How to treat cheilitis on the lips and its causes

The disease is of an inflammatory nature, affecting the lips and the skin around them is called cheilitis. The disease causes severe discomfort and spoils the visual appeal, and therefore requires timely treatment.

What is cheilitis?

The red border around the lips is very sensitive and reacts to inflammation with sores, wounds and festering sores. Such symptoms accompany cheilitis on the lips, which can be as independent disease, and a complication in a severe disease. Cheilitis, sometimes known as Zayed, may signal the presence of infection in the mouth or infections of the internal organs.

The causes of disease and symptoms

There are four most common causes of Halitov on the lips:

  • Как лечить хейлит на губах и причины его появленияan allergic reaction to the dyes included in the composition of glosses and lipsticks;
  • exposure to UV rays, sunburn, hypothermia;
  • infectious diseases of the internal organs or the mouth;
  • skin diseases.

The use of poor-quality cosmetics for lips can cause discomfort and inflammation of the edges around the mouth. So the skin responds to aggressive dyes that are included with cheap lipsticks.

The disease can develop as a complication in infectious inflammation of internal organs. Cheilitis often develops on the background of skin diseases – dermatitis, eczema, lichen.

The disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • swelling and skin peeling of the lips;
  • the emergence of painful bleeding cracks;
  • inflammation of the edges around the mouth;
  • the formation of bubbles and purulent crusts on the lips.

In order to treat cheilitis effectively, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination and identify the cause of the disease.

The types Halitov

Cheilitis is divided into two types – symptomatic and distinct disease. Independently cheilitis develops under the influence of any negative factors, and the disease is symptomatic complication after diseases.

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As an independent disease, cheilitis is of several types:

  • Как лечить хейлит на губах и причины его появленияdisease of the glandular type;
  • exfoliative cheilitis;
  • disease of allergic nature;
  • the meteorological form of cheilitis.

Glandular type develops due to the congenital abnormalities of the salivary glands in which they grow. You experience peeling of the skin of the lips and cracking.

Exfoliative cheilitis develops due to excessive dryness of the skin on the background of neurological diseases or diseases of the thyroid gland. You experience burning, dryness and tightness of skin cracks that bleed and cause discomfort while eating or laughing.

In allergic form of the disease there is swelling, redness and burning sensation. This form is caused by skin contact of the lips with a strong allergen that can be contained in decorative cosmetics.

Meteorological cheilitis caused by the action of ultraviolet light or frost on lips. This is characterized by the formation of erosions, burning and itching. This form of disease is most often found in men.

How to treat cheilitis, appears on the lips, depends on the type of disease.

How to treat cheilitis?

With the appearance of unpleasant sensations, peeling and erosions on the skin of the lips should visit a dentist for diagnosis. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination and will determine how to treat cheilitis in a particular case. To determine the form of the disease, the doctor may take tissue analysis.

Как лечить хейлит на губах и причины его появленияExfoliative cheilitis may be chronic in nature. The disease often develops due to stress, disorders of the nervous system or diseases of the thyroid gland. Exfoliative cheilitis requires comprehensive treatment, so often shown a consultation with a neurologist and an endocrinologist. The doctor may prescribe sedatives. Used for the treatment of greasy ointments, and antihistamines, which help reduce swelling and flaking.

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Exfoliative cheilitis can become chronic, treatment which takes a long time, so when the first symptoms should immediately visit the doctor.

Cheilitis is a disease of an inflammatory nature, so treatment means to use the ointment, the components of which are aimed at combating infection, triggering inflammation.

If the disease is caused by the action of weather conditions, shows the intake of vitamins and consistent use of protective equipment.

For the treatment of glandular shape shows the application of antiseptic ointments and creams, as well as sanitation of the oral cavity and to restore the microflora of the mucosa.

If cheilitis is a complication of infectious diseases of internal organs, apply antiseptic and antibacterial ointments which are applied on the skin of the lips. An important role is played by raising the immunity, so the doctor may prescribe vitamins or immunomodulators.

Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional medicine offers the following methods of dealing with Haltom on the lips.

  • Как лечить хейлит на губах и причины его появленияPropolis helps to reduce inflammation as well as nourishes the skin and nourishes the necessary trace elements. To treat the problem you must daily apply a small amount of propolis to the affected areas of the lips. The tool is maintained for about 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water.
  • The healing of cracks and erosions on the lips helps aloe juice. It is necessary to lubricate the affected areas juice 2-3 times a day.
  • Chamomile is an effective natural antiseptic that will help to accelerate the healing of cracks. It is necessary to prepare a decoction of the flowers and apply it as a compress to the inflamed area 2-3 times a day.
  • The methods of traditional medicine should be used only after consulting a doctor.

    Preventive measures

    Prevention of cheilitis implies protection of lip skin against the influence of negative environmental factors. Delicate skin needs to nourish and protect against UV damage and frost. For nutrition and moisturizing daily is recommended to put on the lips of olive oil. Before going out on the street at any time of the year should wear protective chapstick with natural ingredients.

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    Как лечить хейлит на губах и причины его появленияIt is recommended to reduce the consumption of spicy and salty foods that irritate and cause dryness of the lips. You need to eat sufficient amounts of fruits, vegetables and dairy products, which support the normal microflora in the oral mucosa.

    Insufficient oral hygiene leads to accumulation of germs on enamel. This causes a violation of the microflora of the oral cavity and is often caused by inflammation of the skin of the lips. Meticulous oral hygiene will not only protect the teeth, but will help to avoid the development of cheilitis.

    Dryness of lips is often the result of vitamin deficiency and is accompanied by reduced immunity in any colds. It is recommended to introduce in the diet of more foods rich in vitamins and microelements, as well as annually to take a course of vitamins.