Inflammation under the tongue and swelling of the salivary glands

People under the tongue is the sublingual salivary gland, but only in their mouth, 3 pairs, except for articulated, there is also the parotid and the submandibular, and the infection, the infection basically covers all the ducts because of their relationship.

The salivary glands are not confined to 3 major pairs and there are many small ducts and they all play an important role in the process of digestion and metabolism of proteins, so if in the mouth there is inflammation somewhere under the tongue, you should go to the hospital to find out the cause of the problem and to prevent complications.

The cause of the inflammatory process

Воспаление под языком и опухоль слюнной железыKids are the most exposed to the issue when, under tongue all swollen and sore, and the cause of this is infection transmitted through the air and through the saliva of the patient.

In addition, rarely, when the infection is limited to only one of the sublingual gland and it is submandibular. To treat this disease right away after the appearance of the first symptoms, otherwise the disease can develop into more severe pathology on the type of meningitis and encephalitis.

In addition, complications caused by the unwillingness to go to therapy, violate the internal organs, because the saliva is not detachable part of the digestion process and without it hard and rough lumps of food will enter the stomach, thereby to disrupt the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal system.

Find out what under the tongue inflamed salivary gland is possible by the characteristic of the problem symptoms, for example, appears swelling, the skin in this place becomes elastic, and sometimes with a red tint and glitters.

As for the ducts through which saliva comes out, they become very narrow, and if the cause of the disease has become infection, the inflammatory process is divided into the following types:

  • Catarrhal;
  • Purulent;
  • Gangrenous.
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The causes of the disease, which was caused by an infection can be:

  • Inflammation of the lungs;
  • One of the varieties of typhoid fever;
  • Flu;
  • Pathology of the teeth;
  • Surgical intervention, which was developing an infection.

Reasons that can cause under the tongue the tumor is quite serious, so when feeling of weakness in the body and of dryness in the mouth accompanied by swelling of the face and neck, as well as pain during swallowing, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Воспаление под языком и опухоль слюнной железыThe doctor will be required to do the inspection, to conduct a survey and examine the patient to rule out stomatitis, and allergic reactions. In the course of treatment included rinsing the mouth with special antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solutions, strict diet and plenty of rest, but in severe cases may need surgery.

To avoid such pathologies can following the rules:

  • To observe hygiene of an oral cavity;
  • To do at least once a week an independent examination of the oral cavity;
  • To treat brain disease and to run them;
  • If you encounter dense sludge or stones to make a professional cleaning by a doctor;
  • To visit the dentist for a checkup 2-3 times a year.

These rules will minimize the chances of the emergence of this kind of problem, but if the examination found a swelling of frenulum under the tongue, it should promptly go to hospital. This disease quickly develops into an acute form and it can serve as a starting point for the emergence of malignant tumors in the mouth.

Inflammation in the parotid gland

When under the tongue is all swollen and sore, the cause may be hiding not only in the sublingual gland, but also in the parotid. The main culprit is the virus infection.

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Swelling of the parotid gland called parotitis, and they suffer mostly kids under the age of 10-12 years, and if this disease is common among the older generation, the disease has a more severe course in comparison to the development of pathology in children.

Parotitis differently referred to be the Guinea pig, and despite the funny name if you do not start treatment immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms, the disease may leave its traces for the whole life, namely:

  • Infertility;
  • Partial or complete hearing loss;
  • Воспаление под языком и опухоль слюнной железыMental illness;
  • Inflammation of the mammary glands.

Doctors distinguish the disease three currents:

  • Easy;
  • Secondary;
  • Heavy.

Regardless of this, they have common symptoms, such as:

  • Weakness;
  • Fever;
  • Swelling of the glands;
  • Dryness in the mouth.

Pig was sick for many children, and parents should be given the disease much attention, as it can leave the complications that will bring discomfort to their child in the future.

Inflammation of the submandibular gland

If it hurts and is swollen submandibular salivary gland, the cause may be hiding in the rocks, which appeared in her ducts.

The reason for their occurrence is:

  • Воспаление под языком и опухоль слюнной железыInfection;
  • Foreign bodies in the salivary ducts;
  • Abnormal narrowing of duct.

In this pathology characteristic of these symptoms:

  • Swelling of the salivary glands;
  • The stabbing pain;
  • Allocation of pus and viscous mucus;
  • Dryness in the mouth;
  • Severe pain when swallowing food.

If the problem is infection, then it is treated with a rinse and a strict diet, and in the ducts when there is a foreign object, then everything is much simpler, it is carefully removed and after 2-3 days everything becomes normal.

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Inflammation of the major salivary glands, takes place under similar symptoms, but they all require immediate treatment to pathology worsened.