How to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath is a common problem among children, young people, middle aged people and the elderly, therefore knowing how to get rid of it. If you don’t have such problem, maybe it is your relatives or friends. Unpleasant smell from the mouth often causes people to be embarrassed, to feel awkward. Witnesses such problems are rarely able to state that a person has an unpleasant smell.

Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаOffer a mint, slyly smiling, but not all can offer adequate methods of getting rid of the problem situation. We believe that everyone should be minimally familiar with what to do if there is bad breath and how it can be eliminated.

Most often people are asking questions like: how to get rid of strong odor, to eliminate, to remove unpleasant bad breath, is there any tool that will help with the breath and so on.

In this article we will answer some questions. In the future this information will help you overcome the problem and to help family and friends.

Cause of pathology

We have previously noted that such a phenomenon is called halitosis. The reasons for this effect can be very much, not all of them are even associated with the oral cavity and the digestive system. Medicine can not be alarmist. If something goes wrong, you need to think logically and to think that could lead to a particular consequence. Halitosis is a consequence, not a cause. It is the manifestation of a disease or a pathology, in the best case evidence of poor oral hygiene.

Halitosis cannot be cured until, until you determine the cause and get rid of her. You will need not only logic, but also the radar, the ability to feel your own body, understand where it is a problem to analyze what is happening.

The first and most banal reason, which is found in 8-9 cases out of 10 is poor hygiene. Do you think that has brushed teeth? But if out of your mouth reeks of rotten eggs, it is not.

The oral cavity is the entrance into our body daily and there is accumulating millions of bacteria. To remove all impossible and pointless, but to get rid of them is partly necessary.

Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаBacteria destroy teeth – products of metabolism of these organisms destroy the enamel, followed by tooth decay. Microorganisms grow where there is nutrient medium. After eating the whole mouth is the agar – agar in your body. To multiply and spoil your teeth and breath they will be as long as you all don’t clean properly. And it’s not just teeth!

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The tongue, cheek, between the teeth, the hard palate is always necessary to hold a toothbrush. Language scientists have even invented a special scraper that quickly and easily cleans the body from a food RAID.

Gels, balms, mouthwash will help freshen breath. If not, rinse mouth with water after eating – even such a simple procedure will increase the chance to breathe fresh.

But there are other causes of halitosis. Among them are Smoking, abuse of coffee products, diseases of the digestive tract, mouth, teeth, organs, which are anatomically associated with the oral cavity. Intoxication, diseases of the endocrine and salivary glands can cause an unpleasant aroma. Remember: if bad, bad breath even with good hygiene, you need to urgently seek disease. Subtle symptom – halitosis is noticeable not all at once, but then the situation may be neglected.

Smell check

To ensure that the mouth really is an unpleasant smell will help simple tips:

  • Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаPoslusajte your hand, wait until the saliva gets dry, and smell its part of the body. Like? Forward to the fight against halitosis!
  • Wipe oral mucosa with a cotton swab and smell it. The unpleasant smell will be noticeable immediately.
  • Exhale air so that it came as close as possible to your nose. Can cover the back of his throat at this moment. If halitosis is, it will be noticeable.
  • Contact your dentist with the complaint. It is often impossible to determine the severity of pathology – there will a special device, measuring the level of hydrogen sulphide in the breath. This compound is well known to those who visited the swamps near the volcanoes – it smells like rotten eggs. Note that the range of odors mouth wide – from acetone and to rotten eggs.
  • Ask the relatives. Explain the situation to them and ask for understanding.
  • How to remove, to get rid of tormenting terrible unpleasant mouth odor, how to remove or delete forever breath – we’ll talk about that next. Also we’ll look at a folk remedy or cure for disgusting breath.

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    How to get rid of?

    Before describing the national and medical ways to eliminate this symptom, we again recall. Halitosis is a symptom of a disease or poor oral hygiene. Take care of your mouth is better or look for the cause in your body. While you will not eliminate the disease, the odor will return and present with varying degrees of success.

    Next, we consider the best remedy at home that will remove unfavorable smell from the mouth, what to remove, how to remove or prevent bad breath.

    Classical methods

  • Don’t let the mouth dry. The drier in your mouth, the more noticeable the fact that bacteria are. Drink plenty of water. This will not only reduce the severity of halitosis, but will also improve your General condition.
  • Use scrapers for the language
  • The structure of this body is such that between the papillae and hairs permanently stuck soft Ostyaks of food in the form of plaque. It formed optimal conditions for vital activity of bacterial organisms. Modern devices allow for quick and easy cleaning of the tongue from plaque, eliminating a potential cause of the unpleasant aroma.

  • Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаUse mouth rinses. Most of the brands, specializing in dental drugs produce rinses. Select a suitable quality and price and do not be lazy to use it twice a day. It takes only 30 seconds of time in the morning and evening, but the fresh breath will persist longer. Lacaut, Amway, President, Colgate is only a handful of companies that produce a good mouthwash.
  • Do not hesitate dental threads. Let it looks weird, but the place where the greatest number of bacteria will be cleared. Most microorganisms prefer to be between the teeth, where no one will touch.
  • Eat right. Eat more solid food, especially fiber, which not only clean the intestines, but will remove smelly plaque from the teeth. Vegetables, fruits, and any other products that will help to strengthen the immune system, protect the body from diseases. If bad breath caused by eating «smelly» food, you can always interrupt the milk, parsley, water with lemon.
  • Traditional methods

    Than rinsing, what is the best way to find from the breath and what can be treatment at home. Traditional healers claim that the treatment at home – the only question is your willingness to find everything you need for this procedure. Do not need so much to know and be able to heal myself from this affliction. The popular treatment possesses the means and halitosis. How Как избавиться от запаха изо ртаto get rid of bad breath? Read on.

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    Rinsing will cope with the task of eliminating halitosis. St. John’s wort, chamomile, birch leaves, alder, banal celery and sorrel. Ask your neighbors, relatives, and friends about whether they have a stockpile of dried herbs and start treatment rinse.

    How to remove the smell from his mouth yet? If rinsing with St. John’s wort failed to achieve the desired success in the treatment should try other means of treatment. Wormwood, the leaves of sorrel, celery, peppermint – these herbs, their infusions and decoctions, you can rinse your mouth.

    In addition to mouthwashes, can help the teas. Let’s look at what can help. St. John’s wort, chamomile, oak bark, common green tea – choose something appropriate for themselves and try.

    How to get rid of bad breath? A good result shows the use of esters and berries. Also helps olive oil. Should rinse their mouths every day about ten minutes, will disappear not only «smell», but unpleasant teeth color, as mucous membranes will be improved. Of essential oils should choose sea buckthorn.

    In search of effective remedies to eliminate the nasty breath, we forget that in nature there are herbs and drugs that protect against bad breath. We reviewed how to remove the smell from his mouth has long been known traditional therapies, as well as than it is possible to rinse your mouth with bad breath treatment.