Leukoplakia of the oral cavity and tongue: treatment at home

Leukoplakia of the mouth is a disease that affects the mucous membranes of the human oral cavity, although leukoplakia in General apply to any mucous membrane, wherever they were: bladder, intestines, nasal cavity. Rug leukoplakia of the mouth is remarkable that the most common, and its «victims» are elderly people elderly and middle-aged. Note that women are less likely to get sick a few times this disease.

The mucous membrane of the mouth pliable in the case of leukoplakia and the man may be a long time to pay attention to your tongue, oral mucosa affected by leukoplakia. It may seem that this disease does not bring discomfort, but the damage to the body is enormous.

In this article we will cover the issues of whether the treatment of leukoplakia of the mouth in the home and how to do it, where in the mouth does such a disease as leukoplakia, in how it is expressed, how to protect yourself and how to deal with it.


Лейкоплакия полости рта и языка: лечение в домашних условияхAt an early stage, the disease practically is not developed, so the patient may not pay attention to it. To determine that the person is leukoplakia of the tongue or other parts of the oral cavity for the presence of these whitish plaques. The outer layer of these formations seems solid – this is due to keratinization of the surface.

There are some types of leukoplakia:

  • Flat
  • In this form of the disease, the plaques do not protrude above the mucosa, and the person may not even know they exist until you visit the dentist. Otherwise, patients complain of burning sensation and lengthy, which is applied to the affected area.

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  • Verrucous
  • This stage follows the flat leukoplakia. This is the case when the simple form begins to rogobete even more, to rise above the level of the oral mucosa. The patient complains of pain and burning sensation while eating. This form often precedes the formation of cancer tumors in humans.

  • Erosive
  • This form may appear after simple and after verrucous. It consists in the fact that in the mucosa of the mouth appear cracking, bringer of pain. Such education is hard to treat because they often recur.

  • Soft
  • On the surface of the affected area peels the superficial layer of the epithelium. In fact, this form is a benign tumor of the oral cavity. This form is found in people who are under stress or experiencing hormonal disruption.

    The cause and effect of disease

    Лейкоплакия полости рта и языка: лечение в домашних условияхLeukoplakia is not itself an illness, but rather a manifestation of the fact that the body is experiencing a pathological condition.

    Doctors and scientists have not concluded what the cause of this disease, but they identified some factors which increasingly stimulate the emergence of a human leukoplakia.

    What can have a negative effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth, the patient appeared leukoplakia?

  • Smoking
  • Mucosa of smoker prone to various diseases to a greater extent, for the reason that due to constant chemical and thermal effects, it becomes weakened and vulnerable. It can be deposited resin derived organic matter. Chewing tobacco causes the same effect as Smoking. Leukoplakia caused by the consumption of nicotine, called by author – Tappeiner.

  • Food with pronounced temperature or taste
  • Any food that comes out of the ordinary in terms of its taste or temperature also has a negative impact on the oral mucosa, making it more vulnerable.

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  • Alcohol
  • At risk and those who like to drink strong drinks and does it regularly, because alcohol also damages the linings of the mouth.

  • Mechanical trauma
  • Лейкоплакия полости рта и языка: лечение в домашних условияхThis can face those who wear uncomfortable dentures, braces and then damage the inner lining of the mouth. Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth can occur due to incorrect bite or improper location of the teeth.

  • Galvanic currents
  • With the installation of crowns from two different metals between them there are galvanic currents, contribute to the occurrence of leukoplakia.

  • Professional and environmental factors
  • Employees of shops, which are engaged in the organic industry, is also included in the risk group, because leukoplakia of the tongue and other organs of the mouth occurs more frequently due to external chemical stimuli.

  • Medication
  • It is known that drugs aimed at treatment of a person who can cause his body to the new inconvenience. Certain powerful drugs in the list of their side effects can include the item: «leukoplakia».

  • HIV-infected and AIDS-patients
  • People who have problems with the immune system, always more at risk to develop any disease, what to speak about a variety of leukoplakia.


    The doctor will choose the treatment tactics depending on how highly developed the disease, and what is its form at the time of treatment. But the first thing any doctor is going to find the cause Лейкоплакия полости рта и языка: лечение в домашних условияхof the disease and insist that she was eliminated. Sometimes the removal of any existing destructive to the mucous helps cure leukoplakia without medical intervention.

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    Often patients are prescribed the oral cavity sanation, that is, the improvement of its condition, in severe cases can be assigned to otslaivanie affected areas of the surface epithelium or parts of teeth, fillings, crowns.

    Usually in addition to conservative methods, the doctor prescribes therapy with vitamins, which includes vitamin A.

    When non-standard forms of leukoplakia can be chosen different from the «classical» strategy of treatment.

    Traditional medicine in this disease advises to make use of herbal teas, decoctions, resort to abundant use of fresh juice from vegetables and fruits to restore the vitamin balance in the body. Can also cope with leukoplakia of sea buckthorn oil, rosehip, aloe juice.

    But it is worth remembering that independent treatment of even the most insignificant illness can lead to undesirable consequences, complications and recurrences. Leukoplakia of the mouth is serious, so you should not ignore professional medical assistance and adequate treatment.