Listerine (Listerine) rinse the mouth and gums

Oral hygiene consists of not only brushing, but also from the surface of the tongue, cheeks and gums. If you leave it unattended, then they will begin to accumulate pathogenic microbes that will cause various pathologies in the body. To seek the cause of their appearance due to neglected hygiene will be extremely difficult and it is better to worry about your health, than eventually spend long courses of expensive treatment.

To help in cleaning the oral cavity can the mouthwash Listerine, which is perfect to kill germs. In addition, it helps stop the development of pathogenic microflora and cleaning the mouth from bacterial plaque.

The effect of the drug

Листерин (Listerine) ополаскиватель для полости рта и десенAll kinds of mouthwashes Listerine tested in modern laboratories of Russia and foreign countries and received high marks of quality and safety. Scientists have noted their use in combating bacteria, and for more than a century of history of the evolution of this tool, it has repeatedly proved how much can be effective in destroying harmful microbes on the mucous membrane of the gums, thus protecting the body from the penetration of their inside.

Rinse contributes to the destruction of pathogenic organisms, which feeds on the decaying remains of food and if it starts to multiply rapidly, it can cause various infections and diseases in the human body. With the years, scientists improved the composition of Listerine, which has considerably increased the effectiveness of the drug and he has become more efficiently perform their functions.

In addition, the drug helps to combat plaque. Prolonged accumulation of it can transform into Tartar, which becomes a perfect habitat for bacteria can cause gum disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis. To remove it can only dentist using special equipment.

Note that, not counting the various kinds of inflammatory processes, substances that have identified disease-causing microbes, can cause unpleasant mouth odor.

Rinse mouth Listerine contributes to the achievement of these results:

  • Листерин (Listerine) ополаскиватель для полости рта и десенCleans plaque that collects a conglomerate of various pathogenic bacteria;
  • Microorganisms after action Listerine can’t allocate harmful substances and their protective cover is destroyed, and they soon after die;
  • The drug is completely clean from bacterial lysates;
  • While used Listerine harmful bacteria can not accumulate a dangerous quantity and therefore they can’t cause harm to the body;
  • Due to the fact that bacteria are no more, unpleasant mouth odor will be no more and in its place will come the wonderful aroma of fabric softener.
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We can conclude that Listerine is an excellent prevention of pathologies of the oral cavity and it will be especially effective for protecting the gums against numerous bacteria.

In some cases you need to apply

Hygienic means of Listerine is used to prevent and treat problems associated with the oral cavity.

Dentists particularly recommend it to apply in such problems:

  • Prevention of Tartar;
  • The removal plaque;
  • In the inflammatory process in the gums;
  • With stale breath;
  • As hygienic means.

Drug Listerine can serve as a preventive drug and for medicinal purposes, to prevent the proliferation of germs and infection.

The manufacturer has created two lines Listerine, expert and basic.

Listerine expert

In-line Expert is the 3 types of mouthwashes and each of them has its purpose and peculiarities.

The mouthwash Listerine expert:

  • Листерин (Listerine) ополаскиватель для полости рта и десен«Protection of the gums». This hygienic product from the line Expert perfect for sick people who suffer from constantly bleeding gums and inflammation on them. Mouthwash helps with these problems and prevents new bacteria which eventually can cause disease. The protection is valid the day after taking the drug;
  • «Protection from cavities». This tool helps to strengthen the enamel and removes plaque. Thus, the microbes do not have time to get together and this prevents the emergence of caries formation. It is recommended to use Listerine after standard procedure of cleaning teeth with a brush, because the drug will bring a more significant result;
  • «White teeth». Teeth can lose its color, becoming more yellow tint. The cause of this may be Smoking, coffee and other staining drinks. If you regularly use Listerine, it does not appear spots on the surface of the teeth, and also prevents the formation of plaque.
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Together with the therapeutic effect of the mouthwash Listerine prevent the accumulation of germs in the oral cavity for at least 1 day and allow you to implement a comprehensive hygiene.

The taste of the drug can be a bit sharp due to the fact that it has alcohol-containing components, and therefore experts advise to use Listerine Expert persons older than 12 years.

Listerine base

Basically this line is used for preventive purposes without Express pathologies.

Represents the base line of Listerine mouthwashes such:

  • «Strong teeth. Healthy gums». This kind of mouthwash helps avoid tooth decay and plaque on tooth surfaces and provides a reliable protection of the gums from various pathogens and does not start an inflammatory process;
  • «Comprehensive protection 6 in 1». It protects the enamel from plaque and actively kills bacteria. Carefully take care of the gums and after use always fresh breath. In addition, does not allow the darkening of the enamel by using fluoride, which is a component of the mouthwash.

Line the base of Listerine does not contain components, which contain alcohol and therefore the taste is quite delicate and therefore, this cleaning product is perfect for children from 6 years.

The drug

Its effectiveness Listerine shows due to its special composition. It contains ingredients which are produced from essential oils, namely:

  • Листерин (Listerine) ополаскиватель для полости рта и десенMenthol (from lat. Mentha— mint);
  • Thymol (Thymus — thyme);
  • Cineole (evkaliptola);
  • Methyl salicylate (the methyl ester of salicylic acid).

Thanks to this component Listerine to have a strong antibacterial effect.

As for components, in which is alcohol, then they are only in the expert line and serve to improve the interaction between the components of the drug, as well as to facilitate the removal of plaque.

Pathogenic microorganisms with the years you start to get used to certain types of influence on them and are harder to destroy, but Listerine is known for its natural ingredients and therefore, pathogenic bacteria can not develop immunity.

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Instruction for use Listerine

To ensure that teeth remain healthy is recommended to use the mouthwash Listerine after brushing them, namely twice a day, this method of application helps protect the mouth for the whole day.

Method of application is that you need to pour the bottle into a glass 20 ml rinse and thoroughly rinse the mouth for about a minute. To dilute the drug not worth it, but otherwise you will lose efficiency from taking it.

Листерин (Listerine) ополаскиватель для полости рта и десенIn the first days of the drug, its taste may seem quite harsh and therefore, doctors recommend first rinsing 10-15 seconds and gradually increase to the desired amount of time. Thus, soon the taste buds will get used to Listerine and problems with its use no longer occurs.

Rinse forbidden to swallow and if for any reason the copious amount of drug trapped in the stomach, you should go to the hospital for gastric lavage. Therefore, you should carefully watch children so they do not swallow it.

Although there is no prohibition to women during pregnancy, but it is necessary to consult a specialist before receiving care.

Thus, by simply following the requirements specified in the instructions, you can get excellent preventive and therapeutic agent for the oral cavity.