How to treat periodontal disease

How to treat periodontal disease – the question is very relevant, because the correct answer depends on the result of treatment. Should immediately make a reservation, what’s different about this disease from periodontitis because patients dentistry, as a rule, the names of these diseases are synonymous.

Causes of development of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a systemic disease characterized by pathological changes of the periodontium (periodontal tissues) leading to atrophy of the cells of the teeth or, in medical Как лечить пародонтозterminology, of the alveolar processes. In addition, dystrophic changes to the gums, mucous membrane and ligaments of the teeth. A distinctive feature of this disease is the absence of inflammatory processes.

The prevalence of periodontal disease is small – just over 2% of the population of the globe suffer from it, at the time, as the incidence of periodontitis has exceeded 95%. Intrigue of the disease lies in the absence of symptoms at the initial stage of the disease, and gum disease treatment is a long process.

Why is the illness

It is believed that the primary cause of degenerative processes in the periodontal tissues is circulatory failure caused by the pressure drop in the arterioles that feed the periodontal tissue and the tooth. This may be caused by pathological changes in blood vessels, in particular, the narrowing of the lumen. Periodontal tissues begin to experience the acute lack of nutrients.

If such processes are taking place, the gums become pale, her cloth changing, being replaced by cartilage, not so demanding to the blood supply. With the progression of vascular disease even for cartilage nutrition is insufficient. For this reason, in the cartilaginous tissue deposited salt deposits, and the gums starts to emit a crunch. The patient began to be troubled by the question of how to treat periodontal disease.

Как лечить пародонтозIt is believed that the presence of diabetes and problems with the gastrointestinal tract can be the cause of the disease, so the treatment of periodontal disease without addressing the concomitant diseases are ineffective.

With periodontitis no tooth decay, so it is especially annoying when there is a perfectly healthy tooth. This happens because of atrophy of the ligaments, the teeth disappears a solid «Foundation» and nothing holds in place. Is it possible to permanently cure periodontal disease? Most likely Yes, but the rest of my life need to monitor oral health and to comply with its hygiene.

The main symptoms

List the main symptoms that will help you to suspect it:

  • affects the teeth in both jaws, at the time, as periodontal disease is localized to one or more teeth;
  • appears tooth sensitivity to cold foods or chemicals;
  • bleeding gums and swelling is absent;
  • gingival pockets are absent or shallow;
  • between the teeth pop up at intervals;
  • arise wedge-shaped defects of enamel (non-carious).

Treatment of periodontal disease

In case of suspicion of such disease should immediately consult a dentist, if needed, can refer you to the periodontist. In periodontitis, the gums need to know how to treat so as not to harm and not to aggravate the situation.
To answer the question of how to properly treat periodontal disease of the gums, you must know the answers to these questions:

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  • Как лечить пародонтозIs there any teeth to be removed.
  • Is there a genetic predisposition to the disease.
  • What are the associated diseases (disorders of the endocrine glands, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, or systemic failure of bone tissue).
  • How to cure periodontal disease? The answer is no. This requires an integrated approach and the only treatment with the use of different methods gives noticeable positive results.

    Gum disease treatment – is primarily a complex of medical procedures due to the complexity of the disease itself.

    Modern methods of treatment of periodontal disease

    According to the results of diagnostics and clinical data the treatment of periodontitis is carried out in an individual plan. Due to the high development of medical technologies, even advanced stage of the disease can be successfully treated. An integrated approach in the treatment of periodontal disease is such kinds of dental care:

    • orthopedic;
    • therapeutic;
    • surgical;
    • physiotherapy.

    Special attention should be paid to massage the gums because it could activate blood circulation and stimulate the regeneration of tissues. Symptomatic therapy is required when tooth sensitivity and pain with itching in the gums. In addition, the use of antibacterial drugs are often complements the complex of therapeutic measures.

    How to permanently cure periodontal disease? The question is moot, because the disease requires lifelong preventive treatment.

    Treatment with medicines

    The decision about how periodontal disease be treated with medication, should remain with the doctor. The main goal of this therapy is to help eliminate the causes of disease. This can be assigned to the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes. Studies have shown that lack of zinc, copper and iron can be the cause of the disease. To take any Как лечить пародонтозmedications by yourself is a risky undertaking that might jeopardize the success of therapy.

    Methods of treatment of periodontal disease can be divided into local and General. Oral medications should reduce inflammation, improve blood supply and to compensate for the deficit of important substances in the body. Good results showed the drug «Trental», which is aimed at expanding the blood vessels, which significantly improves the periodontal status. Upon accession of infection, antibiotic therapy is carried out.

    Local therapy in dentistry involves the effect on the gum by medication applications or rinses. Mouth rinse when dissolved in water, hydrogen peroxide not only disinfects and promote healing of microcracks, but also softens Tartar deposits, contributing to its soft deleted. If a strong bleeding gums recommended some time to clean the teeth with a piece of cotton soaked in hydrogen peroxide, rubbing also and gums.

    In marked inflammatory process is recommended to rinse the mouth with chlorhexidine. In addition, as periodontal disease be treated with medication, official dentistry is considered to be a useful addition to rinse the mouth with decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. Well established oak bark, chamomile flowers, calendula and Linden.

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    Surgical method of treatment

    How to treat periodontal disease by surgery in dentistry is a very broad topic. In advanced stages of the disease such intervention will help to preserve teeth and restore their functionality. The main method is the excision of a small section of the gums and transplant it on an exposed part of the tooth root. This method is called patchwork of the operation. The survival rate of tissue almost completely, and the probability of recovery of the gums is also very high.

    Как лечить пародонтозOccasionally tearing of the gums and its closure, while it rises and closes the root of the tooth, but the treatment of periodontal disease by this method is not always effective. A decision in favor of the transaction made in case of loosening of the dentition, the gingival pocket depth of 5 mm, the teeth are displaced and there is a strong bleeding gums.

    Surgically treated if periodontal disease is difficult to answer because a positive result depends on the correct operation and continued maintenance of the oral cavity, drug therapy.

    The most common surgical intervention is the cleaning of the gingival pockets of Tartar. This procedure is called curettage. Its importance cannot be overstated, as without this procedure, the success of treatment is in doubt, because the removal of dental plaque and eliminate harmful bacteria. Sometimes the procedure is painful and has some complications. As an alternative to treat periodontal disease teeth? Modern medicine has in its Arsenal of cleaning of Tartar with ultrasound and laser, by using the apparatus «Vector». This ensures high quality and painless procedure.

    Injection methods of exposure

    As periodontal disease is treated with injections? How effective is this method? The answer is Yes. Injections in the gums with such effective fibs, vitamin C, which helps to relieve inflammation and strengthen the tissues of the periodontium. Injection with lydasum will improve cellular respiration in the tissues of the oral cavity. The only caution – in any case, do not attempt to enter these drugs. Injections in the gums is a procedure performed by the dentist in the clinic.

    Laser therapy

    Than to treat neglected periodontal disease the laser? This method is highly efficient, and security also applies to children, pregnant women and Allergy sufferers.

    Как лечить пародонтозHighest quality cleaning of the gingival pockets leaves behind all the other methods of purification. The patient does not require anesthesia and only in some cases using local anesthesia. When cleaning the teeth are polished, destroyed harmful microorganisms. After the procedure noted better fit the gums and tooth.

    How to cure laser periodontal disease teeth? For full recovery you need to go about three courses, but after the first year the results can not be ignored. Dentists claim that the gum tissue improves its condition, more than 55%.

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    Treatment of periodontal disease applying the photosensitizing gel for a quarter of an hour. During this period determined the harmful bacteria. After washing the gel start to interact with the laser on periodontal pockets in less than 2 minutes. The bacteria are killed because the oxygen remaining photosensitizing substance. Tissue not travmiruya. The laser cut through the gums, eliminates bleeding at the same time, because it brews all the damage. The effect of the ray activates the regeneration and metabolism in the periodontal tissues.

    The apparatus «Vector» vs periodontal disease

    Conversation about, what else treat periodontal disease of the gums in dental clinics can last a very long time. These methods provide detailed information about the complex therapy of this disease.

    Recently became very popular and the apparatus «Vector», which is laser treatment. The use of this time to recover from this unpleasant disease decreased markedly. Fast regeneration of the tissue, no bleeding and very high quality cleaning plaque and gingival pockets opened for «Vector» doors of most of the dental clinics.

    Как лечить пародонтозThe apparatus «Vector» is the best that can treat periodontal disease of the gums, even in the most severe cases. Compared with ultrasonic cleaning that can clean up only to a depth of 5 mm, the device has a two-fold advantage of allowing cleaning of deep pockets up to 11 mm.

    The use of nozzles of different forms allows it to penetrate into the most inaccessible areas of the oral cavity. The session lasts no more than two hours. Its duration depends on the number of teeth that need treating. Re-visiting the dentist – not earlier than two weeks after the procedure. If necessary, the session is repeated to produce the expected results. Further schedule of visits is determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s condition.

    Even the most expensive and state of the art treatment is powerless against the violation of the hygiene of the oral cavity. If, after achieved therapeutic effect, the patient will disregard the rules of cleaning teeth, the regularity of this procedure, the disease will not be slow to return. Sound approach to your health can help prevent periodontal disease and question whether it is possible to cure periodontal disease will never bother such a person.