Herpes on the tongue: treatment and prevention

Oral herpes or herpes on the tongue is a complex viral disease first manifested as one or more small tubercles. Which then turned into a white watery education and ulcers. Often form on the tongue, but can spread to the gums and lips. The disease caused by the herpes virus and is one of its forms. The herpes virus to be in sleep 90% of the world’s population but is manifested only in case of falling of immunity or other favorable circumstances. For diagnosis, it is necessary to consult a specialist because herpes is very easy to confuse with canker. Only in a clinical setting on the basis of enzyme immunoassay or culture method you can determine for sure.

Ways of infection

There are several possible ways of infection, it often occurs when poor personal hygiene: the use of shared utensils, toothbrushes, face towels, etc. Another way is the transfer of infection from one area to another. Herpes of the lips may spread Герпес на языке: лечение и профилактикаon the tongue or other soft tissues in the mouth. Another route of infection is oral sex or a kiss with an infected.

From a medical point of view, a herpes infection on the tongue, it can be done in several ways:

  • Through the blood;
  • Airborne;
  • Sexual;
  • From mother to child.

Herpes on the tongue, more characteristic of children than adults. Most of the children after the first infection produced by the immune system. So that adult herpes in the mouth, it is rather the recurrence of the disease.

Causes of

Almost all people carry the herpes virus, so the reasons for its existence are as important as causes of infection. The main one is the decline in immunity that often accompanies colds or pregnancy. Among others, it should be noted:

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  • Prolonged stress;
  • Menstrual cycle;
  • Colds and acute respiratory infections;
  • Surgery.


Герпес на языке: лечение и профилактикаThe first symptoms appear after about three weeks of being infected. And expressed in the form of itching and redness. Further, the redness turns into inflammation and swelling. This period may increase body temperature to 38 degrees and severe pain.

The next stage starts in a couple of days when there is a scattering of small blisters filled with clear or yellow liquid. Then the herpetic vesicles leave at the place of the sores, and without proper treatment, the tumors affect a large surface area of language.


If there cold sores on language, how it should be treated, the best the doctor knows. Only a qualified physician can identify the disease and find treatment.

There are three ways of treatment of herpes virus on tongue:

  • First, this method of local medication, and improve immunity. It is aimed at General strengthening of the body, to promote healing and tissue regeneration, which damaged herpes on the tongue.
  • The second involves the intake of antiviral medications. Before use, the mandatory consultation of the doctor. With timely start of treatment, it is possible to avoid the stage where bubbles are formed.
  • Third – the use of various drugs aimed at treating the symptoms. Directly to the herpes virus fights the immune system of the body.

Herpes is a complex disease that requires comprehensive treatment, under the supervision of a physician.

Depending on the particular symptoms the patient is prescribed rest, fluids and various drugs:

  • Antiviral – fast fighting in the herpes virus but have a large number of contraindications (Zovirax, Acyclovir, he needs therapy with valtrex, Acyclic, Famciclovir, Root).
  • Герпес на языке: лечение и профилактикаPainkillers – for pain relief in the early days of the development of the virus (Ibuprofen, Ketorol).
  • Immunoglobulin – destroys the herpes virus in the blood of the infected.
  • Medication for increasing immunity (Imudon, Histaglobin, Dekaris).
  • Complex vitamins for overall strengthening of the body.

Bubble formation in the mouth to be treated with peroxide, pre-rinsing the oral cavity with an antiseptic solution, 4 times a day. For the treatment in any case should not use iodine or brilliant green, as they will cause even more irritation of the mouth.

It is also worth to pay special attention to nutrition during treatment. From the daily diet must eliminate all spicy, salty, sour, and hot and cold food. A large amount of fluid on the contrary has a beneficial effect on the course of treatment, so you need to drink about 2 liters of water a day.

Treatment folk methods

Treat cold sores in the language of folk remedies a great alternative to medicines. They do not cause side effects and useful for strengthening the immune system. Natural juices and tea infused with herbs and fortified with b vitamin C, can replace the intake of vitamin complexes. The best ingredients for them:

  • Герпес на языке: лечение и профилактикаcranberry,
  • currants,
  • cranberries,
  • raspberry,
  • cherry,
  • gooseberries,
  • rosehips, etc.

The affected areas of the tongue can be treated with propolis, aloe, geranium or toothpaste.

With proper treatment, the symptoms eliminated three or four days. In place of the affected areas of the language are formed ulcers white color, round shape with yellowish edges. Pain and fever resolve within two to five days. Mucosa and taste buds on the tongue are recovering very quickly. To prevent a recurrence of the virus, should undergo the entire course of treatment to the end and not to neglect the rules of prevention.