How many milk teeth in children should be

All people’s teeth originate in the womb and therefore in the mothers it is important to take care of your health. After all, starting from the 7th month the fetus is in the process of mineralization and it is necessary to consume vitamin complexes rich in calcium and fluorine.

At the wrong diet and without the necessary vitamins and minerals in girls in this period of crumbling teeth. This happens due to hormonal surges, and also because the fruit takes a need for the development of useful substances. It is possible to avoid making the right diet, taking vitamins and nabludal the doctor. In this case, and mom and baby are healthy and teeth are both going strong and show no abnormalities.

In addition, when the child develops, he will eventually begin to cut the front incisors and the parents have the dilemma of, and how many milk teeth should the answer to this question can be found in the information written below.

Features of eruption

When teething, your baby has a fever, it will appear constipation or diarrhea, in addition, this event may be accompanied by itching and pain in the gums, and by 5-6 years they start to fall out and in their place will become a permanent bone of education.

Сколько молочных зубов у детей должно бытьIdeally, the answer to the question, how many milk teeth in a child at six months should be 1-2 cutter, but it happens that their number is equal to zero even in 9-10 months and this is the expected, and feature development.

It all depends on many factors, genetics, diet, vitamins. After all, if one of the parents in the early years was the late eruption, and the child is likely to be the same. In addition, regardless of how many the child years, to contribute to the growth and development of teeth can fresh air, vitamins, sports and nutrition.

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You need to pay attention that in the first place usually appear incisors of the lower jaw and then the upper and, although some children, this event takes place without any problems, but for others it causes inflammation. In such a situation, the child should soothe, not to blame for the screams also use the decoction for rinsing, gels or «cutters» that you can buy at the pharmacy.

After the appearance of the first tooth need to go to the hospital for a consultation about the care of the oral cavity. Because at this age the enamel is very fragile and easy to fracture, which can cause tooth decay and prevent it is one of the main tasks of parents.

When the child is already a year, you need to look in his mouth, 2-3 times a month to know how many milk teeth have appeared and whether there is inflammation or disease development.

How to take milk teeth?

There is quite a simple and effective rule used by dentists to count the number of teeth, but it is valid up to 2 years and is called the «rule of four». The method is very simple and not counting the doctors, his parents can do. For this we need to subtract the number of months Сколько молочных зубов у детей должно бытьfigure 4 and the resulting number will equal the number of teeth at this age, it is possible to result such example:


It turns out in 8 months, a baby should be 4 cutter, but again, small deviations from the norm, within 6 months are not a pathology.

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Normal in a child of 3-4 years should be 20 teeth, and then there is a break during which develops the jaw, so that it was able to cut the root bone formations, and how many of them will be only when the baby will be 5-6 years, you can ask the dentist or read article to the end.

The growth of permanent teeth

The number of milk teeth in children under 4 years will be 20, but 5-6 years is the emergence of the first indigenous bone formation.

The first («six teeth») grow on the free areas and be close to the 2nd milk molars. Simultaneously with this, start to grow a new root bone formation over the old one.

Сколько молочных зубов у детей должно бытьDuring this process, the molar teeth erode the roots of the dairy and those fall in the same sequence that was cut, namely:

  • In children 5-6 years start to unravel and fall out of the Central milk incisors, and soon in their place come the molars;
  • By 7-8 years the same thing happens with side cutters;
  • 9-10 years starts, the change of the canines;
  • At the age of 10 to 12 years there will be a change 1 and 2 premolars.
  • From 11 to 13 years there will be 2 molar and as mentioned above, the first will grow to 6 years;

In General, this basic process has ended, but still have wisdom teeth which may erupt in the period from 15-17 down to 22-27 years, but for some they can appear as late this framework, and sooner or does not grow.

Incorrect sequence of growth

It is believed that the delay in the process of teething for 3-4 months is quite normal. It was also noticed that children who were born in the fall or summer typically lag behind in development of teeth but born in spring or winter, they have to appear. In addition, sometimes up to a year the child has no bone formations due to the individual characteristics Сколько молочных зубов у детей должно бытьof development, but in this case it is necessary to go to the hospital. At the reception, the doctor will do examination and will receive an x-ray to see what stage the rudiments of the teeth and, if necessary, sent for examination to the pediatrician, and he has to an endocrinologist.

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Need to highlight that because, when the teeth bite depends on the baby, because it is formed from an early age and this you need to monitor carefully, so you do not undergo a long and expensive treatment.

In the end, it should be noted that each child develops differently and slight variations are normal and so should be observed in order to prevent the doctor, eat well, take vitamins and follow the oral hygiene, you can not worried about the health of your child.