How to remove an inflammation of the gums at home

Dental practitioners often meet with complaints of patients to inflammation of the gums. Initially, the disease is almost without symptoms, and then causes blood while brushing teeth, pain, odor, unsteadiness of the tooth until it is lost. So the question «how to remove an inflammation of the gums» is topical, and captures the attention of not one thousand people all over the world.

Inflammation of the gums – the process is not only unpleasant and violates the comfort of its owner, but the first sign of a disease and improper care for the oral cavity. To relieve inflammation of the gums in the home, as does the experience of thousands of patients using the rinse infusions of herbs, with the use of antiseptics or antibiotics. But first you need to determine the origins of the inflammatory process.

The cause of the inflammation

At home to relieve inflammation of the gums possible, but in cases when the process arose as a result of running of the disease need the help of a dentist. Inflammation can occur in the following cases:

  • Как снять воспаление десны в домашних условияхPeriodontitis. In addition to inflammation of the soft tissues in the symptoms include: sharp pain, swelling cheeks, wobbly teeth, in some cases, may be present on the mucosa of the small wound, from which comes the pus. The disease is contagious and appears as a result of sinusitis, running pulpitis or poor treatment of acute pulpitis;
  • Gingivitis. Disease indicate bleeding, the presence of deposits on the enamel, redness of soft tissue, pain when pressed. In such advanced cases, that the organism ceases to resist disease, is an unpleasant smell, increasing the temperature on the surface of the mucosa occurs white patches. In most cases, the symptoms are almost imperceptible. Gingivitis occurs as a result of improper care of teeth, when the failure of hormonal background or in trauma of the mucous incorrectly installed a crown or filling;
  • Periodontitis. Is characterized by inflammation that threatens the destruction of the tooth. Upon the occurrence of the disease is observed: the appearance of blood when brushing your teeth, unpleasant smell, discomfort when chewing, the peeling of the gums from the tooth root, itching and throbbing in the gums. In acute course of the disease may experience severe toothache, the output of pus from the gums, fever, redness of the gums. Periodontitis is an infectious disease that is a complication when running the gingivitis or if the wrong approach to the restoration of the destroyed tooth. Also periodontitis occurs when inferior food that is not enriched with necessary microelements.
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Before you make a decision on how inflammation of the gums can be removed at home, you need to visit the dentist’s office.


Как снять воспаление десны в домашних условияхIf the inflammation has arisen on the background of the incorrectly installed seal, trying to remove the gum will not bring success. Definitely need to visit the dentist who put the wrong seal, and tell them about the problem. After you reinstall the seals the problem should go away on their own. But a visit to the doctor the condition can be relieved with painkillers:

  • Analgin;
  • Ketanov;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • The paracetamol.

Than rent at home inflammation of the gums, if the seal set right, and the bleeding still bother you? In this case, come to the aid of gels topical application.

They efficiently help with pain and reduce inflammation at home gum covering an invisible film, which eliminates the burning, itching and redness of the soft tissues. Dentists recommend the following types of drugs:

  • «Metrogil Denta». Well anesthetic the affected area, has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves itching. When applied to home remedy should be applied to the damaged gums a couple of times a day, rinsing the mouth before that for getting rid of remnants of food;
  • «Solkoseril». The drug in pharmacies is offered in the form of gels for treatment of open abrasions on the gums and ointments in the treatment of the inflammatory process within the tissues. Perfectly used at home remedy for gingivitis. Has on the mucosa of active regenerating effect and anesthetic effect, apply the recommended three times a day;
  • «Dental». Contain corn oil, which coats the damaged area and relieves the pain. You need to apply with light massage movements not more than 4 times a day;
  • «Holisal». The gel, which at home works instantly and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect along with local anesthesia. Pain relief occurs within a few minutes after application. For complete elimination of inflammation is important to apply the tool to the surface of the mucosa of not more than 3 times a day for weeks;
  • «Forest balsam». The drug containing propolis, which already tells about its antimicrobial properties. Relieves bleeding gums, good anesthetic and has a regenerating effect. The gel is used not only for treatment but also for prevention of inflammatory processes in the tissues.
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Rinsing with inflammation of the gums

Rinsing can be called indispensable method in order to inflammation of the gums to remove at home. They help remove food debris and to carry out the necessary remedial measures. For the procedure suitable pharmacy solutions or infusions.

Pharmaceutical preparations convenient to use, they have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to remove the burning sensation and get rid of pathogenic microorganisms.

From pharmacy solutions dentists recommend to use the following:

  • Как снять воспаление десны в домашних условияхChlorhexidine. Use after meals for disinfection;
  • Furatsilin. Tablets are dissolved in warm water to rinse several times a day;
  • Chlorophyllipt. The solution was diluted with water and hold a mouth rinse 3 times per day;
  • Rotokan or hydrogen peroxide is used to eliminate inflammation. The solution is diluted with warm water regularly and rinse the mouth until the complete elimination of inflammation;
  • Malavit or «Forest balsam» is used for relieving pain, dissolving the drug in water and rinse through until recovery.
  • Help to remove inflammation of the gums as drugs and medicinal herbs:

  • Calendula or chamomile have disinfecting properties;
  • Yarrow and sage efficiently cure the inflammation and pain;
  • St. John’s wort and oak bark helps to strengthen the gum tissue.
  • As in house conditions to remove the gum with herbs? For an infusion of dry flowers or leaves, pour boiling water, infuse for half an hour and the cooled infusion to rinse. You need to use the infusion in order to remove the gum, the sooner the better, as the healing properties of herbs cannot be stored for long.

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    Treatment of folk remedies

    Как снять воспаление десны в домашних условияхThan rent at home inflammation of the gums? The answer to this question has in folk medicine. Therapeutic compositions are prepared from all natural ingredients that are at hand at the moment. For applications and masks used medicinal plants, bee wax, honey, freshly squeezed vegetable juices.

    Good at home mask with raw beets. It must grate on a fine grater, add to the mass a little vegetable oil and applied in the form of applications to the damaged area 3-4 times a day, keep the mask for about 15 minutes.

    Is it possible to remove inflammation of the gums something else? Traditional medicine offers interesting recipe on the basis of tooth powder and herbs. It is necessary to take the roots of bergenia, some dried clove buds, leaves, galingale, and grind using a blender. The resulting mass is mixed with tooth powder and applied to the gums twice a day for 10 days with a wet toothbrush, leave it for a few minutes. Then, you should rinse your mouth with chamomile.