How to cut the first teeth in a child?

The process of the emergence of the first molar leads to baby’s severe test. During this period, the parents notice how the mood of the child, and want by all means to facilitate this test. How to cut the first milk teeth in a child depend on the characteristics of the organism.

When the molars appear?

How much time cut and climb the first teeth depends on the kid’s body. Is responsible for a variety of factors, including hereditary. In some infants the process of teething starts in two months, while in others the first tooth appears only on the sixth month of life. How long to cut the first milk teeth no one can say for sure.

What we can say with accuracy is that already one year baby can boast of about eight teeth.

Parents should not worry if the to six months the baby still not teething. There’s nothing dangerous, besides the age of the eruption is not a sign of a possible development of dental problems. Dentists advise not to be nervous in vain, and the teeth will be when the time comes. How long their first baby teeth, is unable to say with certainty no dentist. This process occurs in different ways and to stimulate the growth of teeth of the baby impossible.

The order of appearance of teeth

Сколько режутся первые зубы у ребенка?

How much to cut and when the first tooth appears depends on the kid’s body. First and foremost, all children appear lower incisors in the center of the dentition. This usually occurs at the age of six months. Then, after a time, appear the upper Central incisors.

Lateral incisors appear behind the Central. This happens around the age of 10-11 months. Formation of side molars ends at about 12-15 months, i.e. a maximum of one and a half years the child already can boast a smile eight teeth.

Later just cut the fangs and the last of chewing teeth (second molars). This process usually is completed in two-three years.

Interesting fact: as a rule, the girls are teething at two months sooner than boys.

How many days are cut first milk teeth in children – it depends on the body of the baby. No one can accurately answer the question about how many days to erupt the first teeth in the individual child. This is due to the fact that the process has not always been intense, and periodically suspended. Some children feel discomfort for several days, at the same time, another child can suffer up to two weeks.

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The symptoms of teething

How long to erupt the first teeth you cannot tell for sure, but parents should know the symptoms of the appearance of the molars. The appearance of the first teeth, usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Сколько режутся первые зубы у ребенка?swelling of the gums;
  • increased salivation;
  • moodiness;
  • the need to pull in my mouth;
  • the increase in temperature.

This process gives the child great discomfort, which results in tearfulness and moodiness. If a kid feels pain, he can refuse to eat.

Special attention should be paid to increasing temperature. This symptom is not mandatory and many children are observed. The fever appears on the background of reduced immunity, as all the forces of the body directed to the process of eruption of the first incisors. If the temperature of the child rises above 37,50 C, there is no cause for concern. If the temperature is above this value, there is a risk of cold-related diseases because of reduced immunity, so the child should be shown to the doctor.

If the temperature is all the time cut the first teeth, you should consult with your doctor.

How to alleviate the condition of the baby?

How many days are cut from baby’s first teeth is difficult to answer. However, no matter how much time climbs first tooth, you can try to alleviate the condition of the baby. Parents can ease the child’s condition using modern medicine and special teethers.

At home we recommend:

  • Сколько режутся первые зубы у ребенка?symptomatic treatment;
  • to massage the gums using special child gels;
  • to give the child a teether.
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Symptomatic therapy includes antipyretics for infants. This is true if there is an increase in temperature. Usually, children syrups have analgesic effect, therefore help to reduce the discomfort caused by the eruption of incisors. Painkillers syrups should be taken as much time to erupt the first teeth. How many days will be stored discomfort while climbing teeth in children, impossible to predict.

In pharmacies sell special baby gels and creams designed for the treatment of the gums during teething. This medicines based on herbs that help reduce swelling and have a slight analgesic effect. Treatment gums to be Сколько режутся первые зубы у ребенка?parents. For this you need to wound on a finger with a sterile bandage and dipping it into the gel, gently smear the gums of the child. To enhance the effect, recommended to slightly chill the gel in the fridge.

Chilled gel has a double effect – it reduces the pain and reduces swelling by vasoconstriction. This tool should be used as much as time climb first milk teeth.

Teethers can be purchased at any pharmacy or baby goods store. This product is a ring of hypoallergenic silicone, is filled with a special gel. Before giving the child a teether, it is recommended to cool slightly in the refrigerator. Teether should apply the same amount of days to climb the first baby teeth.

What parents need to know?

The process of teething is painful not only for the child but for his parents. It’s sleepless nights, excitement and whims. However, do not despair – as soon as the teeth, the child’s behavior will improve and the crying going. Some useful facts will help parents to prepare for the appearance of the first tooth and to avoid possible errors.

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  • Сколько режутся первые зубы у ребенка?No matter when the first teeth appear. Every child is different, so don’t get nervous, if in 6 months the tooth was not seen yet.
  • Early or late teething does not affect the baby’s health. This does not mean that the baby has dental problems.
  • If instead the lower teeth in child’s first the teeth of the top row is not a reason to panic, and the peculiarities of child’s organism.
  • To facilitate the child’s status should not give him hard foods, it does not facilitate state kid, but the child could choke on. The only thing you can give to chew – chilled teether.
  • Before you start to use a baby gel, or give the child painkilling medication, you should consult with your doctor.
  • How long and how painful the first teeth to erupt will not be able to predict any doctor. It depends entirely on the body and heredity of the child. Receiving funds to facilitate state kid needs to last as long as the time their first milk teeth in children. When the child reaches the age of one should visit a pediatric dentist. This will help to avoid possible malocclusion in the future.