How to quickly remove the abscess at home: first aid

Flux – a disease in which the surrounding tooth, tissues of the inflammation, and the periosteum abscess. There is severe pain, the gums become inflamed and swollen. Sometimes the swelling extends to the cheek, chin. Flux develops in two stages: the first formed the focus of inflammation, then an abscess. The disease may progress due to wrong treatment or lack thereof. Appears throbbing pain, extending into the ear, jaw, temple.

Как быстро убрать флюс в домашних условиях: первая помощьThe best option – when the first symptoms to see a doctor, he will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and, if necessary, will remove the pus. But there are times when there is no possibility to receive qualified medical assistance, in these cases you can try to cure the flux, or at least to slow down the pathological process at home.

How to quickly and effectively remove flux and its impact at home? Comprehensive treatment, including rinsing, compresses, ointments and tablets.


For rinsing the gums with the flux used herbal anti-inflammatory herbs, salt and alkaline solutions, and antiseptic pharmaceutical preparations.

Как быстро убрать флюс в домашних условиях: первая помощьThe basis for any rinse is a solution of salt and baking soda (1 teaspoon in 2 cups of water). Rinsing should be done every half hour. This will eliminate swelling and inflammation, reduce tooth pain.

Rinsing can be carried out the finished drugs sold in the pharmacy: Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, Yodinolom, Geksoralom, Furacilinum. They all have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, OTC. The procedure must be repeated several times a day, and the solution kept in the mouth for about a minute. It is not recommended to use these drugs for the treatment of flux in children, as there is a risk of ingestion.

Of herbal remedies the most effective is a decoction of sage. It can be mixed in half with a decoction of chamomile, calendula, mustard grass, oak bark, or St. John’s wort. Rinse decoction it is necessary to do as often as possible, up to 10 times per day. Also the herb sage can be mixed with the usual green tea, add ¼ teaspoon of salt and pour this mixture in a liter of boiling water. Important: it is necessary to rinse with warm liquid, not hot or cold.

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If the process of inflammation is started, the tumor spreads to the surrounding tooth tissue. Problem: how to remove manifestations of the flux on the chin and the cheek? In this case, will be effective compresses. It is important that the poultice was cold. Hot though temporarily relieve pain, but will strengthen the inflammatory process, as in a warm place, bacteria multiply much faster. In the end the amount of pus increases, the pain will only intensify. To remove this abscess will require surgical intervention.

Как быстро убрать флюс в домашних условиях: первая помощьTo make a compress, you can use the solution that is left over from rinsing. To moisten the gauze or bandage and applied to the affected area. To enhance the therapeutic effect of the compress inside you can put a spoonful of baking soda and place it between the gum and cheek for a few hours (all night).

In folk medicine has long known the healing properties of cabbage leaf. It should pokipyatit for about two minutes, cool and apply to the cheek on the outside or inside. Onion is another antiseptic that is widely used for inflammation. You need to squeeze the juice out of it, moisten the swab and apply to the affected area. Also to compress the used egg yolk mixed with vegetable oil and sugar.

At home first using the flux can be applying an ice cube to the inflamed area – method is simple and effective, cold quickly relieves swelling and reduces pain.

Creams and gels

To get rid of symptoms of flux for some time, you can use pharmaceutical ointments. They promote rapid healing of damaged gum tissues and eliminate the inflammation.

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Vishnevsky ointment stops the formation of pus and cleans it tissue. Due to the presence in its composition castor oil and birch tar decreases the pain and stops the development of bacteria. This ointment should be applied either early in the disease, either after rupture of the pus SAC. The drug is applied to the bandage or cotton swab and applied to the affected area for a few hours.

Как быстро убрать флюс в домашних условиях: первая помощьQuickly restores tissue and kills bacteria in the Throat. The drug is effective at any stage of flux, even when the pus is released. The ointment that you use 3 times a day on the affected area leave for about 3 hours.
Gel Metrogyl Denta careful rubbed into the inflamed area, after a preliminary drying with a cotton swab. Fast acting, cooling and pain relief. Apply three times a day.

Traditional medicine offers as a topical ointment to use propolis melted, mixed with hot sunflower oil. It turns out thick, aromatic ointment that is applied directly on the gums. Another recipe based on the manufacture of tincture of airbago root and propolis. This liquid must be kept in the mouth for about two minutes. In order that the tincture was not as burning and unpleasant taste it is necessary to leave the vessel open for a while.


Treatment with drugs, at home involves taking anti-inflammatory and pain pills. Some of them also have antipyretic action. To nominate yourself antibiotics can not, can only aggravate the situation.

For the treatment can be used with the following medications:

  • Nimesil – pain pills, and resolves the inflammatory process at any stage of the disease. They should take 1 thing 2 times a day. Duration of reception is determined by the severity of symptoms.
  • The pain, pills. Help to eliminate swelling, reduce inflammation, reduce purulent pouch. Depending on the magnitude of the swelling of tissues, you need to take 1 to 3 tablets per day.
  • Diclofenac – anti-inflammatory tablets to reduce swelling and pain. It is recommended to take 22-50 mg 2 times a day.
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    How you can quickly remove the abscess at home? Alas, to recover completely on their own will not work. All of these drugs only temporarily ease symptoms. Home treatment – ambulance the flux, but no way to get rid of it forever.