Inflammation of the gums around teeth: what to do, what is the treatment?

Many people are familiar with a painful condition, when inflamed and swollen gums around tooth, what to do in this case? For this disease can be different, for the teeth are possible even irreversible consequences. What caused the inflammation will depend on the treatment itself. Consider the severity and nature of the disease.


Воспаление десны около зуба: что делать, каково лечение?When the gums bleed upon contact of the toothbrush with the tooth surface, during the hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity, it is an early symptom of gum inflammation or gingivitis. The pain may be absent, so the person is not in a hurry to the doctor, despite the fact that between the teeth inflamed gums. But at this stage of the disease require treatment. Later, you can see the redness of the inflamed gums with the exfoliation of their teeth and the resulting empty spaces between the teeth and gums, which is possible free of food residues and subsequently of pathogenic microbes. And this is a periodontal disease. From the oral cavity of the patient will emanate a putrid stench. Here is the result, not the treatment of inflammation of the gums around the tooth.

Other symptoms when the patient is healthy between teeth, inflamed and swollen gums may occur some bleeding at low pressure on the gums, pain, growing one or a few teeth, changing the color of the gums. Even the patient can revealed periodontal pockets with atrophied bone around the tooth and high tooth mobility. It is a progression of inflammation, periodontitis develops.

The main reasons

The presence of pathogens, accumulating in dental plaque, is the cause of inflammation. If plaque is not removed, then in the future, the formation of plaque, where harmful bacteria. Illiterate and non-permanent care for the oral cavity is the main reason, if a person has inflamed gums near the tooth.

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If inflamed swollen gums around a healthy tooth, this shows the weakness of the immune system that is unable to protect the body from pathogenic bacteria. The immune system can be weakened due to the missing quantity of vitamins and mineral elements.

Воспаление десны около зуба: что делать, каково лечение?Smoking also contributes to inflammation of the gums, in the oral cavity, the patient will feel the dryness, the immune system is weakened.

Bleeding with swelling in gingivitis may occur in women during pregnancy. Here cause is an imbalance in the hormonal background, a weakened immune system. If not to conduct treatment in an area where healthy teeth, inflamed swollen gums, it is possible exacerbation of the process.

Antidepressants, contraceptives, cardiovascular and vasodilators side can affect the gums, damaging them.

Many question may arise: if inflamed and swollen gums near the tooth are healthy, then what should you do? The answer is simple: not to lose time, to avoid progression of the disease and immediately consult a dentist.

What to do to the patient

When around the tooth is inflamed and swollen gums, the doctor can prescribe solutions which are anti-inflammatory, for example, with hlorgeksidinom, miramistina, furatsilina or soda. Do not be redundant chamomile, Calendulae and sage teas.

Severe pain you can take analgesics: paracetamol, tempalgin, analginum.

In the first place when gingivitis is necessary to remove the formed dental stone with a touch. Only then a doctor will prescribed remedies, relieving inflammation and pain in the gums under the tooth. Воспаление десны около зуба: что делать, каково лечение?In addition, we should not ignore preventive measures.

One of the main issues: how to treat the painful inflammation of the gums around the tooth?

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For relieving symptoms of gingivitis effective different rinsing solutions, make them very simple. Examples of solutions:

  • rinse the oral cavity 0.05% chlorhexidine solution. Recipe it is not needed. This solution with a strong antimicrobial action. Rinse to do after hygienic treatment of teeth in one minute, 3 times a day;
  • rinse: furacilin solution. To do this in pure boiled hot water should dissolve a few tablets in a Cup. The water temperature is not more than 70C. Rinsing should be done once per hour. Solution should be used during the day;
  • the rinse solution of 0.01% miramistina. Recipe it is not required. Its action is similar to the action chlorhexidine, it should be applied according to the same scheme;
  • rinse soda solution. For this we need to plant about 7G of baking soda in a glass of boiled water with a temperature not more than 70C. Gargle 1 or 2 times per hour;
  • another possible long-term use different rinses with elixirs after hygienic cleaning of teeth, for example, mouthwash LACALUT «Aktiv», elixir for gum disease «Mirra Lux». But if there is the antibiotic to use beyond 10 days is not recommended.

Воспаление десны около зуба: что делать, каково лечение?Another important question the patient to the doctor: how to treat inflammation of swollen gums around tooth? And what to do next?

If the sickness is severe, and the process is chronic, the doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics. Without consulting a doctor to take these drugs undesirable. Otherwise harm the body even more.

Usually prescribe antibiotic with a broad bactericidal and bacteriostatic action. The course has a duration of 12 days. Apply these antibiotics:

  • amoxicillin;
  • ampicillin;
  • metronidazole;
  • erythromycin.

Along with the antibiotics required appointment of probiotics that normalize the intestinal microflora and prevent dysbacteriosis.

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Preventive measures

  • to do two-a-day brushing;
  • always use dental floss;
  • eat foods that are high in calcium: legumes, dairy products, nuts, cereals and garlic.
  • regular dental check and remove plaque with a stone;
  • no Smoking.

Воспаление десны около зуба: что делать, каково лечение?Folk remedies used if inflamed and sore gums around a tooth, what to do?

If the tooth is inflamed and sore gums, to Supplement the main treatment is possible using traditional medicines, which gives a wonderful therapeutic effect in some cases.

Strong anti-inflammatory effect have sage leaves, strengthens the immune system, stopping bleeding gums.

Recipes of traditional medicine are many. One of them is this:

  • one tablespoon of marigold flowers and leaves of sea buckthorn, 400ml of water. Ingredients to mix, then pour into the dishes, which is not oxidized. Cover with water and bring to a boil, keeping a minimum heat for about 20 minutes. Ready broth is filtered. Can do about 4 rinses for 12 hours.

It should be remembered that it is better to do preventive measures than to treat the disease.