How to treat dental abscess

Suppurative periostitis is popularly called flux. Is an inflammatory process, developing in the periosteum. Main symptoms is the formation on the gums of the pouch, filled with necrotic masses. Edema of the mucous membranes and soft tissues of the face. What to do in such cases and how to treat the abscess at home quickly?

Causes and symptoms of flux

The main cause of periostitis is neglected dental caries, pulpitis. To trigger the development of the flux can mechanical trauma, chronic diseases of internal organs, gingival pockets, odontogenic cyst. Pathogenic microorganisms through the formed Как в домашних условиях лечить флюсcavity in the crown into the pulp and on to the roots, the periodontal tissues. Develops acute inflammatory process. Purulent masses make their way through the periosteum, trying to find a way for the outflow of exudate.

Patients experience intense throbbing pain, increased body temperature up to 37-38 is a significant swelling of the face and mucous membranes. On the gums at the apex of the root of the redness, and then suppuration, compacted submandibular lymph nodes. Flux can spontaneously fold and form fistulous course through which the moving away of necrotic mass.

Acute symptoms are most often found in young people and children. In old age the abscess occurs less pronounced in the chronic form.

Dental treatment

How to get rid of flux? The abscess requires urgent dental treatment. If you delay the visit to the doctor for a long time to drink painkillers, the disease can cause severe consequences. Festering mass will spread into the muscle tissue of the face or jaw bone. Formed abscess, abscess, osteomyelitis, these diseases threat to human life, because they can cause blood poisoning.

How to quickly cure a dental abscess? The treatment is performed surgically. The abscess open and establish drainage for the outflow of exudate. The wound is washed with antiseptics. The affected tooth is removed or sealed, taking into account clinical evidence.

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How to treat the flux on the gums at home? Patient is prescribed regular antibacterial rinses, antibiotics, analgesics, antipyretic drugs. A few days later the drain is removed.

Treatment of flux at home

What to do with the inflammation of the gums when the flux in the home, than rinse your mouth? If it is not possible to immediately visit a doctor to alleviate the condition, you can use antiseptic Как в домашних условиях лечить флюсtreatments. This mouth rinse solutions of baking soda and salt, Furacilinum, Hlorgeksidinom, Hlorofillipta.

Treatment pharmacy drugs is carried out 5-6 times a day. Antibacterial agents normalize the intestinal microflora, inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation.

Treatment of the flux on the gums at home you can perform with baking soda, which should be on every kitchen. Sodium bicarbonate is a weak antiseptic, so helps in the therapy of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity. To prepare the solution you will need 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and the same of salt. Dissolve the ingredients in 1 Cup of warm water. This tool performs rinsing.

As home to cure the flux and get rid of edema, inflammation? Good therapeutic effect is the use of decoctions of medicinal herbs.

You can buy ready-made pharmaceutical facility, for example, Rotokan or cook it yourself. For brewing use sage, oak bark, calendula flowers, birch buds, chamomile or peppermint. Plants have anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antibacterial and mild analgesic effect.

To prepare the broth 1 tablespoon dry grass, filled with 0.5 liters of water. Means bring to the boil and keep on low heat for another 15 minutes. It is then allowed to stand for 2 hours. After the broth is filtered and used for rinsing the oral cavity.

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Как в домашних условиях лечить флюсHow to cure the flu, to get rid of the swelling at home? Will help treatment with antibacterial compresses. To do this, moisten gauze in a decoction of herbs or soda solution and applied to a flux. The compress should be cool, it should be kept for 5-10 minutes. For these procedures, the broth should brew more concentrated.

What else is the remedy of flux can be applied at home? The flux helps compresses with Dimexidum. It’s anti-inflammatory drug that can penetrate the mucous membranes and act on the inflammation from the inside. The medication has a local anesthetic action that amazes even those bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics. Compresses with Dimexidum need to do 2-3 times a day. The drug has contraindications, so it should be used only on prescription.

What else helps with the flux? You can use fresh aloe leaf. First it must be washed, cut lengthwise and flesh to attach to the site of inflammation. Compress relieves irritation and redness of the mucous membrane, inhibits pathogenic microflora, promotes the normalization of blood circulation and mineral metabolism in the tissues of the alveolar process.

If the flux was revealed, rinse mouth antiseptics, you can make a suitable ointment Metrogyl Denta. This drug contains an antibiotic, has antibacterial action.

What not to do when the flux

What treatment cannot be performed when the flux independently at home?

  • Как в домашних условиях лечить флюсdo not attempt to open the abscess;
  • it is forbidden to make a hot compress, this will increase inflammation and swelling;
  • you shouldn’t take antibiotics, medicines selected by the doctor based on the pathogen;
  • long-term use of painkillers and postponing a visit to the doctor will lead to the transition of the disease into a chronic form, or cause severe complications.
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Self-treatment with antibiotics fails, as you must first remove the cause of inflammation. This requires the treatment of the patient’s tooth, to provide outflow of pus from the periosteum. For an arbitrary opening of the abscess patients feel temporary relief, but this does not mean that the disease has passed. The wound should be carefully washed and cure tooth. Therefore, treatment of the flux and elimination of the symptoms in the home can only be made when there is no possibility to visit a doctor.

It is important to conduct regular examination to the dentist 2 times a year to prevent late stages of the disease. Timely treatment of dental caries protects against the development of pulpitis, periodontitis and other pathologies of the oral cavity.