How to remove flux and swelling from the face at home

How to remove swelling from a flux in the home, if there is no possibility or desire to go to the dentist? For help to come homemade recipes, proven over the years.

The danger of the flux is that it can occur suddenly. Even if yesterday didn’t have any problems with your teeth, a night can be a huge painful swelling. The best option is to immediately consult a doctor, but the record may extend over several days, and discomfort from the tumor can be serious. There is a need as soon as possible to remove a dental abscess, or rather pain, that he delivers.

What is the flux

Как быстро снять флюс и опухоль с лица в домашних условияхDental abscess (abscess of jaw) – purulent inflammation of the tooth root. The first symptom is redness in the problem area of the gums, which is usually just not paying attention. Later on the gums appears purulent bump, «blowing» of the gums. Touch the tumor may entire face a possible transition to the lower eyelid, the nose, the lips. The maturation process of the purulent SAC at the root of the tooth is accompanied by severe pain, fever and General malaise.

The cause of the flux can be:

  • mechanical injuries to the gums or the tooth;
  • deep decay, which has passed into the root;
  • viral or infectious diseases;
  • bad oral hygiene;
  • inflammation of the gingival pockets.

The main therapeutic task is to get rid of the accumulated pus and to remove the face of the swelling from inflammation of the tooth.

In some cases, the abscess may break yourself out. There is another option: the pus will spread throughout the body, leading to an abscess or cellulitis. What is the difference between removing tumors from the tooth flux in the clinic from the treatment at home?

In the clinic, the dentist needs to open the gum to drain the fluid and treat the area with antiseptic agents. May need drainage – rubber rim that will not let the wound heal before it is released all the pus. The course of treatment should be complemented with antibiotics.

Как быстро снять флюс и опухоль с лица в домашних условияхTimely treatment will help to save the tooth and reduce the risk of re-infection. Fast enough to remove the tumor the flux can be at home, in other action, the key is to start treatment immediately after the onset of symptoms. It is possible to resort to different remedies and pharmaceutical drugs.

The basic prohibition pertains to opening the abscess. First, high risk of blood infection, which will lead to even more tragic consequences. Secondly, at home it is not always possible to completely get rid of the pus. The swelling subsides a bit, but the inflammatory process will continue.

Treatment at home antibiotics

One of the most effective options for rapid removal of the edema when the flux is anti-inflammatory remedies and antibiotics. Assign yourself some money can be not only dangerous, but not too effective. To find the right drug, the doctor should examine the problem tooth, to interview the patient and decide which treatment is required at this stage of the disease.

When there was a severe purulent inflammation, antibiotics should be a subsidiary tool. In the absence of purulent pouch medications can help to relieve the swelling quickly to numb the pain and eliminate the symptoms of the flux.

Как быстро снять флюс и опухоль с лица в домашних условияхMost often, dentists recommend the following tools:

  • Tsifran;
  • Amoxiclav;
  • Doxycycline;
  • Ampiox;
  • Lincomycin.

The schedule and dosage will depend on General health and severity of the disease. Theoretically, to plan a course of treatment, you can use the instructions for use, but it is worth remembering that self-medication carries certain risks, and antibiotics have contraindications and side effects, it is better to visit the dentist.

Folk remedies

If it so happened that the disease was caught off guard, far from home, and you need to quickly remove the flux arising from swelling – you can use folk remedies. Not in every situation, they can become an alternative to the full treatment, but it can remove the primary problem is a painful tumor.

How to remove the face of the swelling in a short time?

Soda and salt

A teaspoon of baking soda and salt dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water. This recipe will not remove the tumor, but will provoke a quick ripening of the boil, and then remove it easier.

Rinsing mouth with the solution every half hour. Painful sensations will pass after a few rinses.

Green tea and sage

Per Cup of boiling water on a teaspoon of green tea without additives and dried sage. The mixture needs to brew and brew well, after you drain and add a few pinches of salt. You need to rinse your mouth with warm solution.

On the basis of oak bark

Как быстро снять флюс и опухоль с лица в домашних условияхIn a liter of boiling water add 10 grams. calamus root, oak bark, sage leaves and nettle. Infuse for two hours, then drain and cool. Rinse with warm liquid every two hours until, until it passes over.


Teaspoon of tincture of calendula alcohol diluted in a glass of warm boiled water. Rinse your mouth at least six times per day, longer need to keep the fluid in the cheek with the flux.

Sage and yellow

60 gr. grass yellow and dried sage brewed 1.5 cups of boiling water. You can rinse after cooling, a minimum of eight times a day. To Supplement this mixture with oak bark, and St. John’s wort, add more water.


A couple of cups of boiling water 4 tbsp. chopped lemon balm, leave for four hours. Rinsing flux every 30-40 minutes until, until the pain begins to decrease.


To get rid of severe pain help honey-propolis – just chew it throughout the day. To relieve the inflammation should be 5% extract of propolis on alcohol – it is needed to lubricate the problem areas.

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