Herpetic stomatitis in children: acute, Candida, meningitis, treatment

Noticed that your child arrives constantly in a bad mood, cranky, refuses to eat? It is possible, it is a manifestation of a viral infection, it causes inflammation of the mouth, disrupting the homeostasis as a whole. Herpetic stomatitis in children is a disease that requires the provision of competent and skilled medical care.

What is it?

Герпетический стоматит у детей: острый, кандидозный, гнойный, лечениеHerpetic stomatitis in children appears due to contact of the delicate skin of the herpes virus. Fertile ground for its development is reduced or not formed an immunity against it, so it is typical for children aged from six months to three years. The body is undergoing in its acute form, becomes a carrier of the virus earns or chronic illness.

The pathogen penetrates through the skin, mucous membranes, also can become infected from the patient, through the things of domestic use over the air. When he entered, begins its rapid reproduction, development of within cells, the use of their resources.

How to identify the disease?

The symptoms of herpetic stomatitis in children vary on how low the resistance of the immune system.

A mild form includes:

  • Apathy, lethargy.
  • A slight increase in temperature.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  • Blisters and sores in the mouth.


  • Герпетический стоматит у детей: острый, кандидозный, гнойный, лечениеBody temperature 38 – 39 degrees.
  • Weakness, chills, headaches, nausea.
  • The lymph nodes are increasing in the chin and neck.
  • Swollen gums, mucous membrane of the mouth.
  • The widespread formation of bubbles in the oral cavity, lips, cheeks.


  • Body temperature is maximized.
  • Burnout and debility of the body.
  • Strong headaches and muscle pain.
  • Blood pressure falls, the rhythm of the heart.
  • The bubbles spread all over the face, they hurt to touch.

Rash is the surest sign that it has its own peculiarities: after the bubbles, forming a group, burst, in their place, there is painful ulceration. In mild form, all wounds heal without scarring.

The disease is detected on the basis of complaints, clinical picture, examination and results of cytological analysis of a scraping from the place of ulcers. The active phase lasts depends on the severity of the condition, the speed assist, the correct treatment. The more efficient to treat the child has herpetic stomatitis, the faster the symptoms come to naught.

Therapeutic measures

Anxious parents are most interested in how to organize a correct treatment of herpetic stomatitis. In fact, the treatment of the child has herpetic stomatitis is a little different from an adult.

To begin with, especially if severe, should be screened from professionals such as pediatrician, dentist and neurologist. You may need admission to hospital.

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Герпетический стоматит у детей: острый, кандидозный, гнойный, лечениеThe measures are always complex, as the presence of this disease means reduced immunity.
You first need to destroy the causative agent for this appointed by antiviral drugs, tablets, ointments.

  • For getting rid of poisoning, lowering the temperature used antihistamines and anti-inflammatories.
  • Vitamins, immunomodulatory drugs to strengthen the body.
  • For accelerating the formation of new epidermal cells keratoplasticheskie prescribed ointments, pain and accelerating healing.

This also raises questions about how and what to treat in children are herpes stomatitis, which help the baby to have in addition to the medical.

  • You must give plenty of warm drinks to ensure proper nutrition, given the addition of essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • To give a rough, sour, spicy, salty foods that causes irritation of the affected mucosa.
    To organize a child’s diet so that the meals were distributed three times. In the intervals between them not feed, thus giving the meds a chance to work.
  • To keep clean to avoid bacterial contamination.
  • To isolate the effects from other family members.
  • Today, in children the symptoms of herpes simplex stomatitis to determine and prescribe treatment is easy.

    How to handle

    Parents will have to do this procedure, because the baby is not able to do the rinses and lotions.

    Герпетический стоматит у детей: острый, кандидозный, гнойный, лечениеRinse takes a bowl and above it is the irrigation of oral herbal decoctions or solutions Miramistina, hydrogen peroxide, furatsilin. After that the affected by the sores will be processed with the help of a cotton swab with anesthetic, such as holesaler, or wound-healing drug, for example, ilmailulaitos solkoserilom ointment. This is done without pressure, light touch.

    In addition, the formation of crusts on the site of the erosion, you can make lotions. They prolong action of active components and soaked painful places. In the last stage, when the bubbles are not formed already, you can take the oil vitamin A, E, or sea buckthorn, which enhances the regeneration of skin.

    Treatment of herpetic stomatitis in children during his peak must be a full, intense and complex. The only way to prevent the spread of herpes virus that has high risk and the likelihood of transmission. Furthermore, timely diagnosis allows to eradicate the disease in its early stages.

    Other types of stomatitis

    Here we will discuss about treatment of acute, purulent and thrush in children. How do they differ?

    Acute herpetic stomatitis

    Acute herpetic stomatitis in children takes primacy among infectious pathologies of childhood. Every 10 diseased, the disease becomes chronic, appearing with relapses. It has a high degree of infectiousness among persons with a lack of specific immunity and the rapid spread of the bloodstream. Precedes the appearance of vesicles, bilateral inflammation of submandibular lymph nodes. Inflammation of the lymph nodes persistent symptom throughout the period plus 7-10 days after normalization of the mucosa.

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    The overall immunity of the body drastically inhibited his full recovery occurs after a week at the end of the disease. Can occur in mild, moderate and severe. Five stages: incubation, prodromal, the disease, recession, clinical recovery. The third is characterized by an acute hyperemia of the mucosa, i.e. increased filling with blood vessels. A day appear the first bubbles. The severity is assessed according to the severity of intoxication and the brightness of the symptoms.

    Герпетический стоматит у детей: острый, кандидозный, гнойный, лечениеIn less severe symptoms of poisoning do not manifest, clinical prodromal period is not detected. It all starts with a sudden rise in temperature to 37 – 37.5 degrees. The inner surface of the nose, trachea and larynx slightly inflamed. Not always show redness and swelling, the latter is mainly localized at the gingival margin. The symptoms observed in the period of up to two days. The resulting bubbles burst so fast with the formation of erosions and hyperemia around the edges, that the doctor fails to detect. Reduction in symptoms prolonged and lasts up to seven days. The ratio of blood components is not observed, the protective properties of normal saliva, lysozyme is not reduced. The body in children after treatment of acute herpetic stomatitis quickly comes back to normal, as natural immunity does not suffer much.

    With an average intoxication is expressed clearly, as well as the formation of errozii. Prodromal phase expressed General weakness, pale skin, nausea, headache. Rash in a child is manifested not only in the oral cavity, but also on the face. With the development of the disease the temperature rises to 38 — 39 degrees, appear multiple rashes, increased salivation and viscosity of saliva, it becomes acidic, bleeding gums. Changes of blood parameters: SOY, leukocytosis, lymphocytosis, plasmocytes. Recovery is delayed up to a week.

    Very rarely the child has herpetic stomatitis acute becomes severe. From the very beginning revealed apathy, lack of movement, increased skin and muscle sensitivity, sore joints, headache, disturbances in the cardiovascular system ( deceleration, acceleration or inconsistency rhythms of the heart). Swelling of cervical and submandibular lymph nodes. The temperature can reach 40 degrees.

    On the first day the child is given anti-viral drugs such as bonafton, zovirax. Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory injections tavegilum, phencarolum, Suprastinum pills. The maintenance of protective reactions contribute to vitamins P and V.

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    For treatment of mucosa lotions with interferon. For pain use ointment of lidocaine,piromekain, trimecaine. The use of enzymatic solutions litmited. Disinfection peroxide, Furacilinum. For the regeneration of vitamins a, E And rosehip oil in the form of applications.

    Candida form

    The pathogen is transmitted through direct contact of parent and child, in utero, via airborne pathways. Oral thrush in children occurs when the hormone therapy, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, antibiotics, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, extensive caries.

    Герпетический стоматит у детей: острый, кандидозный, гнойный, лечениеSour smell from baby’s mouth, white coating, which is manifested to a greater extent in the morning, the erosion of the coating – all of these symptoms point to candidal form.

    The manifestations are three degrees of severity – mild, moderate and severe. The last two the body temperature rises to 39 degrees. For mild to average plaque can be easily removed, in severe withdrawal accompanied by pain and bleeding of the mucosa.
    The tactics of the painful destruction of flora is to shift the pH to the acid side, since the fungi can’t grow in such an environment. Accordingly, the two-percent solution of boric acid moistened gauze and applied to a couple minutes to the affected places. Oral thrush in children respond well to drug treatment «Candida», which destroys fungal sheath. For the regeneration of the ulcerated surfaces is used vitamin A capsules.

    Purulent stomatitis

    The cause usually lies in the mechanical or thermal injury of the mucosa. On the background of decreased saliva lysozyme inflammatory process begins, accompanied by the formation of purulent ulcers on the tongue, cheeks, lips.

    • Used antibiotics – penicillin, lincomycin, cephalosporin.
    • Pain ointment – ledogar, lidocaine, vinilin, metrogyl Denta.
    • Immune-stimulating supplements – vitamin b, beta-carotene, vitamin C, folic acid.