How long is thrush in children how long treated, how’s it going?

Stomatitis – inflammation of the mouth, accompanied by rashes, erosions or ulcers. It is manifested by redness and swelling of the gums, the appearance of ulcers and bubbles, the rise of temperature, swelling in lymph nodes. Then, how many days are the symptoms of stomatitis in children depends on the individual properties of the organism, the resistance of the immune system, and also from the form of the disease.

Timely initiated and correctly chosen treatment is the key to quick recovery. On average, it lasts from 2 to 14 days and consists of local treatment (topical application, rinsing, etc.) and General treatment (antibiotics, antivirals and antihistamines, vitamins).

For a speedy recovery besides the medical therapy, the child should drink plenty of liquids. The drinks should be neutral, for example, tea, water, compote from dried fruits. From the diet excludes solid and spicy foods that can damage the mucosa. For the prevention of disease must be strictly observed hygienic rules.

Catarrhal stomatitis

Сколько длится стоматит у детей, как долго лечится, как проходит?The most common and mild form of the disease. Foci of inflammation are found on the gums, cheeks and lips. They are covered with a whitish bloom. The child may complain of pain during eating or speaking, General weakness. Appears not very pleasant smell from the mouth and increased salivation.

Catarrhal stomatitis is treated, as a rule, long. At the initial stage will be sufficient rinsing with antiseptic decoctions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, sage), chlorhexidine or potassium permanganate. If the disease moved to the moderate or severe stage, you need to see a specialist. It will determine how many days, will be treated for thrush and sign the treatment plan. Most often doctors recommend applying the gel Holisal, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide 3%, as well as taking medications to eliminate the cause of the disease.

Aphthous stomatitis

Сколько длится стоматит у детей, как долго лечится, как проходит?This form of the disease is of bacterial origin. For all of the mouth appear round or oval aphthae. The characteristic symptom is a grayish-yellow lesions, often with a pink shell.

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How many days will last aphthous stomatitis depends on the shape of its course, acute or chronic. Acute variant of the disease often appears in children with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and is subject to diathesis. There is an increase in temperature, excessive salivation. Lymph nodes located under the jaw, increase and hurt when you push. How long is acute aphthous stomatitis in children? With proper treatment, about 7-10 days. It ends in complete recovery.

Chronic disease has the following symptoms: buccal mucosa, lateral sides of tongue, lower lip periodically there is a single sprue of gray-yellow color. Lymph nodes are invisible: not increasing, not sick. It’s hard to say how many days is chronic aphthous stomatitis in children. 5-10 days after the start of the recurrence of aphthae or covered with a layer of epithelium, or become ulcers.

Ulcerative stomatitis

Сколько длится стоматит у детей, как долго лечится, как проходит?Aphthous stomatitis in a child is dangerous: the more delayed initiation of treatment, the higher the risk of developing ulcers. They are continuously increasing, are growing not only in breadth but also depth, merge with each other, forming a single affected area. The child feels intense pain, especially during eating and brushing teeth. Breath stronger, become putrid. Significantly worsens the General condition: rising body temperature, there is a weakness and aching in muscles.

The treatment begins with rehabilitation of the oral cavity, which is accompanied by cleansing of necrotic tissue and deposits on the teeth. Be sure to assign rinsing with antiseptic solutions and antibiotics. Disinfection of the oral cavity can be carried out using hydrogen peroxide or a weak solution of manganese. Parallel to the recommended intake of vitamins and Immunostimulants.

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Then how long ulcerative stomatitis in children depends on the quality of therapeutic interventions. Without treatment, the acute phase can last up to 15 days, and with timely start of therapy improve will appear after 3-5 days. Recovery begins with pain reduction. Then sores self-cleaning of dead cells and pus, are pelletized and the beginning of epithelialization.

Treatment should continue until healing is complete, as otherwise relapse may occur.

Herpetic stomatitis

Сколько длится стоматит у детей, как долго лечится, как проходит?When first infected with the herpes virus, the child develops an acute form of herpetic stomatitis. It is typical for young children. In older manifests repeated relapse, which is a chronic form of the disease. Primary infection occurs usually in children from 6 months to 3 years. During this period antibodies to the virus obtained from the mother die.

How many days is treated herpetic stomatitis in children? Symptoms persist up to two weeks. First, the child feels weakness, headache and muscle – all due to intoxication. Swollen lymph nodes, sore when pressure is applied, the temperature rises in the first two days from 37.5° C to 41° C.
Multiple eruption of vesicles the size of a grain of millet, located in the region of the tongue, palate, cheeks and lips. The entire mucosa is red and swollen. The bubbles are unevenly distributed, clusters. First, they are filled with a transparent liquid, then turbid. If herpetic stomatitis is a long time, the lesions burst, forming a bright red erosion.

How long will the herpes sores, depends on the chosen treatment methods. In order to get rid of the disease for a week, you need to take antiviral agents such as Acyclovir, analgesic and antipyretic drugs, vitamins.

Fungal stomatitis

Сколько длится стоматит у детей, как долго лечится, как проходит?This form of stomatitis caused by Candida fungi. The most characteristic of the neonatal period, because the babies eat milk and mouth formed the perfect conditions for reproduction of fungal infection. Due to this feature, the occurrence of the disease in people caught her second title – thrush. May also be infected during birth from mothers with a diagnosis of candidiasis of the genital tract.

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First, the mucosa becomes bright red and becomes drier. Then in the mouth is a white cheesy plaque. The first time it is easy to remove with a spatula or an ordinary teaspoon. With the development of the pathological process it is tightly fused with the mucosa and its deletion leads to the formation of bleeding erosions. The child often cries during feeding, refusing food because it causes pain. In severe, the body temperature rises, the corners of the mouth are formed «zaedy», is increased salivation.

How long is treated fungal stomatitis in children? All very individually. The disease can last from 1 week to 1 month, a lot depends on the age of the child and the stability of its immunity.

No matter how much time has treated stomatitis in children treatment will be the same. Often doctors prescribe treatment of a solution of borax with glycerin, solution of baking soda. If the stomatitis has covered a large area, apply anti-fungal medication.