How to cure periodontitis at home folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies remains popular in spite of everything, and sometimes it is really effective. Is it possible to get rid of periodontitis, not going to the doctor?

Как лечить парадонтит в домашних условиях народными средствамиDespite the fact that each dental clinic promises quick and painless treatment, the popularity of home treatment remains high. The fear of dentists, lack of time or finances, physical inability to find the right doctor – the reasons for which people prefer to be treated at home, can be a lot.

In some cases, treatment of folk remedies can be really effective. Often it concerns the initial stages of dental diseases, yet easy to block the cause of the problem with the help of special gel or rinse herbal. Such good «medicine» for prevention. And how can you cure periodontal disease at home?

What is periodontitis

Periodontitis – inflammation of tissues surrounding the tooth. With proper attention to their health to recognize the disease even at an early stage. The first symptoms is bleeding gums when brushing, easy mobility of the teeth, accumulation of soft plaque. Gums often turn red and begin to strip the roots of the tooth.

If the symptoms are ignored and take no measures, the disease will begin to worsen: mobility becomes more and more visible, in the gum appear abscesses, exposed root stronger, starts the deformation of the dentition (there are gaps in the teeth «go» each other». Over time, the teeth loosened so that they can fall out on their own, the root is completely laid bare.

Как лечить парадонтит в домашних условиях народными средствамиProvoke periodontitis of different reasons:

  • wrong treatment: «bad» fillings injure the gums and cause inflammation;
  • bad oral hygiene;
  • mechanical damage, burns;
  • launched gingivitis;
  • deep caries;
  • malocclusion;
  • the absence of teeth.
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How to treat in dentistry

In clinic, the treatment starts with a doctor’s advice-paradontologa. It is desirable to make panoramic (full) the dentition in order to evaluate the condition of the bone tissue. In the initial stages it is possible to manage recommendations, if a disease is developing actively, it is necessary to make a treatment plan.

Required procedures – professional cleaning, during which will be removed supra — and subgingival plaque and soft plaque, which is a source of bacteria.

Often then, the gums become normal color, the swelling comes down, you stop bleeding. In the future you need to maintain hygiene, and professional cleaning will have to carry out regularly (every 6-8 months).

Как лечить парадонтит в домашних условиях народными средствамиFor the prevention of and final locking of germs in periodontal pockets, the doctor recommends remedies for anti-inflammatory therapy.

They are used in the home. Is it possible to completely cure periodontitis with pasta? Unfortunately, no. With periodontitis to save teeth medicine help better than home remedies.

You need to prevent

To reduce the inflammation of the gums help special toothpastes. They are precisely symptoms, and therefore suitable for prophylaxis. Get rid of the cause of the disease, the pasta can not. How to cure periodontitis at home?

To use the paste «just» need with care. First, because blocking the main symptoms you can miss the development of periodontitis. Secondly, it is important to carefully read the user manual: some pastes can only be used for treatment, for daily cleaning, they are not suitable. How to cure periodontitis at home?

Top effective drugs head the following paste:

  • «Rustle» (active and classic);
  • Как лечить парадонтит в домашних условиях народными средствами«Parodontax»;
  • «The President exclusive»;
  • «Forest balsam» against bleeding gums;
  • «Parodontol asset.»
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To injure the gums once possible, so about the hard brushes, it is better to forget, you should choose soft brush with soft bristles.

In low inflammation after professional cleaning it is recommended to take a ten-day course of therapy consisting of rinsing and applications. As sanifying solution is used 0.05% solution «Chlorhexidine», after the gums are covered by the drug «Holisal-gel». Treat twice daily after cleansing.

Folk remedies

How to treat periodontitis folk remedies?

Honey and propolis

Strengthen gums can honey, but there is only natural: the artificial honey has beneficial properties. In a tablespoon of honey need to add a little common salt, the resulting mixture shall be placed in a bag of cheesecloth. Wipe the gums of this gauze – before sleep, after cleansing.

Rinse applies a 10% -15% alcohol tincture of propolis. One Cup of boiled water, 20 drops of solution. Within two weeks you should rinse your mouth five times a day.

Hydrogen peroxide

Use 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide may be the case, if you need to wash the pus from periodontal pockets. The point in the process there only if you have previously held a professional cleaning.

To use this product with caution: if the peroxide gets deep into the soft tissue of the gums, possible necrosis. Additionally, to flush periodontal pockets is difficult, and a simple wipe is not enough.

Highlander pepper

Как лечить парадонтит в домашних условиях народными средствами

The juice of this herb you need to breed water in proportions one to one. Rinse your mouth with the resulting solution need 3-5 times a day, preferably after eating or brushing. This will help to reduce inflammation and get rid of discomfort.


Aloe juice is often used for disinfection and pain relief. Simply take a small piece of leaf, cut it lengthwise and attach to problem areas at night. To improve the clinical picture, the use of aloe should be for a minimum of weeks every day.

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Sea salt

With sea salt you can get rid of bleeding gums and to strengthen them, to get rid of bacteria and reduce inflammation. Sea salt is rich in iodine, which affects the healing process.

You can rinse the teeth with saline (1 teaspoon to a glass of warm boiled water) and gently RUB it into the gums. With the rubbing should be careful: the grains can damage the delicate mucous membranes.


With the help of chopped herbs celandine can be for a week and a half to get rid of the inflammation and bleeding of the gums. You need to make a tincture: the grass needs to fill a quart jar, pour vodka and infuse for two weeks. Before use, dilute with cool boiled water in the ratio of one to one. For best results a course of prevention of celandine should be repeated monthly.