How to treat sores in mouth in children quickly at home

Stomatitis — inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth, caused by a variety of stimuli. This disease occurs often enough, but the correct diagnosis is difficult. The fact is that many diseases of the body proceed from the same symptoms. Below you can find information about what are the forms of the disease and how to treat stomatitis.

Causes symptoms of stomatitis

  • Чем лечить стоматит во рту у детей быстро в домашних условияхBacteria and viruses – that cause the most common, but the development of the disease from such pathogens, should be additional factors that trigger disease development. With the question of how to get rid of this disease, to the doctor not to go, you just need to take antiviral medications;
  • Injury to the mucosa (burns, physical impact) – patients often notice the disease symptoms after injury of the mucosa. They turn to a specialist after the injury for a variety of reasons: occlusion of the cheeks; scratch chip crown; damage to the mucosa of solid food; burn and so on;
  • Improper diet;
  • Poor oral hygiene;
  • The use of toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, such hygiene products can harm the mucous membrane, they reduce saliva production, which leads to dehydration of the oral cavity;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs.

Classification of the disease

In the classification of stomatitis, dentists rely on the reasons of their agents in adults and children. Thus, the stomatitis are:

  • Chemical is a disease that is formed due to chemical burns of the oral cavity;
  • Virus – the causative agent is the herpes virus or other pathological bacteria. Such agents lead to the emergence of lesions in the mouth that have transparent content, as long as the primary causative agents do not join the secondary bacterial flora;
  • Radiation occur due to radiation sickness;
  • Fungal is most often occur after taking drugs that impair the functioning of the immune system. Manifested in dense white deposits on mucous membranes.

The question how to cure thrush fast at home may not be a clear answer until, until you see your doctor. Treatment may vary considerably, depending on the type of disease.

Common symptoms

With all the types of mucosal lesions in the mouth in adults, characterized by the presence of the disease are:

1. Чем лечить стоматит во рту у детей быстро в домашних условияхIn the initial stages, before the formation of ulcers in the mouth in the affected areas of redness appear. Then the area around the formation of swollen, painful sensations appear;
2. In the second stage of manifestation of disease, on the second day of the course, the redness turns into a white sore with a red rim, center has a white pellicle. At this stage, patients begin to wonder how to cure thrush in the mouth fast the first pain already do not give rest;
3. To accompany the emergence of ulcers can symptoms such as: excessive salivation; bleeding gums and bad breath;
4. Pain. It so happens that they are so strong that interfere with normal functioning. Becomes impossible the normal chewing of food, difficult to talk;
5. General weakness of the body;
6. Swollen lymph nodes and a significant increase in temperature – such symptoms are typical of acute manifestations of the disease;
7. Most often the sores appear on the inside of the lips, cheeks, palate and tonsils.

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Recommendations for treatment

Treatment for stomatitis depends on its form and severity. The drugs used in the treatment, designed to eliminate the discomfort caused by the disease and prevent its progression and transition in the chronic form, in which the disease recurs periodically.

Today developed a special technique of treatment for each form of manifestation of the disease in adults. Also in conjunction with the General treatment of an individual approach to the treatment of each case. Drugs, which are used in stomatology to treat stomatitis can be divided into the following groups:

  • Чем лечить стоматит во рту у детей быстро в домашних условияхAnti-inflammatory agents they can be supplied in various forms: ointments, sprays, gels, tablets for sucking;
  • Antiviral and antifungal. They are assigned depending on the form of the disease and the reasons for its occurrence. Used these medications in the initial stages of the disease.
  • Immunomodulators – the tools that support and improve the functioning of the immune system;
  • Symptomatic drugs are used for getting rid of the symptomatic manifestations of the disease, for example, antipyretic tablets.

Treatment of each form of stomatitis

Take a closer look.

Allergic stomatitis

Today, about 30% of the population from-for bad ecology suffers from any allergic reactions to different substances, it can be: pollen; animal dander; foods eaten and so on. Allergic reactions can also occur to medications or materials from which dentures are made.

Treatment of this kind of stomatitis in adults is to get rid of the substance causing the allergic reaction, also helps drugs get rid of symptoms of Allergy. The question how to cure this stomatitis at home, the answer is the same, determine what caused the Allergy, get rid of it and take anti-Allergy drugs.

Herpetic stomatitis

Чем лечить стоматит во рту у детей быстро в домашних условияхThe most common type of viral stomatitis in adults and children. The fact is that 90% of the population of people infected with the herpes virus, this virus is very hard we get it still in its infancy, and it remains for life. While the herpes virus is in a latent or dormant, it does not cause any discomfort to the bearer.

However, if you match the cases of weakness of the body, fatigue, weakened immunity, as well as simple physical damage of the oral mucosa, mischief, virus will make itself felt and manifested in the form of herpetic stomatitis. The manifestation of the disease starts with a group formation of small bubbles. When they burst, it may happen that they are merged into a single ulcer, which becomes quite painful and brings considerable discomfort.

How to cure herpes stomatitis in adults?

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • The reduction or complete removal of pain;
  • The removal of inflammation anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Use of antivirals;
  • The consumption of large amounts of vitamins to support immunity;
  • Will help well as special washes and infusions of herbs.
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The manifestation of aphthous stomatitis in children or adults observed eruptions on the oral mucosa, single or multiple. If the disease is in the chronic form, periodically heal aphthae, then appear again, the disease may be delayed, and the treatment takes up to one year. If in 1-2 weeks the ulcers heal, the disease can become necrotic form. In this form of the disease suggests that the patient has serious health problems in the General plan. So with necrotic form of aphthous stomatitis, the patient may suffer from immunodeficiency or leukemia.

While it is not clear the causes of the manifestations of stomatitis of this species. Some scientists believe that it appears due to the common mucosal lesions with the herpes virus, while others claim that it is the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, however, the disease is successfully treated in early stages.

How to treat stomatitis of this character? To do this, use the following set of activities:

  • Чем лечить стоматит во рту у детей быстро в домашних условияхDrying aft boric acid, for this purpose preparing a solution from the infusion of chamomile and boric acid. On the glass of the decoction is taken 4 grams. Boric acid, this solution rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day;
  • Antiseptic gargle with hydrogen peroxide – this is also something that is very good for stomatitis, it must be diluted with water 1: 1 and run periodically rinse;
  • Helps to detoxify tiosulfat sodium;
  • In acute forms of manifestation you can use sedatives and antihistamines;
  • Exclusion from the diet foods that can harm the lining of the mouth, following a special diet;
  • Along the way, be sure to consult your doctor may be the manifestation of the disease is associated with other serious diseases of the body
  • Candida

    This kind of stomatitis is manifested in a significant weakening of the body in adults or children. Most often it occurs in patients with HIV, diabetes, tuberculosis and other diseases, greatly weakening the body. The reason for this is the fungus Candida which is always in your mouth, but begins to manifest itself in the form of thrush only in the presence of catalysts. The hallmark of this disease symptoms is the appearance in the initial stages of white spots, if they are removed there is swelling of the affected places. Obvious symptoms of this disease are: dry mouth; Ragusa pain and burning sensation during the chewing of food.
    How to treat oral thrush? For fast treatment of stomatitis in adults use the following set of activities:
    ● Antifungal drugs is the first what can cure oral thrush;
    ● Treatment of the affected places with special ointments;
    ● If the mouth has dentures, they are treated with special solutions;
    ● The application of diet, with the exception of carbohydrate.

    Remedies for home treatment

    In the event of illness, most people don’t think to go to the dentist, and are looking for a way to treat stomatitis at home. The risks of such treatment are, but if you for any reason, there is no possibility to see a specialist, here are some list than to treat stomatitis in children’s home:

    • Dilute one teaspoon of alcohol tincture in half a glass of water, rinse your mouth with this line-up several times a day. Such a solution helps to accelerate the healing of ulcers and anti-inflammatory effect;
    • Чем лечить стоматит во рту у детей быстро в домашних условияхAloe Vera juice is another remedy for sores, used in the home. You can take a piece of aloe, wash it thoroughly and chew for several minutes;
    • Carrot juice is also an answer to the question – how useful to treat stomatitis at home. You must take fresh carrot juice and mix it with water in proportion 1 to 1, to rinse your mouth with this solution several times a day
    • Also to remove the thrush in adults and children helps the garlic. It must grind to mix with sour cream or yogurt and smear this paste all over the mouth, pay special attention to the affected places.
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    How to quickly cure thrush, in fact, not if you are completely healthy, then the minimum period that is recovery is 2 weeks. Treatment of stomatitis at home can be effective only if the disease is not caused by other more serious diseases.

    Treatment stomatitis in children

    Parents, with the emergence of this disease first ask the question — how to effectively treat your baby’s thrush at home. Prevention and relief from the symptoms of the disease in children differs from those conducted in adults.

    For the treatment of stomatitis in children in the home helps rinse the mouth with antiseptic solutions, as well as decoctions of herbs. To reduce pain it is recommended to change your toothbrush to a soft. Aggravate the disease can sharp edges of teeth, it can correct only a dentist, so don’t hesitate, talk with a specialist, he will examine your baby, give useful advice and will prescribe the necessary drugs.

    If compliance with proper diet and hygiene of the oral cavity stomatitis treatment at home the child will not take much time. If your children are all in good health, how to cure thrush at home don’t even have to think, in 10-15 days, with the implementation of support procedures, let it be. But if the disease lasted for a longer period, and normal treatment does not help, urgently address to the doctor, most likely, it is a consequence of something more serious.