene. What can be the reason and how to choose the right treatment of halitosis?

Helicos (aka halitosis) is a medical term used to denote bad breath. According to statistics, this problem affects more than 90% of people. Oddly enough, helicos is not only in adults but also in very young infants.

There are three kinds of disease: halitophobia, true and pseudohalides. In the case of pseudo-halitosis unpleasant odor only appears when the status of Intrusive – it goes into a phobia. In this case, to get rid of illusions will help only a psychologist. Treatment of halitosis (halitosis) true – a more serious issue.

The causes of the disease

Халитоз (Галитоз): лечение в домашних условияхThe most common cause of bad breath is improper oral hygiene or problems with the teeth and gums. At the edges of the gums and the surface of the tooth enamel appears soft plaque, which is a great breeding ground for the bacteria causing the putrid smell. Enough to miss a few cleanings and the bacteria will appear in the interdental spaces, on the tongue and mucous membranes.

Actively multiplying bacteria in carious cavities and holes in the dilapidated teeth.

Also unpleasant smell – one of the first symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease, along with inflamed and bleeding gums.

The source of the odor may be too dry mucosa. Causes – Smoking, alcohol abuse or chronic problems with the nasopharynx (dry mucosa in case if a person has to breathe through the mouth, not the nose).

There may be other reasons:

  • eating certain foods that affect odors (fish, onions, garlic);
  • kidney failure;
  • infectious diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, abscesses);
  • nasal disease (angina, sinusitis, laryngitis);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis).
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Халитоз (Галитоз): лечение в домашних условияхMany people tend to ignore the problem of the unpleasant smell. Treatment removed on the second plan, limited to patients «masking» the smell with chewing gum and air fresheners for the mouth. If halitosis is a symptom of serious illness – postpone the examination and treatment is not necessary.

The intensity of the smell experts can evaluate by using a special device – Kalimera. It is used not only to diagnose but also to evaluate the success of the treatment process. Will apply to special doctors: an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, Laura and the dentist.

If there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract and nasopharynx will certainly need to treat all the teeth, evaluate the gums and get advice on the correct maintenance of oral hygiene. If necessary, useful microbiological analysis: to explore professionals will be the composition of plaque and saliva.

How to treat

Treatment halitosis (halitosis) at home can be effective not always. The process will depend on what triggered the odor. First of all it is necessary to exclude pathology and possible chronic diseases, and if the matter is in them is an urgent need to begin the healing process.

Халитоз (Галитоз): лечение в домашних условияхSpecial attention is paid to the visit to the dentist. Problematic teeth need to cure or remove. In the absence of serious disease will help professional cleaning. During the procedure, with the help of a special apparatus the Air Flow is removed all plaque, and ultrasonic, the dentist will remove supra — and subgingival Tartar.

Of great importance for treatment and prevention is careful hygiene. Brushing the teeth is necessary at least twice a day and after every meal is recommended if you do not clean, then at least rinse your mouth with a special solution or plain water.

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To remove food residue in the interdental spaces floss used is a special dental floss. It is worth remembering that hard-to-reach places are the most often suffer from caries and Tartar. Additionally you need to clean the surface of the tongue: the other side many toothbrushes have a special ribbed surface for this purpose.

Better to stick to a healthy diet. For example, provoke the formation of soft plaque flour products (especially hazardous baked goods made with white flour), sugar and sweet foods. Improving digestion will help dairy products and for cleaning teeth useful fresh vegetables and fruits.

Drug preparaty

During the treatment of halitosis often used drugs. They need to eliminate inflammation, remove infection and rehabilitation of the mouth.

Prescribed can be the following:

  • Халитоз (Галитоз): лечение в домашних условиях«CPC-free»: it is an antiseptic, which is contained in some toothpastes and mouthwashes.
  • «Triclosan» is an antimicrobial antiseptic with prolonged action;
  • «Decamethoxin» — bactericidal and bacteriostatic tool, widely used for the treatment of ulcers, stomatitis and gingivitis;
  • «Chlorhexidine» — rinsing antibacterial and antifungal solution;
  • «Campain» — a tool that combines menthol, camphor and castor oil, alcohol, furatsilina;
  • «Remodent» — rinse with manganese, zinc, copper, calcium, iron and magnesium. Effective for remineralization and caries prevention.

Folk remedies

  • Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular home remedies used for the treatment of problem areas of the mucosa and create a rinsing solution. To use the tool and for the treatment of halitosis, but the liquid must be diluted with water, otherwise rinse will end with the burn of the mucosa.
  • 100 ml of boiled water at room temperature to three teaspoons of peroxide. Rinsing several times a day, but too long-lasting use is fraught with hypertrophy of lingual papillae..
  • Effective with the unpleasant smell will be the next recipe: half a teaspoon of baking soda, 20 drops of peroxide, 5 drops of lemon juice. Mix everything and just to brush my teeth.
  • Melissa tea: a tablespoon of lemon balm – 200 ml of boiling water, to insist 20 minutes. Drink the resulting tincture should hot twice a day – ideally on an empty stomach.
  • Chamomile tea: 500 ml water – 2 tablespoons of chamomile. Rinse your mouth the resulting liquid must be five times a day, always after each meal.
  • Common salt: to a pint of water – tablespoon of salt. To drink the salt solution have on an empty stomach in the morning, after 15-20 minutes you can have Breakfast, the menu is sure to include something dairy in order to avoid irritation. Important: effective this recipe will be the case if the unpleasant smell came from-for problems with the gastrointestinal tract.