Inflammation of papillae on the tongue: symptoms of diseases

People pay attention on their oral cavity, can detect inflammation in the language, which touched papillae. Noticing the inflammation of the papillae present on the tongue or drawing attention to the fact that the tongue inflamed papillae group, contact your doctor. So you can not only cure the inflammation of the papillae arising on the tongue, but also to eliminate enlarged growths on the tongue (papillae), when they are inflamed.

Damage to the language cause discomfort for a person because it is through this body, we eat, talk, drink. The man who has damaged this part of the oral cavity, doomed to constant torment until then, until you cure the disease.

We will try to understand what it means when the papillae on the tongue significantly increase, because the rate you they are not to be seen with the naked eye, why red or white papillae become visible in the language, what to do for inflammation of the papillae of the tongue.

The cause of these pathologies is simple – it is glossitis, inflammation of the tongue. Nature of the disease is varied, it can occur when excess of bacteria in your mouth, defeat viruses.

The causes of the disease

Glossitis is a guest that comes not alone. Having discovered this illness, rush to the doctor, because in addition to it, you can find several serious abnormalities in your body. Even if no visible problems, they can be hide for a long time, and then manifest itself in the worst form. Coated tongue is a symptom of disease, which we will discuss next.

Воспаление сосочков на языке: симптомы болезнейWhen the disease, the patient draws attention to the fact that his language has changed, it is overlaid. This may relate to its shape, color, quality buds, we were talking about. If you ignore the treatment, the patient runs the risk to buy a papilloma, which later have to be removed by surgery.

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The cause of glossitis is the activity of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, as well as mechanical damage, burns. Also find that your language has changed, consider whether you have something for allergies if the hygiene for the mouth that you use no do you use too much hot, spicy, do not abuse Smoking and alcohol.

Inflammation may be the addition of serious diseases, including erythema, beriberi, syphilis, anemia. But in this case, the patient usually knows what he’s suffering from other symptoms and treats the underlying disease.


To understand that you do have glossitis, look in the mirror at your tongue carefully. Provide the best lighting and inspect it. First of all will be evident by the colour change: your language will be is light pink with a bright red or even purple. Also Воспаление сосочков на языке: симптомы болезней, you may receive a burning sensation, you will be hard to eat foods, especially acidic, it will seem insanely painful.

In some variations of glossitis language can grow, become more soft, to swell. White patches on the dermal papilla arises, if the body lacks iron. We noted earlier that the inflamed language is not a problem. It prevents a person to live fully, to communicate, even eating becomes difficult, and in the case of still swelling and impaired swallowing function. That would not have happened with your mouth, contact as soon as possible to the dentist. An experienced doctor looking at your mouth and determine which body is suffering more, to what expert to go and what to do in this situation.

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Diagnosis and treatment of disease

To cure glossitis will help you dentist. The first thing you need to do to the doctor – inspect the tongue and oral cavity of the patient. Next comes the survey. During the interview, the physician can determine what other lesions in the human body and what you should pay attention to. In Воспаление сосочков на языке: симптомы болезнейthe case where there is reason to suspect a systemic disease, the dentist refers the patient to a qualified specialist in a certain area.

The first thing you need to start is to eliminate the source of infection in the oral cavity and outside it. The patient will have to pay more attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth often, using special toothpaste and prescription medications.

To ease other symptoms, for example swelling, apply anti-inflammatory drugs which reduce the swelling and have some analgesic effect, which helps to reduce sensitively the affected surface of the tongue and its papillae.

In the presence of infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics and medicines needed to sustain the body during antibiotic therapy.

In parallel treatment to the patient prescribe drugs and treatments to improve immunity. This not only helps to struggle successfully with the disease, but also to avoid the appearance of complications and recurrences. These drugs improve the quality of the saliva, which is conducive to disease treatment and future protection of the oral cavity from the development of parasitic organisms.

Finding glossitis, coated tongue, hurry to the doctor. Timely treatment will save you from complications and relapses, and the process will be easy and quick, because the disease did not have time to develop very much.

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Additional funds for the patient

To speed up recovery, the patient is recommended to use AIDS and drugs, who will appoint a doctor. To relieve yourself from the pain will help not just pills, but special applicators that are attached to the language. The mucous membrane Воспаление сосочков на языке: симптомы болезнейof this organ easy to pass drugs to reduce the sensitivity.

If in the oral cavity of the formed plaque, you should brush it with a special sponge, which is soaked in enzymes. It helps to cure ulcers, to prevent erosion of the oral mucosa.

Don’t forget to use antiseptic for the mouth. It may be some kind of special tool, which is prescribed by a doctor or, for example, Chlorhexidine. Data the drug is released without a prescription, it is almost tasteless and physicians allow its use on mucous membranes.

If your tongue is inflamed and you can see buds on the root of the apparent increase in papillae, immediately rush to the doctor until things get worse.