In your mouth on the cheek blood bead or bubble

Во рту на щеке кровяной шарик или пузырь

The mucous membrane of the oral cavity is a complex polymorphic system consisting of different tissues that perform complex functions. The mucosa lining the oral cavity varies in the entire area. So, it may be keratinizing and neorogovevayuschy, pliant and motionless. Keratinizing mucosa covers the areas that are subjected to pressure when exposed to masticatory loads, this is a kind of adaptive mechanism. Such areas in the mouth – the gums, hard palate. Other areas not so much subjected to the load and injury and therefore do not need a powerful regeneration. Another criterion on which occurs the distribution of the oral mucosa is the ductility, i.e. the ability of the mucosa to gather in folds. This ability is determined by the presence of loose submucosal layer. It is most powerful at the bottom of the mouth and especially on the cheeks. Therefore, due to their mobility mucosa of the cheeks is often the site of localization of various pathologies, among which can be dangerous.

The structure of the cheeks

Many people do not think about the fact that the cheeks play an important role. In addition to aesthetic values, participation in articulation, they still provide a crucial function – chewing of food. The cheeks are formed by the muscles, mainly chewing. It is quite a powerful beam of skeletal muscles, which are Contracting, sets in motion a complex of the temporomandibular apparatus and digestive system in General. The outside of the cheek is covered with leather, and the inside is lined with mucous membrane.

Во рту на щеке кровяной шарик или пузырь

To understand the mechanisms of formation of pathological processes in the oral cavity, particularly on the cheeks, you need to have an idea about the structure of the mucosa. The mucosa of the cheeks is composed of several layers:

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  • epithelium – surface layer. This layer consists of several layers, important is internal – the cambial layer, which is the source of stem cells that have differentiated, are involved in regeneration;
  • the lamina propria of the mucosa is the tissue that nourishes the entire thickness, here are the nervous and circulatory tissue;
  • submucosa, which provides mobility and the ability of the mucosa to gather in folds, contains the nerve and blood vessels;
  • muscularis mucosa presented 2 layers – longitudinal and circular, which with the reduction involved in the chewing and grinding of food.

Also the entire mucosa of the cheek is divided into 3 sections:

  • maxillary – part division, which is adjacent to the upper jaw;
  • mandibular – adjacent to the mandible
  • intermediate – located on the line of closing the teeth, serves as a place of localization of pathological formations.

Blood bubbles

Во рту на щеке кровяной шарик или пузырь

The cheeks because of its vital importance is well protected, so there were evolutionary. Therefore, the muscular and mucous tissues of the cheeks well and richly innervated by vascularized, that is krovosnabjaemah. However, it sometimes happens that this seemingly useful process becomes a problem. Many faced with the fact that the mouth on the buccal mucosa appears blood ball. Often this education can’t be dangerous. Blood bubble formed in his mouth on cheek – this is just the result of mechanical injury. Most likely the area of cheek was a bite with the teeth during eating or speaking. Since the oral cavity is a complex biological system, which is home to a huge number of microorganisms, it is natural that the formation of such micro it obsemenjajutsja different kinds of pathogens. In consequence of which activates a cascade of responses of an organism:

  • since the pathogen is a foreign substance in the inner layer on the cheek, then immediately activates the immune system. In the place of the infection quickly arrives leukocytes, monocytes, and macrophages, which capture the pathogen and destroy it, thus often killed themselves;
  • due to the death of immune cells, which engulfed pathogens, their internal contents are released into the environment. These biologically active substances are factors of chemotaxis, that is, signal other cells, resulting in inflammation include such substances as histamine, serotonin, bradykinin – mediated inflammation;
  • the inflammatory mediators cause spasm of the circulatory system, causing the flow of blood becomes difficult; and after some time, the vessels relax, and all the blood that had accumulated in the site of the constriction is immediately sent to the inflammation. As this blood is carried with great speed and under high pressure, it forms a detachment of the mucosa – bubble – and in the mouth there is blood ball.
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Thus, blood bubbles, which are formed in the mouth is only part of the protective mechanism of the organism, which evolved over the centuries. The appearance of such pathology should not panic. Normal blood bubbles independently reorganizatsiya for 3-4 days. But if blood the bladder is not self-destructed within a week, contact your dentist to eliminate unwanted diagnosis of cancer. The doctor will only prescribe pain medication (because the appearance of tumors in the mucous membrane sometimes accompanied by pain), but will take a sample of the epithelium for analysis of histology.


Во рту на щеке кровяной шарик или пузырь

To treat blood bubbles formed in the buccal mucosa, not necessarily. But if they Get much in the way, it is possible to produce the puncture these bubbles. Such punctures is better not to, especially if You are unsure of the diagnosis, in order not to harm yourself. In addition to the punctures can be carried out rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solution, e.g. chlorhexidine, furacilin, and you can use mouth bath with herbal decoction of chamomile or oak bark – these fluids will relieve local signs of inflammation. Besides all this, it is considered that the development of such blood bubbles is due to the weakness and fragility of blood vessels. To enhance the walls inside, you can apply the b vitamins, vitamin a, E, K, P should spend, to stimulate and support the immune system, especially in the offseason, when the proceeds of micro — and macronutrients in the body is reduced. For these purposes perfectly fit complex multivitamin preparations that already contain all the necessary substances in the necessary quantities.